Retractable Roofing System – The Ultimate Shading Solution

Retractable Roofing System – The Ultimate Shading Solution

If you aren’t planning to move any time soon, rather than having to encounter the annual shading issues that we are all familiar with, why not have a custom-made retractable roofing system installed?

This state-of-the-art feature would be classed as a permanent addition to the property, which will boost the value of your home and with many years of trouble-free use, you really can’t go wrong.

Bespoke Shading Solutions

Forget off the shelf, as the latest generation of retractable roofing systems are made to fit the area, and with a wide range of designs available, you can select something perfectly suited to your unique environment. If you would like to know more about having retractable roof systems in Melbourne, a simple online search will put you in touch with an established local supplier who can help you to make the right design choices.

Quality Components

With such a major investment, you really do want a system that is tried and trusted, and one that offers a long product warranty. Of course, if you need a new roof there is an element of maintenance involved, which is something the supplier would be happy to handle. Non-corrosive materials will stand up to the worst that the Australian climate can produce, and as the moving parts are concealed, they will not be affected by the weather.

Motorized Units

The latest generation of retractable roofing systems incorporates motorised adjustment, making it effortless to change the shading, and with rain, wind and sun sensors, it is possible to hook up the roofing into your smart home configuration. The folding arm type of roofing offers the maximum expanse, and with bespoke solutions, any sized terrace can be accommodated, and a choice of rich fabrics allows for something that blends in perfectly with your current concept.

UV and Heat Protection

The fabrics used with retractable roofing offer first rate UV protection, and this will help keep the area cooler in the hot summer months. If you make an enquiry with a local supplier, they would send an expert to your home, where you can both take a look at the many options and decide on the shading solution that best meets your needs. While they might not be the cheapest on the market, you want something that will stand the test of time and to be a reflection of the quality of your property.

No More Ropes and Pulleys

We all remember the days of ropes and pulleys, and by installing a retractable roofing system, those days are long gone. Simply hit the remote button to adjust the shading, and when the unit is fully closed, the mechanism is protected by a covering box. Regular maintenance will ensure the roof always performs as it should, and with a long product warranty, you can expect to enjoy many years of trouble-free shading, as well as seeing a rise in the home’s value. The silent motor will always ensure that your shading is perfect, and as the sun slowly moves across the sky, you can simply adjust your shading with the remote-control unit, making for the ideal permanent shading solution.

Colour Coordinated

The design of the roof will enhance the look of the property, and with so many colours and patterns, finding one that matches is not an issue. This is possible because the supplier is flexible and would go out of their way to ensure that the design is in keeping with the overall look of the property. The representative would carry a large sample collection, allowing you to browse the entire range, searching for the ideal colour or pattern.

If you would like to explore the potential that retractable roofing has to offer, an online search is the best way to locate a local supplier and you can take the first step towards a permanent shading solution. 

Annual Appliance Maintenance Tasks You Don’t Want to Forget

Annual Appliance Maintenance Tasks You Don’t Want to Forget

Most of us don’t think too much about our appliances on a day-to-day basis. We grab cold drinks from the fridge, toss our clothes in the washing machine and place the dishes in the dishwasher. It’s only when these things don’t work as we expect them to that we realize how important they are — and how much of an inconvenience it is when they don’t work.


The thing is, though, that most appliance issues can be easily avoided with basic maintenance. Taking the time to clean, inspect and give your appliances a tune-up can keep them running efficiently for years and prevent costly repairs should things go wrong. And while some maintenance tasks should be left to the pros (such as furnace cleaning and HVAC inspections) some of the most important tasks can be tackled by the average homeowner.

Refrigerator Maintenance

When it comes to the fridge, many homeowners take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach. When you can’t see the back or underside of an appliance, as is the case with most refrigerators, it’s easy to forget about what might be happening. And what is happening is actually not good. Even if you keep a tidy home, dust, cobwebs and pet hair collect on the coils of the fridge, which are located on the bottom or back of the appliance. When it builds up, it prevents the coils from releasing heat, meaning that the compressor has to work harder to keep the inside cold. This not only increases energy usage and drives up your electric bill, but it always reduces the life of the fridge and makes it more likely you will need to repair or replace sooner.

Therefore, cleaning the refrigerator coils should be a priority. Every few months, move the fridge and clean the coils using a coil cleaning brush (found at any home improvement or appliance store) and a vacuum. If you keep up with this maintenance, it should only take a few minutes, and you’ll save the aggravation of a broken-down refrigerator.

Water Heaters

Is there anything worse than waking up to no hot water — and discovering a flood in the basement because the water heater blew overnight? While water heaters don’t last forever, you can extend their lifespan, and avoid a messy and expensive emergency, by draining the heater at least once a year. Over time, sediment can build up in the tank, causing the heating elements in electric models to fail and hot spots in gas models that will damage the tank and cause it to fail. By draining the heater (which can be done by following the instructions on the user manual) you not only reduce the chance of needing to repair or replace the hot water heater, but you also increase its efficiency.

Clear Dryer Vents

Every now and then you will see a social media post reminding you to clean out your dryer vents, often accompanied by a photo of the aftermath of a fire. Unlike many things you see on Facebook, this is actually a good idea, and you should clear your dryer vent at least once a month if you use your dryer frequently. To do so, simply use your vacuum to suck out dirt, lint, and pet hair from the vents and remove all visible debris. And of course, don’t forget to clean the lint screen every time you do a load of laundry. When you do, you reduce the risk of fire and increase the efficiency of your dryer.

These are just some of the home maintenance tasks that homeowners need to take care of to protect their home and save money on repairs. You can save even more money by investing in a home warranty plan, which will repair or replace your appliances in the event that they break down; you can check out home service warranty reviews to compare plans and find the one that works for your needs and budget.

By combining your own care and maintenance of your appliances with this protection, you can avoid shelling out thousands of dollars for new ones and save yourself the inconvenience of dealing with non-working machines.

What Type of Roof will Last the Longest?

What Type of Roof will Last the Longest?

There are a few factors involved that would affect the lifespan of your roof. Whether you have shingles, tile, ceramic, or steel there a few things you should be aware of before making any roofr decisions. Here is how you can get a longer lifespan on your roof!


Shingles on your roof make a big impact on the style of your roof. While shingles might not last as long as upper-luxury options like slate, tile and cedar may outlive several homeowners they are affordable, look good and get the job done. As with most home improvement choices, there is a direct relationship between quality and expense, and in the case of roofing, “quality” usually translates as longevity. Shingles are meant to last at least 20 years.


Your roofing underlayment is a water-resistant or waterproof material installed over your roof deck. Underlayment goes beneath all of the other roofing materials to offer an added layer of protection against rain, snow and ice. In order to guarantee a leak-free roof for years to come, your underlayment must be installed properly. A good investment in underlayment may add years to your roof. Homes in the Northeast region of the United States, benefit greatly from premium waterproof underlayment designed to withstand harsh winter weather.


Ventilation in your roof is another roof component that is unique to each home. A well-ventilated attic can add years from one roof replacement to the next. A vented roof stays cooler, preventing snow melt and ice damming in the winter. Good ventilation keeps your attic from getting too hot or damp, which can rot out your roofing material from the inside. Affordable products like ridge vents and eave vents are almost totally invisible and they are critical to proper ventilation. Make sure you get a Roofr roofing quote before you decide on a contractor.


The way your roof was installed is a determining factor on the lifespan of your roof. Most roofs have specific installation instructions. Some examples that would affect your roof installation are:

Nails: There are different sizes, types, and certain nails have placement requirements for fasteners (typically nails) used with different shingles.

Insulation: As mentioned above, ventilation in your attic is very important for the life of your roof. Poor roof ventilation can prematurely deteriorate asphalt shingles from the inside out. Manufacturers often set ventilation standards to maintain a product warranty.

Roof Deck: A clean roof deck is another standard installation requirement under most product warranty terms. What’s a clean deck? It means old shingles and underlayment are completely removed before new roofing materials are applied. Stacking new material on old is a recipe for long-term problems. Make sure your contract with your contractor states the removal of old materials.

Wood Shingle Roof

Wood shingle roofs are made from thin, wedge-shaped pieces of natural wood, such as cedar or yellow pine, which are sawn from logs. While less popular they make for an extremely attractive roof. Many times they can be tricky to install and not suitable for most DIYers. A lot of contractors won’t install a wood shingle roof either. Be aware that growing fire hazards in some regions has caused legal restrictions on the use of wood roofing materials. Wood shingle roofs are not recommended in areas where there are seasonal wildfire hazards. Wood shingle roofs have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years.

So which will last the longest?

It’s easy to choose inexpensive options that are more commonly built but when you are faced with the immediate challenge of financing a new roof cost many homeowners are forced to pick a roof based on cost alone. Make a list of pros and cons of all types of roofs and make a logical decision based on your needs.

Ancient Home Decor Tips That Are Making A Come Back In Architecture In 2019

Ancient Home Decor Tips That Are Making A Come Back In Architecture In 2019

With each passing year, we see a stir in the field of architecture and designs – 2019 is no exemption. As the trend of ecofriendly and smart homes is increasing rapidly, designers are producing limitless designs keeping in view the demand!

Photo: Architectural Digest

It is rightly said by the experts that ‘old is the new new’. The ancient home designs are making a comeback this year. It is the right time to shift your direction from the repeated patterns to utilizing the old trends through some real innovation.

Here are some valuable tips that you should keep in mind for architecture in 2019:

Utilizing Sustainable Architecture

You must have observed that during old times the houses involved those materials that were sustainable. The focus was not entirely on the designs or style of homes, rather it was equally towards the sustainability of the built architecture. This trend is coming back this year; it does not mean that we will not be able to see stylish and modern home decors, rather we will have both – sustainable architecture along with modern designs.

It is not a big deal to incorporate ecofriendly materials into architecture designs. For that purpose, those elements can be utilized that are made of recycled products; for instance, concrete glass, metals and bricks can be good options. Efficient appliances will help you out towards sustainable architecture.

Open-Space Designs

One of the most significant ancient home décor style involves spacious designs. This trend is going nowhere for this year; even designers are exploring ways to assist people in order to have open space designs. For that purpose you need to do some changes in your home décor, like shifting the levels of your floors and opting for clever lighting techniques.

Frame Houses are Back

A-Frame houses are becoming trendy again, and you will be surprised by the modern yet classy look they have to offer. These houses involve the outclass designs of 60s and 70s. Designers suggest using other techniques in order to add value; for example, front porches, amazing floor to ceiling windows and updated furniture patterns.

Surprisingly, A-frame homes cost comparatively lesser in price. When it comes to the environmental impact, they have no significant negative impacts. Besides they give a unique and exceptional look in your neighborhood.

Try Power Tools

Changing your home décor patterns may require the use of some power tools. Obviously, when you decide to change the look of your home, the process will require some equipment that you don’t already have. You can use cordless drills that come in handy for drilling a hole and are definitely more faster, easier and effective than a screwdriver. You can rent out any equipment that you need and return it once you are done.

Use Solar Roof Tiles

Solar roof tiles are emerging as the latest trend for home décor. In past times, people have used large solar panels; this trend is coming back but with a lot of innovation and technology. Using roof tiles is energy efficient and cost effective. Go for those designs that match with your roof texture. Such décor will definitely add towards sustainable environment.

It is not wrong to say that the designs offered by the experts for home décor this year are absolutely splendid. The ancient home décor tips are a great if they are blended with innovation and technology.

Antique, Fireplaces and Claw Foot Tub

Whenever you decide to change your home décor, do not forget to add these three things. Antiques, fireplaces and claw foot tubs had a great significance in ancient home décor styles and it would be amazing to have these places in your home too. These are somethings that never go out of style.

Talking about antiques, a well-decorated room must have antiques. Yet choose your antiques carefully and make sure they go well with the overall décor of the room. A home looks perfect when it has the things of past as well as present. Placement of antiques in the room is equally important.

As far as fire places are concerned, they are no less than a focal point of your room. Fireplaces never go out of style; they used to be very significant in past times and still carry great importance. Lastly, when you decide to do some stylish home décor, never exclude claw foot tubs; they were in fashion in 18th century and still give a wonderful look to the overall appearance of your toilet.

Stick to Minimalism

Remember that clutter has never been in fashion; it does not matter what kind of home décor you go for, just remember less is easy while more is messy. Like old times, the fashion of less furniture is back in trend.

How to make your Howdens Kitchen look Bespoke?

How to make your Howdens Kitchen look Bespoke?

Howdens is a popular name when it comes to contemporary kitchen layouts. What about adding a bit of your own touch in the mix? The below points offer a broad classification of a total kitchen setup and their briefing will help you start from scratch.

Photos By: Living Etc.

Anybody living in the UK and setting up their kitchen decor must have come across by the name Howdens kitchen. They are the largest British brand, manufacturer and designer of fitted kitchen and furniture products. Howdens provide a vast range of customised service. Many of their clients have their kitchen worktops are enhanced with the granite and quartz worktops from MKW surfaces. This bespoke look adds on to the ultimate setup necessary according to your kitchen space.

Ultimately, it is totally up to you, what set up you are planning to implement in your kitchen space. Here are some tips on how to make your Howdens kitchen look bespoke:


If you are planning to bring life back to your contemporary kitchen, you can implement some of the modern kitchen layouts provided by Howdens kitchens. It is said that the most successful floor plans are based around a ‘working triangle’; the location of your fridge, hob and sink. In a trendy design, one can also include a Wi-Fi extender and a pop-up socket to make the kitchen more functional.

Open plan layout

It is basically a multifunctional layout permitting several household activities to take place in the same room. No problem arises, even if you are having a small space, as they often require eliminating an extra wall. You can introduce an island, add a breakfast bar and create a coordinated look by enhancing the flooring and colour scheme. Open layouts are very popular nowadays as they allow you to gather with friends and family whilst you are cooking or working in the room. Whereas in the past, the kitchen was segregated from the rest of the house. This is because in the past, cooking was delegated to cleaners and servants. It has now become apparent that preparing your own food is the best way to guarantee the quality of items that we eat.

U-shaped layout

The three-sided style can be given a trendy look with half-hidden wall units to break the lines. This type of layout maximises the storage and work surface areas which are loved by everyone. It is very popular in reduces spaces and in households with large families. The U-shaped layout allows you to hide all the appliances, utensils and other items within its many drawers and multi-cabinet set up.

L-shaped layout

This basically falls under the minimalistic approach, where you will get plenty of space to roam around freely in your kitchen despite doing all the necessary things. Try to put units exceptionally to the floor to bring a contemporary twist to your setup. Since the working areas in a L-shaped kitchen are placed across two places, you would never have to walk too far in the house to prepare a meal. An l-shaped kitchen design will also help in avoiding cluttering whilst ensuring traffic can flow freely in the room.

Galey layout

This layout is generally used in smaller spaces to connect the adjacent rooms. Also, it allows you to implement an island and make a work triangle with your sink and oven. Similarly, this layout will allow you to prepare foods and other items practically as the workstations remain opposite to each other. Not only that a Galley kitchen can be functional in small rooms, but it is also very popular in large rooms too. This is because the Galley design will allow you to reach any item and object within a reaching distance, rather than having to walk across to the other side of the room. In addition, a typical galley shaped kitchen will come with lots of room for storing items and appliances.

Colours and Materials

Choosing the best colours among the wide range of options can become a difficult task for anyone. Firstly, one needs to collect ideas before putting a step forward. The natural light and size of your kitchen are the two key factors on which your design is based. Also, areas such as the kitchen wall, splashbacks, worktops/countertops and their colours/textures are dependent. Additionally, you should think about any other space of the room which you will be planning to fill in the future. This will allow you to plan, helping you create a time-proof kitchen design.

Coming to cabinet colours, trendy tones such as cashmere can bring a warm feel to your kitchen; and grey too, if you are looking for subtle colours. You can also choose gloss or matt finishes.

When it comes to your kitchen worktops and splashbacks, there are colours and textures that are in vogue. White marble or quartz, grey granite or limestone and Concrete/Cement effect materials are in high demand.

To bring a contemporary feel to your kitchen go for the wide range seen at Howdens worktops, and get these worktops supplied from a material from the premium selection at MKW Surfaces. Rather than supplying cheap imitation granite planks, the Company sources stone from every corner of the planet. Coupled with boasting the largest natural and engineered stone collection in the UK, there is no doubt you will find the worktop material you have dreamt of.

Now you have a brief idea about the steps you need to take to modernize the look of your kitchen. Take the best possible bespoke set up for your kitchen space and make delicious dishes without any tension.