Rejoice A Memorable Day of Love with Fantastic Valentine’s Gifts

Rejoice A Memorable Day of Love with Fantastic Valentine’s Gifts

If you have a loved one, then make this Valentine’s day memorable for her by giving some joyous moments of the day!

Here we have some fantastic Valentine’s gifts to rejoice a lover’s day with your beloved partner!

Chocolates Bouquet for Her

When it is a day of lovers, then you should plan some unique gifts for your loving girlfriend. The best option is to give some sweet moments with her favorite chocolates and candies. You can also make a beautiful presentation of chocolates to impress her. A chocolate bouquet will be one of the best Valentine gifts for her to show your romantic feelings. Her favorite chocolates will make her mood refreshed and some pleasuring moments of the day. You can also add a love note to show your gratitude for being with you in life.

Valentine’s Flowers Basket

If you want to deliver your heartfelt message of love, then you should go with a basket of Valentine’s flowers for her. You can order a beautiful bouquet of red roses online to make your basket more adorable. Add other bright blooms to give some unforgettable moments of the day. You can even complement with a love letter to convey your undying feelings on this Valentine’s day. It will be a fantastic idea to win her heart with such blooming flowers. She will feel awesome getting such basket of love and affection from your side.

Personalized Teddy with Love Band

A teddy is one of the all-time favorite toys of girls. If she loves soft teddies, then surprise her by dedicating a personalized teddy on this Valentine’s day. You can send her a cute plush teddy personalized with her memorable photo. Try to choose a big sized teddy that will always remain in her living room. You can also make a love band especially engraved with your name initials to mark this lover’s day. It will give a great feeling of your endearment that will last forever.

Prepare a Designer Cake

If you want to win her heart with some delightful moments, then surprise her with a designer cake on this Valentine’s day. The first step is to choose a beautiful design and flavors according to her particular taste to decorate the cake. You can even order a tasty Valentine’s day cake online to celebrate the bond of love with her. An attractive cake will be helpful to strengthen your deep relationship with your lady love. You can also take snaps of the cake cutting ceremony to rejoice the memorable day of togetherness.

Gifts for Her Beauty

Most of the girls expect something special from their beloved ones. You can also plan out of the box gifts for your girlfriend. Take a basket in which you can add all the beauty products that she regularly uses at home. It can be the best idea to please her with such a valuable gift. If you are not able to buy all these beauty products, then you can even purchase spa vouchers to make her feel pampered. Try to give her favorite salon or spa vouchers that she can quickly use in future.

All of these fantastic gifts will be perfect to rejoice another memorable Valentine’s day with your loving partner.

Build Your Custom Dream Modern Home with Costerion Home Builders!

Build Your Custom Dream Modern Home with Costerion Home Builders!

Modern home builder builds custom homes from start to finish. Keep reading to find out how you can build yours today!

If you are planning to build a house, make it your home and take advantage of the opportunity to create a space that is ideally suited to your needs. After all, your NEW HOME is the place to bond with those you love and entertain new friends. The house you build should be a perfect match to the land you decide to live on. Additionally, your home needs to be environmentally friendly so that it meets the latest standards, and you will save on maintenance fees down the road.

Ready Made or Original Design

When you commit to building a home, you have lots of choices, and one important selection will be a ready-made home or something special with an original design. Be sure to check out designs, photos of the construction and the appearance of how the finished home will look. Get some expert opinions of people who have purchased a new home, both from original designs and prebuilt homes. Check discussion boards and forums for advice, tips, and information that can help you decide on the type of home to buy. Some advantages of a predesigned home is shorter investment time, and a home with tested and optimally constructed solutions for lower costs. Take advantage of the project consultancy service to determine which solutions are optimal for you.

Looking for a custom design, we can help! We can research and gather the specific requirements in terms of space, planning, and the appearance of the house tailored to your specifications. Your original design may require a plot of land with an unusual shape or size and we are happy to accommodate you in this venture. You will need an architect who understands your needs and listens to every creative detail in order to develop your dream house. While an original design can cost more than a prebuilt design, your house will be original and a space you can really relax and entertain in, and best of all – call home.

Another intermediate solution to your new home is the adapted project. “When there are many possibilities like partitioning walls, doors, and window locations along with smaller elements, customers have the option of deciding to introduce these small changes” – says Marcin Kostka, owner of the Costerion company. When selecting a premade project, always ask questions as to what extent the project can be modified. A great architect will have the answers.

Understanding Your Own Unique Needs

Create a checklist of ideas and decide on important must-haves for any new project from a premade design to a custom home. If you are working with an architect, communicate your ideas and get feedback. The size of the home will be important as you will want to take into account the number of people who will be living there. Everyone wants and needs their own space so get ideas from the expert in order to avoid costly mistakes like having an excess of rooms that makes the house more expensive to maintain. If you work from home, add that executive study to cut business expenses while create a quiet space that will inspire you to new ideas and strategies to build your career. Plan on having friends and family over for long luxurious weekends?

Consider adding guest rooms to accommodate them comfortably. Utility rooms like the laundry, pantry, and basements or sunrooms for extra entertaining space are also necessities to consider. Remember to add a recreation room to explore your creative pursuits. You ultimately want and need an original design that will allow for unlimited possibilities. Need a little more simplicity in design, a premade ready project just might be the answer for you.

Planning Your Space

When planning your space, there are some basic principles to consider. A living room and dining room should be located on the south or southwest side of your house as you want the sunlight to shine into these areas. Add the largest windows to these areas of your home to make use of solar power which will head the interior and make way for the garden. Think about this, depending on where you build your home in the world, you can potentially save up to 20% with the use of solar energy.

Other factors to consider would be to divide your house into zones. The day zone, or rooms you generally use during daytime hours, can consist of a living room, dining room, kitchen, office, guest rooms, bathrooms. Design your home so that these rooms are separate from the night zone, master bedrooms, adjoining baths, and walk-in closets. Kids rooms, family baths and play areas for the kids can also be considered part of the night zone in the home. A home gym and recreation areas are also modern conveniences in the design. Finally, there should be easy communication zones between the rooms so that members of the household can still feel connected while enjoying the space.

Getting the Right Materials

One of the most crucial aspects of building a home is to use the right materials. You want a house to last for decades, to be sturdy and of well-built construction. Think about the various possibilities available when choosing construction technology. You have choices where you can opt for ceramics, concrete, wood (including wooden beams to accentuate the home), or the most expensive materials, or use a majority of prefabricated elements which can save you money and time. The right building materials are also key to achieving optimal energy efficiency.

An environmentally efficient home will save you money time and again over selecting a home made with sub-par materials. A well built, environmentally friendly home requires less energy to heat and cool resulting in affordable energy bills and fewer headaches. Insulation materials can range from mineral wool, foamed polystyrene, or polyurethane foam. The amount of material used and the selection of the most effective in a given category is important.

You might not think of the next important consideration, but materials you use to build your home will affect the acoustics of the building. Living in a noisy environment can affect your health, so you will want to take special care and insulate your home for sound. You don’t want to be disturbed by the echos in your new home. Your quality of life in important. Well insulated rooms will create a sense of privacy and everyone in your home will appreciate the peace and quiet.

Lighting and Automation

Lighting adds a special touch and a sense of warmth to any home. Effectively illuminated elements of the house bring out the beauty and charm of the architecture creating an atmosphere to be desired. Lighting adds a special ambiance in a garden, allowing you to admire and enjoy the landscaping in the evening. It also has a special significance in keeping your home safe with lighted driveways and garages.

When designed a modern house, there are options to add smart home elements (IBMS or IIBMS). Modern building management systems can help to optimize energy consumption in the home by controlling the central heating system, air conditioning, heating elements in the floors, sprinklers, blinds, and even lighting and alarm systems. These amazing technological wonders can allow you to manage your home remotely to give a sense of added security and a feeling that you are home – even when you’re away.

Top Tips to Make Your Home Look Chic without Huge Spending

Top Tips to Make Your Home Look Chic without Huge Spending

Though there are multiple reasons why people choose to revamp and decorate their house, it typically translates to improving the value of their property.

Photo by Martha O’Hara Interiors

Be it a new coat of paint, room renovation, new landscaping in the garden, or adding décor items, the aim is to make your abode look chic and expensive without spending much. If you have the budget, you can splurge on home décor. Based on the findings of a research, homeowners spent an average of $5,157 on home décor and improvements in the year 2016 and the trend will increase in 2017 and onwards. TrueCost Report by Home Advisor conducted the study. For many homeowners in the US, spending a huge amount of cash on home decor is not possible and not logical. There is no need to deplete your savings or use multiple credit cards to revamp your home. You should consider small yet significant changes to make your home look expensive and chic.

According to an article published on, you can make your windows look classy and expensive by hanging a few sets of drapes to make them look bigger, making your rooms look impressive and polished. There are many affordable tips and tricks to transform your abode and make it look appealing and inviting. You might be wondering how. Here are some top tips to make your home look chic without spending extravagantly:

Improve the look of your home with mirrors

Mirrors together with proper lighting take your home décor to another level. Place mirrors strategically and pair them with apt lighting to make your living area look bigger than it is. You can hang mirrors against a source of lighting such as a lamp or window light. It creates a beautiful illusion. Try this tip and you will be surprised with the results. You will get mirrors at affordable prices. You can adorn your rooms with a larger-than-life mirror to increase its functionality as well as to make your rooms look larger, reflecting the same space back to you. These tips are from home décor experts in the industry. You can also do your research on mirrors to make your home look chic and rooms bigger. You can hang an assortment of different mirrors of varied types, shapes, and sizes. It will help in creating an artistic and eclectic design on the walls. If you like simplicity, then choose one, big statement mirror to create a classy and neat finish on your walls.

Play with lighting

Yes, play with some lighting because it is the simplest and easiest way to make your house expensive and chic. Add lights and fixtures that look expressive and attractive. Based on the findings of Glamour, there are numerous ways to get a plush radiance in your house and rooms. Accessorize your living area with lights to make your home look sophisticated. You will get a variety of home lighting products at affordable prices at online or thrift stores. Look for lampshades that have interesting shapes, design, and finish. You can take a small loan for home renovation from Liberty Lending if you need the money at all. Else, you can use your money to complete the renovation project. Opt for lights that grab the attention of your guests. Make a style statement in your home. Install these lights at different heights and bulb sizes to produce a dramatic impact, thus removing unbecoming shadows. Use LED lights because they look smart in your home, and are affordable and energy-efficient. LEDs are also durable. It will save you money, as you do not need to replace them frequently like ordinary lights.

Decorate your living area with flowering plants

Add some greenery and color to your home, both inside and outside. You will get plants and flower pots at affordable prices. Green plants, flower pots, and plants with ornamental leaves will add some color and vitality to your abode in rooms and garden area. You can place a decorative flower vase with local garden blooms in your living room, thus adding some warmth and grace to your home sweet home. It will also add an element of comfort to your living space. You can arrange flowers and place them in vases instead of spending on fresh floral arrangements. You can use plastic containers for new plants that come at a wallet-friendly price. It is simple and affordable. These little things matter in making your home look classy and sophisticated. Add a lot of greenery to your home interiors and outdoors. Use your imagination and perk up your outdoor barbeque area with flowering pots and bamboo seats. Try these tips and tricks and take your abode to another level without breaking your bank. Make your neighbors envious of your home décor ideas and aesthetic sense.

Add floor rugs

When you have wooden flooring and want to perk up, include a beautiful floor rug to make your living area look appealing, inviting, and cozy. It will also help in adding some finishing touch to your living room or for that matter your bedroom. A well-chosen rug or a carpet if you have the budget will help in pulling the room together. Then, make it a point that your rug is relative to space or living area you want to add, as small-sized rugs for a big room will make your space look odd. Therefore, create an expensive look with proportionate rugs that also is eye-catching. If you place furniture on the rug, a sofa or a table, make sure the rug has some extra space with furniture placed on it. These little measurements and space aspects matter a lot to transform your room to another level. Imagine how your room will look if you have a couch placed on a rug that is too small. One side is visible and another side of the rug is hidden under the couch.


Now that you have these tips handy, use them and add figments of your imagination to make your home look expensive and classy. You can decorate your home without creating a dent in your wallet.

Avoid Falling To Debt Trap While Furnishing Your Home With Décor

Avoid Falling To Debt Trap While Furnishing Your Home With Décor

It is true that decorating a house can prove to be one challenging trap. It is no doubt one expensive proposition. Whenever you are planning to shift to a new place from one BHK apartment, you might have little furniture to just décor your 4BHK house.

Photo by M House Development

As you are one new homeowner, you might always feel tempted to use the easy credit card and purchase new furnishing items from some of the reliable furnishing stores. It will help you to decorate your house and set it just right at earliest. But, there are some effective ways in which you can decorate your house by being totally free from debt. You will learn more about the debt-free trap from now.

Need to focus at prioritization and get to choose step by step decoration

There is hardly any laws available in which you can furnish your house totally and decorate in just one go before you move right in. Furnishing your place or doing up is more or less a long term procedure and with time consuming procedure.

  • You need to relax and then slow the efforts down. You must always allow all the decorating to just take place at one relaxed pace.
  • By furnishing and decorating the house at own relaxed pace, you might end up with amazing décor and some of the furnishing ideas that you are not working under some tremendous pressure and stress, for finishing that project in one tight deadline.
  • On the other hand, by just handling one part of house at one time, you are actually giving yourself enough time to boost the savings and put in some extra in renovation project.
  • You can easily try to save some up now and make some of the bigger purchases later on. You can get the living room done first as you are likely to spend most of the non-sleeping time over here for sure.

Next stop, you have to purchase the dining room space, which will make you use up all your time, energy and resources on the current master bedroom. The bedroom is likely to be your haven of peace, where you will get down after a tiring day. So, make sure to take as much time as you can for furnishing the bedroom. Then you are all set to enjoy enough savings, for covering the rest of the rooms in your house.

You can visit the auctions and get to purchase some items from the lot

If you are designing your first house, then it is true that your budget is limited to say the least. So, it is always mandatory for you to stick right through the frugal ways of just decorating homes, just for the sake of avoiding getting into some debt, which will be ever mounting right from now on.

  • One major way in here is to purchase from auctions and then the estate sales. Whenever the family hires services of any auctioneer for just selling someone off a loved one, you might end up getting good collections at quite affordable rates.
  • Auctions can beautifully range from items, sizes, setup and the general structures. You can always define the objective of your purchase clearly.
  • It is mandatory for you to understand the points or pieces that you are actually looking for to decorate your house. It will help you to make the right choice or end up with that perfect find of yours.

You can get for the garage sales

According to some of the pros in here, Estate Sales and Garage Sales are some of the perfect places for you, where you can score some of the cheaper home decor and furnishing items. But, you might end up with some items, which are considered rare to say the least.

For that, you have to know from where you can get it and try to get in there as early as possible to jut have any chance of just sorting the proper stuff in here. All you need to do is just allow the GPS of your smartphone to guide you through and help you settle for the location. This is on great way for you to enjoy some of the perks of technology!

Work on the Hands Me Down

There are so many hands me down or secondary furnishing items which you can try to save some bucks in order to complete home décor and go debt free in nature. But for selecting such furniture, you have to be a bit choosey.

  • As news have already spread of you shifting to a new place an you are looking for some home décor stuff, the parents, coworkers and even some of the casual acquaintances might wish to offer you with some of the old furnishing pieces as love of good gesture and love.
  • Most of the people you might know will work hard in extending their love in order to assist you in furnishing the new house. You might end up accepting someone’s furniture only after you get to answer certain questions regarding the furnishing pieces.
  • You need to see if the furnishing items are rather in a good condition or not. Moreover, you have to prove if the furnishing items are likely to be cohesive in nature and fit the style you are going for. Another major question is to check if you have any precise place in your home where you can keep the furnishing items you are planning to move in.

If you actually hesitate and even falter while responding any of the questions or queries that you have in your mind, it is always best to look for some other homes, from where you get to purchase furnishing pieces. On the other hand, you should not hesitate to get furnishing pieces from relatives and friends free of cost. It is one great way to save your money and be debt-free while decorating your house. Better help is always for you now.

How to Preserve the Colors of Your Carpet or Carpeted Flooring?

How to Preserve the Colors of Your Carpet or Carpeted Flooring?

Everyone wants to know what secret lies behind the carpet that always has fresh bright colors. Sometimes regular vacuuming is not enough for having brand-new looking carpet. Actually, if you vacuum your carpet too often you can damage its fibers and it will soon appear to be quite withered.

Photos via: Houzz

Anyone who wants to keep their carpets, area rugs and coverings new, clean or revive their colors, use the services of ProLux Carpet Cleaning company. ProLux cleans everything, even the most delicate and expensive carpets. We reliably and efficiently clean carpets and area rugs from dirt, any stains and dust. We will restore the color, eliminate the pungent odor and felted hair of cats and dogs. Imagine your children playing on the carpet and you breathing in dust, when you just walk along the carpet.

Invisible to the eye, dust enters and settles in the lungs. All the dirt from the street, brought on the feet and legs, is transferred to the pile and successfully lives in it for many years. Not just a single vacuum cleaner will give the desired result of cleanliness and guarantee health. Only an integrated approach to cleaning and professional carpet cleaning will ensure a high-quality result. Professional and regular dry cleaning of carpets and area rugs is the key to their long and reliable life and your coziness, warmth and comfort, which make carpets in our everyday life.

Carpet creates a warm, harmonious atmosphere in the room, decorates the interior and mutes extraneous noise. However, rugs and carpets, which are not properly maintained, negate all efforts for home improvement. A dirty carpet is a collection of dust, ticks and various harmful microorganisms. So, besides regular vacuuming and using expert cleaning services, what else can you do to improve the look of your favorite carpet? What cleaning products can you use for refreshing carpet’s colors?

Baking Soda for Reviving Carpet’s Colors

Cleaning the carpet with baking soda and vinegar is one of the most effective and time-tested natural methods of cleaning this element of everyday life at home. Before proceeding with the description of the method of carpet cleaning, we will share with you the advantages and possible disadvantages of this method.

The positive points include the following:

Efficiency: baking soda really helps to cope with many types of pollution, and this applies not only to carpets, with the help of such a tool housewives clean and wash a lot of different household items, clothes, kitchen utensils and more;

Harmless: soda is not an allergen, and is also completely safe and certainly does not harm the health of the inhabitants of the house, whether people or animals;

The plus is also that after carpet cleaning with soda, there is no pungent odor of chemicals, as is the case with factory-made carpet cleaners; buying a package of soda is much cheaper than a modern effective detergent, and this pack will last much longer, so cost-effectiveness also applies to positive qualities; accessibility – baking soda can be bought at any store.

As for the shortcomings, there are few of them, and the following can be attributed to them:

* Soda is not suitable for cleaning handmade carpets, especially if they are made of silk thread, for such cases special means must be used;

* Lack of effectiveness is also considered as a minus, since in order to achieve the result it may be necessary not just one, but several cleanings with soda;

* Soda alone is unable to remove old and persistent stains from the carpet.

From what we read, we can conclude that baking soda can help cope with not too serious carpet pollution at home. Also, the product can be used for preventive cleaning of the carpet. Vinegar is an auxiliary element, so we do not consider its quality.

Baking soda has proven to be the most effective product for refreshing carpet’s colors. It absorbs the dirt from the carpet and leaves it fresh and bright. It does not leave any odors and is completely safe product, so it can be considered to be pet and child-friendly.