Kaley Tyne Johnson: Interior Design Trends for the Home for 2022

Keep your home on top of the latest trends with these decor must-haves designers are loving for 2022!

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An alumna of the New York School of Interior Design, Kaley Tyne Johnson is a freelance interior designer who travels the world working with clients, operating predominantly in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

Few environments are as important as the home, providing a backdrop for joyful holiday celebrations, unforgettable family occasions and some of life’s most memorable moments. From vibrant color schemes and a resurgence of classic styles to technological innovations, this article explores interior design predictions for 2022.

Traditional Meets Contemporary

Classic designs never go out of style. Speaking with Cision, designers from Taylor Morrison Home Corp predicted that homeowners would continue to mix traditional design elements, such as rich wood tones and colorful patterned wallpaper, with contemporary pieces.

As Las Vegas-based designer Laurie Jiu suggests, since people are staying in their home longer, they are opting for a look that will not go out of style quickly. Taylor Morrison’s professionals advocate investing in classic and timeless staple pieces, using trendy accent pieces to refresh the look, in order to combat an everchanging trend cycle.

Traditional details are one of 2022 interior design trends and are likely to enjoy a continued resurgence over the coming months. After all, with so much change and disruption since the start of the pandemic, it is no surprise that increasing numbers of people crave a sense of timelessness, comfort and nostalgia in their homes.

Changing Priorities

With families all over the world spending more time at home throughout the pandemic, homebuyers have increasingly prioritized comfort and functionality in home design. Brian Juedes is Vice President of Product Design at Taylor Morrison. He explains that, in a post-pandemic world, more customers want homes with increased outdoor spaces, bigger kitchens, more bulk storage, expanded everyday entry zones, and more areas dedicated to working and studying from home.

Elements Inspired by Nature

Also triggered by COVID-19, many people have developed a new-found appreciation of nature, seeking to reconnect with the natural world and recreate its calming influence in their homes.

Natural surfaces like marble, terracotta, stoneware and travertine are currently one of the hottest interior design trends across the board, from furniture and bathtubs to decorative ornaments. The rugged, imperfect nature of organic materials such as these adds interest, soul and depth, recreating the calming, restorative ambiance of the natural world.

Designer Nicole McCall explains that buyers have been bringing in crystals and pinecones as inspiration, asking them to design their homes around these items. A desire to reconnect with nature has also sparked a surge in interest in large trees for the home, from magnolias to the black olive.

Vibrant Colors

Working in collaboration with Sherwin-Williams, Taylor Morrison compiled its 2022 Color Collection. Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year is Evergreen Fog.

Green has become an increasingly popular addition to color schemes as homeowners seek to immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature, recreating the soothing influences of the great outdoors in their own homes.

Lee Crowder, National Director of Design and Model Experience for Taylor Morrison, pointed out that Evergreen Fog could exist harmoniously with others colors such as Snowbound, Warm Wicker and Dark Night, or stand strong on its own, meaning it could be woven into the color scheme of any home.

Tactile Textures

Founder of The Expert, Jake Arnold explains that his clients are exploring different types of patterned jute, abaca and rush this year as a way to expand the neutral foundation that a rug provides, playing around with patterns to add more depth and texture to spaces.

3D Art

Lauren Behfarin of Lauren Behfarin Design predicts a push towards 3D art in the months ahead, explaining that with people continuing to spend more time in their homes, they will seek to add life, whimsey and intrigue to flat wall space. As Behfarin points out, art that pops right off the wall – which can be configured in different ways – is likely to become increasingly popular in 2022.

Technological Transformation

Technology has had a revolutionary impact on the construction, design and operation of modern homes. Thanks to the company’s partnership with GE Appliances, Taylor Morrison’s customers can now set the dishwasher from the squash court, or start the laundry without leaving the workplace. Enabling homeowners to control appliances via their mobile phones is a game-changer, freeing up the valuable time of homeowners and making their lives easier.


Why Vinyl Flooring is a Great Choice For Your Kid’s Bedrooms

Designing your child’s bedroom can be a really fun part of renovating a home and can also help your children express themselves creatively. As with all the other rooms in the house, getting the flooring right is a vital part of the design!

Photo By: Lauren Rubin Architecture

Vinyl flooring has some significant benefits which make it an excellent choice for any kid’s bedroom. In this article we’re going to explore some of the benefits of vinyl, specifically for use in a kid’s bedroom, and why it’s not just for use in the kitchen and bathroom!

Range of colours

Kid’s love colour and having a floor which can be bright and colourful is really appealing. Vinyl tiles come in a huge variety of colours and can be installed in a large number of different patterns. While your kids might not think the flooring is as exciting as painting the walls a bright colour, there is definitely scope for them to express themselves with vinyl flooring. The tiles can be used to create interesting patterns or simple designs depending on what they like.

Photo By: Kate Taylor Interiors

Soft underfoot but durable

Having a floor which is soft underfoot is really important for any kid’s room. Playing with their toys on the floor is a big part of any child’s development and having a floor which is soft enough for them to do this on is vital. Vinyl flooring is made using several different layers, and this allows it to have a soft upper layer while remaining durable. This is also important as any flooring in a house with young children needs to be durable and able to withstand drops and children playing with toys directly on the floor.

Underfloor heating

Making sure children’s bedrooms are warm and family friendly is so important for obvious reasons. One of the ways this can be achieved is with underfloor heating. To get the most out of underfloor heating, you need a flooring material which will not inhibit the heat getting into the room. Just as in bathrooms and kitchens, where underfloor heating is also popular, vinyl allows the heat into the room and creates a lovely warm space. It also means your children can play with their toys on the floor without getting cold in the way they might with other materials.

Photo By: Harriet Forde Design Ltd

Easy to clean

Accidents are going to happen with children, whether it’s dropping a cup of juice or a plate of food. Having a floor which is quick and easy to clean is really beneficial for any parent. Particularly when children are young, and they’re learning to crawl and walk, you want to be sure the floors are as clean as possible, so they aren’t at risk of getting germs in their mouth from their hands. This includes the floor in their bedroom. Unlike materials such as carpet, vinyl is very straightforward to clean and requires no special machinery.

Not only will vinyl be a practical and long-lasting option for your child’s bedroom floor, but it looks great, and you can get really creative with designs. It may be more commonly associated with kitchens and bathrooms, but luxury vinyl flooring is an excellent option for bedrooms and around your home in general.


Tips for Revamping Your Guest Space

Guests are coming to visit for a night or longer, and you find yourself in a panic. You have taken a look at your guest space, and you are not thrilled with what you see. It is lackluster and unappealing. A den of snakes seems more welcoming at the moment. It is time to make some changes, but how do you begin to make your guests feel welcome in your home?


Photo: Centered By Design

Look at Your Whole House

When guests come to stay, they probably will not confine themselves to one bedroom. They are coming to visit you, after all. Unless you plan to stay in the guest area, you can expect them to be in other areas as well. Try to make your living spaces as comfortable and cozy as possible. A welcoming atmosphere in the living areas and kitchen will give your guests the indication that you are happy to have them with you.

Decorate Your Guest Space

Often the guest space is overlooked when decorating the home. Focus is shifted to personal areas and main rooms, and the guest room is forgotten until a guest is due to arrive. The prospect of decorating can be quite daunting especially if you have budgetary concerns. Decorating can be done in a simple and affordable manner with some thought and creativity.

Photo: SKD Studios

Dress the Bed

The first step to a warm, welcoming guest space is to make the bed an appealing focal point. Make it look comfortable. Fresh, clean linens are a must. Linens smell and feel better when they have been freshly laundered. A pretty comforter, bedspread or duvet will add visual appeal as well as a feeling of warmth.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#c4b93b” class=”” size=””]Pillows give an impression of comfort, so consider adding some decorative pillows to the space. As a final touch, a throw or light blanket draped at the foot of the bed indicates to your guests that their warmth and comfort is important to you. It is also an easy way to add a splash of color to the space.[/perfectpullquote]

Provide Clothing Storage

When guests are staying long term, it is a nice gesture to give them somewhere to unpack. Perhaps there is space in the closet, or an attractive dresser they could use for their clothing or personal items. Even providing one or two drawers for them will make them feel more welcome in your home.

Photo: SKD Studios

Little Gestures Make Big Impressions

Before your guests arrive, make a concerted effort to personalize the space they will call home while visiting with you. Consider placing a book or two on the dresser or night table for your friend who is an avid reader. A basket with shampoos and soaps are a nice touch and can prevent embarrassment if your guests forgot to bring their own. A small basket containing snacks and bottled water is a nice touch and keeps guests from rummaging through the pantry or refrigerator in the middle of the night. For the avid television enthusiast, you could consider providing a television in the room, so they feel free to choose their own programs at night. Learn a little about your guests’ habits and favorite activities and customize the little touches in the room to suit their tastes and needs.

A warm, inviting home epitomizes a guest-friendly atmosphere. Creating a welcoming guest space inside the home can be easy and budget friendly. Simply making the room comfortable is a good start. Adding thoughtful accessories will have your guests longing to return.


6 Different Types of Blinds and the Right Décor for Them

Are you considering including some privacy in your home with blinds? Here are 6 different types and how you can decorate with them the right way!

Photo: De Rosee Sa

While the purpose is essentially the same, there is a significant difference between blinds and shades that people often forget about. Depending on the décor of your home, shades might be a better fit, but there’s hardly any décor for which there isn’t an appropriate blind. You can always visit Next Day Blinds to get the consultation right from your home, but it maybe isn’t a bad idea to first get acquainted with a few general types of blinds on your own first.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds either open from the middle or each of the individual slats on the track separate from side to side to let air and light in. These are a better fit for particularly large windows that run from floor-to-ceiling or for patio doors.

Venetian Blinds

In perfect contrast to the vertical blinds, the Venetian blinds are more suited for smaller windows. These horizontal blinds also happen to be the most common choice for blinds all across the US. They are generally not particularly fancy, but a lot depends on the product’s design and customizations as well.

Photo: Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd

Micro and Mini Blinds

Micro blinds are essentially the same as Venetian blinds, but the slats are a lot less wide at roughly one-inch, while mini blinds have even less width at only half-an-inch. The smaller slats make these a better fit in homes with a contemporary décor.


Panels are one of the common choices for people looking to put blinds on their patio doors or huge windows. The slats move on a track, just like vertical blinds, but they are usually much wider than verticals and provide better privacy. They feel at home in bedrooms that are themed in a somewhat classy, but reserved manner.

Photo: Hartmann Designs Limited

Metal Blinds

The usual choice of metal in blinds is aluminum, but stainless steel is also an option, albeit a costlier one. Nevertheless, the extra durability is probably going to be worth the additional cost in the long run. Whatever your choice of metal may be, know that metal blinds are not for everyone. The seamless design looks shiny and allows perfect control over light, but in a house made completely of wood, it may look out of place. A minimalist décor, on the other hand, might go pretty well with metal blinds.

Bamboo Roller Blinds

There are no slats in bamboo roller designs and they can be easily rolled up like shades because of that. Opting for roller blinds made out of bamboo is perfect when you are trying to give your home a natural look. Place a houseplant or two beside the window to perfectly match the blinds.

Do keep in mind that most of what you just read is not binding and there is no set rule. Feel free to improvise if you think it works with your décor, as these are only meant to introduce you to the basic idea of using blinds in interior decoration.


7 Glamorous Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom This Holiday Season

The holidays are quickly approaching making this the perfect time to spruce up your bedroom in style! Follow our easy ideas to glam up this special room!

Photo: Michelle Wenitsky Interior Design

Is your bedroom looking a little dull, boring, or are is your decorating way too démodé? The new year marks a special year full of a ton of exciting decorating trends that designers can’t stop talking about. From mirrored vanities, to bohemian headboards and luscious trendy colors, there is definitely something for everyone in 2018! Let’s get started with some of my favorite trends that I am dying to share with you guys…

Go Bold with Colors

Give your bedroom a sophisticated, glammed up look this holiday season by going bold when it comes to wall colors and accent pieces. This beautiful sea blue wall color adds an unexpected flair to this room and really makes a magical design moment. If you are a little shy on going so bold, start off with one wall as an accent wall. For example, make the wall behind your bed and headboard an accent and centerpiece by painting it a strong color that really stands out. Then, to add some serious panache to you room and top off your look add a fun accent chair!

Think About Nailhead Studs

Nailhead studs continue to be one designers favorite details when it comes to furniture pieces, and it’s so easy to get this look yourself at home! You can easily buy nailhead strips that hammer onto furniture, headboard, your walls, and decorative accessories. This is one way to get that designer look for less, without having to break the bank. Take a look at the bedroom below, the matching headboard and dresser all feature nailhead detailing, but along with a heavy price tag!

Photo: Boca Do Lobo

Go Wild with Animal Hides

This trend may not be for everyone, but animal skin hides continue to be one of designer’s favorite tricks when it comes to adding some chic-ness to a space. There is something about animal skin hides that really bring a room together and add a cozy well put-together look. Thanks to new methods of dying and printing, cow skin hides have been made to look like zebra skin, leopard, tiger, and even versions with glittery gold specks on them. What a way to glam-up a look this holiday season!

Opt for a More Comfortable Mattress

First things first, think about your comfort before you go jumping into new decorating trends that may not feel so great after all. Don’t splurge on the latest trends until you’ve settled that your mattress is comfortable and you can get a good nights rest. First, test out your mattress to see if you even need to purchase a brand new one. If you can feel the springs, dents, hollow areas, or if you mattress is stained beyond washable, it may be time to purchase a new one. Find a reliable mattress dealer in your area, or consider purchasing one online to save time as well as shipping costs. Buy mattresses from Fantastic furniture or other online stores that are reliable and have a large selection. If necessary, go to the location and test them out to find out what mattress would be best for you.

Think About Lighting

Is your space looking like there is definitely something missing or something you should be hanging above your head? Chandeliers are my favorite way to finish off a space since they bring in some serious designer worthiness in a pinch! Scourge flea markets for unique vintage chandeliers if you really want to get an artfully tailored look. Then, hang up a pretty mirror that faces the chandelier to further promote your new lighting bouncing throughout the room. I love chandeliers with crystals and reflective pieces just because of this!

Photo: KB Home

Dress up Your Curtains

Instead of opting for neutral solid curtains, dress up your bedroom for 2018 by hanging up ikat printed curtains to really elevate your bedroom for the new year! If you are not familiar with ikat, it’s a fabric that is made using a dyeing technique to pattern textiles similar to tie-dye. There are tons of motifs available that have ethnic, ritual or symbolic meanings and they are a great way to dress up a room and add a little bohemian flair.  You can purchase these fabrics or imitation ikat fabrics at just about any home fabric store to give your room a beautifully designed look for less!

Add A Tropical Flair

Even though the cold seasons have long ago started, it’s always a great idea to create a at-home oasis right in your bedroom! Tropical colors such as watermelon pink, green, as well as bamboo furniture and banana leaf fabrics are always an easy way to have California at your fingertips. Interior decor is all about having fun and experimenting so why not bring the sunshine straight to your bedroom!

Photo: Dimples and Tangles