7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Clean for Good!

Learn how to keep your bedroom clean and maintain it’s cleanliness with our 7 easy ways that save time, energy, and make your space look neat all week long!

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Spare Some Time for Cleanliness Everyday

It is a good idea to spare some time for bedroom cleanliness on a daily basis. You should not take it for granted. Those who live in cold and snowy climates have to suffer from least dust as compared to the individuals who live in warm and highly populated areas.

Don’t ignore proper and regular dusting, make it a part of your daily life and routine. Set aside at least ten minutes aside in the morning or before you go to sleep to do a regular bedroom clean up. Making your bed, vacuuming, dusting, and putting away clothes and belongings in their proper spots makes a huge difference in you overall cleanliness at the end of the day. Do not leave all of your cleaning till the weekend, instead make it a part of your daily activities.

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Organize Your Bedroom Closet

One of the most challenging places to keep clean and organized is the bedroom closet. Don’t think of the toughness you may have to go through. Organize the things properly, and don’t make your bedroom closet look like a big mess.

Wash Bed-Sheets and Curtains Once A Week

Yes, it is a great idea to wash the bed-sheets and curtains at least once a week. Make sure the bedding and overall things in your bedroom are not only well organized but also look neat and clean. This will surely leave positive impression on the minds of viewers, and will make your moments special.

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Deep Clean the Bedroom Every Month

As you are doing daily cleaning and dusting, deep cleaning is not needed sooner than a month. Make sure to adapt this habit that at the start of the month, you clean each and everything. This will take a little extra time. On this particular day, you need to make sure that not only bedding and curtains are washed and changed, but also you have washed the floor with water and a quality detergent. If needed, polish the floor to retain its shine and attraction years after years.

An easy, affordable, and eco-friendly way to make your floors shine is to mix a solution of three parts water and one part white vinegar. Use a mop or clean cloth to wipe your hardwood or tiles floors with this solution. This will help restore your floors to their former glory and make them shine like no other!

Use the Linen Spray

Linen sprays are a great way to freshen up your sheets, curtains and even rugs whenever needed. One of the downfalls is that they seem ridiculously pricey when you’re at the store. But don’t worry you are not going to use those things on daily basis, so it is better to bring home the quality linen spray for thorough cleaning of the bedroom.

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Take Care of Your Mattress

We use mattress daily as these are the best option to provide our bodies complete comfort and rest during the sleeping hours. You are supposed to take good care of the mattress. Keep them under the sun once a month so that any possible germs are killed due to UV rays. Don’t try to wash the mattress with detergent because its soapy materials will never get out of the foam.

At the end, don’t forget to wash or dust the dirty windows, and clean the doors with a dry and soft cloth. With the above in mind, you can surely have well lightened and bright room to live in.

Tips to Design a Bedroom that Grows with Your Child

On this page, we will share the tips to design a bedroom that glows with your child. Yes, the kids are notorious to change their rooms every now and then, because their taste keeps on changing minute after minute. If you can afford, it should not be a big problem or you. Allow your children to organize their bedroom’s items in accordance with their requirements. This will not only make them creative but also will give them a chance to learn basic manners of the home.

Design a Bedroom

Design a Bedroom

Design a Bedroom

Invest in Timeless Furniture

Invest in timeless furniture, the one that doesn’t easily go out of date. For your little ones, it is ideal to get taken in by picturesque nursery items. The children can give you ideas and provide useful suggestions if they have reached adolescent. In case, they are little and cannot help you choose the furniture, it is your duty to invest the money in something timeless. For example, instead of buying a child-sized bureau, choose one that their clothes will grow into. The furniture that is spacious and accommodates so many things easily is the most suitable for the children’s bedrooms.

Choose Multifunctional Products

Multifunctional products have no alternative. Double-duty furniture is ideal to add great transition to the children’s room. Think of the ideas of how the multi-purpose things can be selected so that the children’s room looks prettier than ever. Make sure your child has enough space to keep toys, stationary, books, and other essentials. Don’t bulk their room with so many useless things. Use changing table, foldable chairs, and flexible bed to decorate the bedroom of your little one.

Keep Pricy Design Elements Neutral

In any of the design projects, you need to pay attention to floor covering, furniture pieces, and paint colors. Of course, the children would never love to have odd and light wall paints. Make their rooms look glittering with multiple colors. Combine pink with blue, yellow with red, or any other two or more shades to decorate the baby’s room. Pick paint colors that are warm and inviting. In the same way, the curtains have to be cute, containing classic and vibrant prints. Where neutrality is concerned, price is a good rule to follow. If you feel that the product you are buying is not worth your cost, don’t make such investments.

Add Personality with Accessories

Always remember that child’s room should not be devoid of personality. It is where they will spend most of their times while studying, watching television, playing games, and doing other things. Add personality to their bedroom with multiple accessories. While choosing the accessories, make sure you don’t bring home something that is never going to be needed by the little ones. Allow your kid to choose a few knickknacks for display in his area, and involve them in designing process.

At the end I would like to recommend that involve your children in the day to day activities. Especially when the decoration of their rooms is concerned, make sure they are present around to give you suggestions about the wall paint colors, curtain designs, and the style of furniture etc. Their involvement and your creativity will result remarkably. What do you feel?

Very Fresh Bedroom Trends in 2015 You Must Explore

The bedroom: a place where you sleep and spend private moments. This is one of the major parts of our homes and every one of us wants to have a distinctively decorated and well-furnished bedroom.

Very Fresh Bedroom Trends

Very Fresh Bedroom Trends

Very Fresh Bedroom Trends

Very Fresh Bedroom Trends

With the passage of time, the trends of bedroom design have been changed. We cannot make our bedrooms look beautiful without having some proper and wonderful curtains, furniture, cupboard, and other similar items.

Before you consider the decoration of your bedroom, make sure you are aware with the current trends so that a balance can be maintained.

Gray, Soft Blacks and off Whites

It is one of the current and most amazing bedrooms trends of the year. Start looking for off blacks, grays and whites, all of which roll back into each other to create a variety. Those with a taste of cool-looking bedrooms can go with sea-green color. It is surely going to add value to the overall appearance and charm of your living area. Ask your interior designer for the best and most suitable ideas. Choose from the color palettes to be clear with what you actually want.

Influencing Bedroom Curtains

You don’t need to bulk your bedroom with so many things just for decoration purposes. Once you know the importance of beautiful curtains, you will certainly make them a part of your life. The curtains not only serve as the privacy-keeping things but also give an exceptional look to the bedrooms. In large bedrooms, heavy curtains of dark colors go well. And if you are decorating the bedrooms of your teens or children, then the color should be a combination of both bright and light so that variety is created superbly.

Take Care of Traditional Designs

The area or country you are living in is certainly impactful on how you live and manage your life. Adjust your indoor decoration in a way that is both traditional values and current trends are taken care of. You don’t need to go with the interior design trends of the 60’s and 70’s, give your bedroom very current and remarkable look. Keep comfortable furniture, pillows of varying colors, and have the tiled floor instead of carpeted room. In case you belong to an area where there is temperature below freezing point, you can go with heavily accessorized bedroom ideas as well as can have your room carpeted to get warm feelings.

Radiant Orchids

Rich and vibrant with life, just like the name is indicating, radiant orchids can be your choice when it comes to decorate the bedroom. It is a cutting-edge idea that will surely bring forth something highly innovative for your room’s decoration. To adapt this style, start looking for bright color walls, lampshades, floral art, rugs, patterned cushions, pillows, bed covering and upholstery covering—all of which is essential to make your dreams of a lovely bedroom true.

Other than the above, you can go with beautiful blues which is often a color of boys and men, but this doesn’t mean the females cannot opt this color scheme to decorate your bedroom. Have everything in the room in blue color. For example, wall paint, backboard, lamp stand, pillows, cushions, decorative flowers, furniture, and other items.

How to Make Your Bedroom Look Wow

Bedroom is a place where we enjoy our romantic moments, sleep during night hours, and do a lot of personal things. When it comes to décor the home, we never ever forget to make the bedrooms look fabulous. There are, without any doubt, a lot of ways you can make your bedroom look interesting and attractive.

How to Make Your Bedroom Look Wow

How to Make Your Bedroom Look Wow

How to Make Your Bedroom Look Wow

How to make your bedroom look wow? Here is an overview:

Create a central point

We all know that in a movie there is always a central character around which the whole story revolves. In the same way, choose which part of your bedroom should give highly exceptional and top notch feeling. Choose your star and try making it the focal point for anchoring the bedroom. Let the other items to play secondary role. The central point can be anything: your bed, cupboard, curtains, and others. For my bedroom, I have made the fireplace central point. Make sure the lighting works effectively to bring brightness to your eyes.

Consider sight lines

Each bedroom of your lovely house should have different central/focal points. Create variety so that we feel like being drawn between all the rooms. The best place to make the focal point is directly across from the entrance of the bedroom, but you can definitely choose as per your taste and desire. Consider sight lines to make the room more than enough attractive.

Update your decoration items

Yes, it is needed to update and edit your collectibles as well as decoration items. Gone are the days when we used to keep the useless decorative products in different cabinets. Now you need to pay all attention to bring home the items which not only make the rooms look beautiful, but also are useful in one way or the other.

Create balance

Whatever is present in your bedroom should look well-balanced. In other words we can say that the things have to be organized superbly. The unifying theme can be created using black and white shades. From the wall colors to the accessories, curtains, cupboard, your dressing table, and even the bed, everything has to be great looking.

Vary the scale

Here you have to understand that what looks good in the living area may look useless in the bedroom. Vary the scale and have different proportions. In the same way, tiny bedrooms with oversized sunburst mirror frame can look odd and boring. Fill the places with items which are perfect and interesting. For your bedroom, you can organize things which are made for the use of adults. But the same kind of items aren’t going to look good when it comes to keep something in the children’ room.

Be bold

Personality is what makes spaces look great. You can make your own statement to look unique. It is okay to be bold with the decoration of the bedroom. The walls can have shiny paint with paintings and pictures of hot and beautiful women. Begin to see what looks good and what doesn’t in a particular area.

Add proper lighting, natural light is best

Last but not the least add proper lighting, give highest preference to natural light. Allow sunlight to enter the room via windows and doors. Having glass windows which can open outside, towards the lawn or garden area, is a perfect idea. In the morning, when you wake-up, open those windows and let the fresh air and natural light make your room breath.

Give Your Home Decor a Spruce-up with These Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips

It is good to think of revamping your home décor. But this doesn’t require you to invest a lot of money every day. You need to adapt the ways of spending reasonable amount, and getting the best results. Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips


Give your home decor a spruce-up with these budget-friendly decorating tips.

Decorate the Rooms with Contrast Colors

To add real brightness and beauty, it is good to decorate the rooms with contrast colors. You can combine light shades with the dark ones for living area, and keep on repeating them throughout the house. For example, keep the row of yellow and white pillows on a sofa, and have the walls painted with green-red. For the children’s room, it is good to go with all-bright furnishing.

Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips

Updates Lampshades

Whenever possible for you, invest your money in lampshades. Keeping on update them can give more contemporary look to your indoor environment. This is a better option than a costly decoration item.

Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips

Painting Walls with Different Colors

It is an ideal and modernized option to paint the walls with different colors. An advantage of this is that you will not need to re-paint each and every room separately. For example, if one of your room’s walls are painted with sea-green color, then re-paint any of two walls with red and leave the remaining two as such. This will create a contrasting look, making your room well decorated.

Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips

Update Your Kitchen

When choosing the so many things for the bedrooms and living area, how can we forget to renovate the kitchen! This part of the house is busiest and where you will spend most of your day’s time. It is not mandatory to bring home all new utensils, microwave, refrigerator, and other kitchen essentials. What you have to pay attention to is that it looks neat and clean, giving an impression of being new and well-furnished. For this, organize the things in kitchen appropriately.

Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips

Pay Attention to Study Room and Storeroom

Study room and storeroom are two of the most ignored parts of our homes. Let us start with the study room: here you have to keep the bookshelves look new by painting them a little with new and lighter shades. Also the lighting of this area has to be proper because here you and your children will often sit and enjoy reading books, journals, etc. Now comes the turn of storeroom: it is okay to spread the things here and there. At the same time, you need to see that there are no bugs or the walls of storeroom don’t look odd. If it is so, renovate this area to make it look superb.

Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips

Update Your Window Dressings

Update your window dressings. Bring home reams of readymade draperies, or make your own from sheets or lengths of designer outlet fabric. Hang the curtains using a fancy-looking rod. The curtains of each room have to give positive and amazing impression.

Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips

Don’t bulk your rooms with so many accessories. Keep the things in minimal quantity, and enjoy the adorable look of the house. The above tips are easy to remember, and trust me, if you really follow them, you will not have to worry about heavy home decoration costs.