Bjarke Ingel’s public square which is to be built for Battersea power station has been revealed

Bjarke Ingel’s public square which is to be built for Battersea power station has been revealed

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The competition for the design of a new modern public square at the Battersea power station has ended and the winning bid has been revealed. Known as the Malaysian square, this square will form part of the £ 8 billion redevelopment strategy proposed by the Battersea power station managers and it is expected to feature a fountain that has a flower shape, and several bridges linked together.

One of the key components of the Battersea power station has been awarded to Danish architect- Bjarke Ingel, and his part of the design will cover some 17 hectares, according to London Mayor. The space to be designed by Bjarke Ingel will link the pedestrian region of high street through the Electric Boulevard with some other key landmarks.  New images of the new design released, show that it will be a two-level canyon, and will inter-connect with several bridges and stairways that are inspired by some Malaysian landscapes.

Materials that will be used in perfecting the new structures will include Limestone, marble, sandstone and Granite.  The space within the structure will be guided by Dolomite striations and other components that will be included include; amphitheater that has a five-petal fountain which reminds one of the typical Malaysian hibiscus flower. The new structure will be located right at the foot of the famous Battersea icon, and the new shape has been inspired by numerous human flows that create some stunning cascading shape into the streets.

The new project by Bjarke Ingel is seen as a  cultural expression of sort,  it shows clearly the bias the architect has for Malaysian beauty. The project has also revealed that landscape, architecture and  urbanization can be fused together to create the most stunning structures. The new Malaysian design has complimented London’s industrial heritage to a certain degree, and it is believed that the project will open up new opportunities , especially in the creating of several housing projects.

The project being handled by the famous Danish architectural firm- BIG is expected to change completely, the outlook of Miscellaneous street in London,  there will be new bright coloured carpets  of grass alongside brightly coloured  seats in and around adjoining parks. The BIG architects are also considering making use of different diagrams as tools in accomplishing the new big task ahead.

The Battersea council has witnessed tremendous developments over the years , however the new developments are coming at a cost , most especially with expensive properties springing up in nearby areas. Many experts are of the opinion that the new Canyons on Battersea are obstructing  some views around the landmark, while others seem to be discontent with the proposed high street pedestrian bridge , which they see as unnecessary. There are several criticisms that has greeted the newly proposed structures and it appears as if the Battersea council authorities will have their hands full when the proposed structures finally get underway . The Battersea council believe that the new public square will transform the entire region into a paradise of sort.

The best modern Brazilian furniture designs showcased

The best modern Brazilian furniture designs showcased


2014 has witnessed a number of transformation in furniture designs and some of these were showcased by Espasso at the Miami’s “The Shore club”. The latest modern Brazilian furniture designs include; The ON desk by Oscar Niemeyer. This is one of the newest modern Brazilian furnitures that reveals the latest innovation by Em Transito and it features a premium polished wooden structure. Other new and modern designs recently showcased include; The Asturias rocking Armchair by Carlos Motta, Benjamin Armchair by Sergio Rodriguez, Moleca Armchair & Ottoman by Sergio Rodrigues, and Annette Armchair by Jorge Zalszupin.

The shore club hotel on Miami beach is the venue where the display of the latest modern Brazilian furniture designs took place, and the show was coincidentally launched with Art Basel and Design Miami exhibition which showcase some of the unseen works of new Brazilian architects and furniture designers.  The gallery for the new exhibition has surpassed exhibitions hosted in New York and London, and most of the selections on display are limited edition furnitures along some rare designs . The best of contemporary Brazilian display were showcased here.

The 2014 exhibition was a collaborative effort by contemporary furniture designers , with Espasso and one of the best modern Brazilian on display was the 1960 desk that has never been put into commercial production. The desk was designed by the famous architect- Oscar Niemeyer and it is similar to the modern architectural projects he has carried out in recent times.

The Annette Armchair and Ottoman also made its mark in the year 2014 and it remains one of the best modern Brazilian furniture designs of all time. The Annette armchair is a product of the famous Polish architect – Jorge Zalszupin who moved to Brazil after the Second World War. The Mocho special 60th edition is another masterpiece in the year 2014 and it is last furniture designed by Sergio Rodrigues before his death, the chair was named after his grandson-Benjamin. This chair was on display beside the Mocho stool and they both form a wonderful combination.

There are quite a number of older pieces of furniture being made by modern Brazilian furniture designers, and these include the rosewood jacaranda bench made by Zanini de Zanine. This bench is an handmade chair with some spiky designs at the back and a smooth polished front design.  The concrete and Oak bench by Claudia Moreira Salles is another masterpiece of a furniture with a 1930-styled stool which is made from crocodile skin and wood.

The Grude Armchair by Fernando Mendes is one of the best furniture designs in the year 2014, it comes with a traditional carpentry touches, with some compressed wood used in the design of the Grude arm.  Just like the Grude Armchair, the Farmacinha furniture by Isay Weifield is also one of the best Modern Brazilian furniture design of 2014, this furniture stole the show at the latest Miami exhibition and it features several edges of inter-connected furnitures that are arranged in adjacent formations. This furniture also comes with lots of cabinet spaces.

Niemeyer-dining-table-by-R-20th-Century-Design-by-Oscar-Niemeyer-image-1-350x350 images (3) images (4) images (4) images images (1) Espasso-Em-Transito-Opening_dezeen_468_7 Espasso-Em-Transito-Opening_dezeen_468_14 Espasso-Em-Transito-Opening_dezeen_468_5 download asturias rocking chair