4 DIY Tips For Home Sellers in 2022

Thinking of selling your home next year? Here are some tips to sell your home fast!

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With the new year, comes new resolutions for homeowners. If you’re thinking of taking advantage of the advantageous seller’s market by putting your home up for sale, you’ll be glad to know the current housing conditions almost guarantee a favorable closing price — so long as you have a top-notch real estate agent on your side.

Though home prices are extremely high right now, there’s still plenty of tasks you can tackle yourself in order to truly impress your buyers. As any real estate agent will attest, staging a home is key in order to sell quickly and profitably. Here are some helpful tips to get started.

Declutter, deep clean and depersonalize 

When a buyer views your home, they’ll want to picture themselves living in the property. That’s why top real estate agents always recommend decluttering, deep cleaning, and depersonalizing your home prior to the sale.  Limit the number of family photos and mementos, remove the layers of dust and grime from the shelves and windows, and organize the storage spaces in your home.  If it is a big cleanout, you could hire a residential dumpster to make the job easier.

If you’re looking for some housekeeping tips, remember to stay organized and motivated. Come up with a cleaning and decluttering method that works for you. Some people like setting timers for 15 minutes every day to work, while some create a goal to donate or throw away a certain number of items everyday. No matter your method, this is an easy way to impress buyers that won’t cost you a dime!

Stage your home

Staging your home is perhaps the most important step before allowing potential buyers to view your home. In order to pull this off, maximize your space, plant flowers outside, and paint the walls neutral colors.

Decorating your home is another important step. As noted, personal mementoes, family photos, and sentimental keepsakes, while extremely important to you, will actually hurt your selling prospects. Buyers want to picture themselves in your property, so try limiting the personal tokens within your decorating in favor of neutral items like plants and landscape photos. You don’t have to remove all the family photos and having no decor at all will decrease the hominess of the property — just make sure anyone entering your home for a tour will be able to picture themselves living there.

Take your home virtual

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s now more important to ever to make sure your home stands out both physically and virtually. Videos and photos are going to be more important than ever, so you’ll want to make sure you create a top-notch online marketing presence for your property.

While your real estate agent can help with this process, it’s easy to create great home videos and photos with just your Smartphone. Lighting is important, so choose a time of day with plenty of natural light and turn on all overhead lighting. Remember, you’ll want your angles to showcase your home’s spaciousness, so avoid taking close-up photos. If you don’t know where to start, always remember to ask your real estate agent for guidance.


Things Architects Should Keep in Mind When Designing A Hotel

The hotel is an area where people can stay and enjoy their experience at a place. It will also allow its guests to learn about the culture of the site he is visiting while relaxing!

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That is why it is essential to think deeply about a hotel’s design to ensure that your visitors will enjoy their stay. Aside from aesthetics and functionality, there are other aspects that you should consider for your overall plan. This article will talk about the things that every architect should consider when designing a hotel.

You should have a dynamic hotel concept

The art of architecture is continuously changing and developing s time passes to answer its guests’ new trends and needs. When designing, you should be able to come up with a concept that can perfectly convey a story you want to tell. It will become the cornerstone of the building as it will shape and analyze every detail of the hotel. The forms, functionality, and materials to their overall combination will act as the hotel’s plot.

Connect the hotel’s design with its location

You don’t have to think far about the design of your hotel. The best way to complete your guests’ experience is to let them experience the area’s ambiance and culture with your hotel. Think about the climate conditions of the palace to determine the hotel’s outdoor environment. You should be able to connect them with your interior correctly. Moreover, the building’s orientation and the sun’s motion around it can be your inspiration when designing the hotel. It can affect the functions, zones, textures, materials, and colors that you will use for the building.

Give your hotel an excellent first impression

The first impression of your guests to your hotel is essential. When designing the entrance of the hotel should be inviting and enjoyable to hook your guests. It will serve as a cover for a book of the story you want to convey. The first seven seconds of the guest’s contact with something new and exciting will shape their impression of a place.

The entrance should connect with the design concept of the whole hotel and activate the guests’ senses. It should also be functional enough and serve as a smooth passage for everyone. With the right design, you can find more guests noticing and taking an interest in your hotel just because of your entrance’s exciting concept.

Prioritize every detail of the hotel’s rooms

The hotel room is where your guests will spend most of their time for their entire stay. If your overall concept and entrance are doing great, the rooms should also not disappoint your guests. It should be able to capture all the elements with proper divisions that will not stress the travelers. Everything should come in place, starting from comfortable beds and enough storage space for luggage and clothes to relaxing bathrooms. It is also best to keep things simple and ensure that room is flawless and neat throughout. If you need convenient access for building components without affecting the interior, you can buy access doors to blend with its surroundings.


The hotel’s concept and design are essential for the welfare of the business. You should be able to keep your guests’ interests and satisfaction to let them consider staying at your hotel in the future. Moreover, the design should also be functional, and the building systems should be easy to access. Ensure that you will only get materials from reliable companies with excellent access doors and panel reviews like Access Doors and Panels.

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10 Stylish Ideas For Introducing Antiques In Your Living Room

Creating an immersive living room is all about being bold and unique. In this article we show you how to bring character with ideas you may have not thought possible!

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We take a look at the world of antiques and how the smallest of ideas can create the biggest of changes; how traditional elements such as colour schemes and paint ideas can bring changes that are easy to achieve.


The colour scheme of a room is the foundation of any design and the play on contrast is what makes everything so effective. Darker colours are always more traditional and work well when paired with more traditional materials. If you’re feeling like you want something less intimidating, it’s always an idea to paint one wall and contrast it with lighter tones or alternatively using whites and grey tones all round provide the perfect clean backdrop for your more traditional furniture.


People always make the assumption that different patterns and textures don’t coincide. The joy of using antiques is that every room can be completely individual. You can of course opt for a more put-together design, but having everything clash isn’t necessarily a bad idea. Follow what your love and embrace whatever your heart desires. However, there is one rule – keep it 50/50. One should never overpower the other.


If your home is already privileged enough to have a period feature, like in many cases an antique fireplace, let it be the centre of attention. By keeping everything around it neutral, there’s no doubt it’s bound to create a sense of awe when guests walk in. A fireplace is great as it can be restored almost effortlessly too.


Plants are a great way to introduce a diverse air within a home (no pun intended). By adding different-sized plants and pots, within theme, you are not only making the room look fresher, but you are also providing a natural air filter for your home.


When you’re playing around with a small room, big isn’t always best. However, not when it comes to antiques! By introducing items like saucer-shaped sofas or stripped down dining tables, you are creating a sense of grandeur into a small contemporary room. These focal items paired with the right modern accents can change the aesthetic of a room very quickly.


Playing with light fixtures may be one of the easiest ways to combine the old with the new. Adding a small chandelier can create all different types of possibilities in what can seem like a simple contemporary space.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#cf61ba” class=”” size=””]Floor and table lamps come in all different shapes and sizes too and when picked correctly can provide the right ambience for the right time![/perfectpullquote]


Mirrors have a great way of being able to open up a room. What’s also amazing is that you can play with the placing, big or small, there is always a place for them. Items like a French gilt mirror add instant character to a room and can be a great way of tying the room together.


Exposed and reclaimed floorboards boast all the characters of which new flooring can’t compete with. It instantly adds a new look to any room and can provide a refreshing contrast to what lays on top. Whilst they look beautiful, they are also environmentally friendly and after a job well done, it will look like a brand new floor. Re-purposed rugs can also add an element to a room that a carpet never will. Take a Persian rug for example, whilst they can be bought new, antique rugs really show the craft and technique and will most definitely add to the aesthetic of any room.


Whilst some people may find the task of delving into antique furniture a daunting prospect, pictures are something that everyone can relate with. In a world that’s so heavily obsessed with photographs, why not invest in some frames that will visibly alter the look of any room. With this, many is never enough, and playing with different shapes and sizes is a work of art in itself.


If you ever feel like something you own is an obstacle in your road to reinvention, recycling your old furniture with a lick of paint or even just a fresh varnish will be the best thing you can ever try. Cheap but very cheerful, re-using worn furniture is the best way to spark a new joy in your living room. Websites like Craigslist provide endless amounts of items that are ready for a new home and with a bit of work will feel like they were there all along.


Purchasing a New Home

If you are on the market for purchasing a new home, you may want to read our important tips!


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When you are on the market for a new household there are so many, countless things to consider. First, you start thinking about the location. Should it be close to your job or maybe close to the child’s school or just downtown to go shopping within a walking distance of two minutes or so? Secondly, the kind and the price of the lodging must be taken into account. Would an apartment be the finest fit or should you venture for a house in the suburbs? Also, will you need a loan to make ends meet or may you just go straight ahead and buy one less expensive without having to finance it? All of these thoughts would be spinning around your head and they will for sure cause you headache and insomnia may become a “good” friend of yours for a while. Maybe even reach out to companies that can offer you an idea of how much homes should cost. You might decide that purchasing a home is not really what you want to do after talking to various people. Then you could reach out to Long Ridge Construction on help for building and designing your dream home.

Fully, Partially Furnished or Unfurnished

Another factor that can’t be overlooked is whether the apartment, house, villa etc. will be fully equipped with appliances and most importantly furniture. That is to say, are you going to choose on purpose an empty building so as to decorate it according to your personal taste or by hiring an interior designer or will you go for a fully furnished and cozy home so as not to fuss around too much wasting valuable time looking for this and that? Well, whatever you opt for, I’ll give you some advice that hopefully will make your life easier.


Pay Attention to the Details

Well, OK, we all know that a beautiful, large and practical kitchen table is a must and has to be chosen after exhaustive thinking. Besides, that’s where we eat, discuss our problems with family or even read or study at times. Apart from that, nice and effective appliances have to be selected all around the place so as not to spend a fortune on electricity and of course these devices should make our life easier and unpretentious. Beds, most of the times, are chosen after weeks of window shopping, Internet search and even trying actual mattresses and dimensions! But what about the curtains, the color of the walls or even bedside tables? “What about them?” you may ask. In effect, you shouldn’t just ignore or underestimate their aesthetics and practicality because at the end of the day that will be your house for the years to follow and an ideal atmosphere and feeling is more than vital. High quality fabric drapes will make a difference as well as different shades in each room. And how about bedside tables made of mirrored glass or in a vintage style made of oak wood? Yeah, I know that you had been unaware of their existence up until now, but you can actually take a close look at them just by a simple online search.

Ending Contemplations

I know that moving out of your house or buying a new home is not the easiest or most hassle-free procedure in the world. I’ve been in such a condition more than once and I realize your feelings of helplessness since it’s your turn now. However, there is no need to worry and get lose your nerve. Accurate and beforehand planning is the key to success during the selection process. Thus, don’t forget to reflect meticulously about everything, even bedside tables!! At the end of the day, you would be feeling grateful that you came across that advice given by that –I don’t remember his name- Internet guy!

P.S. Do not let estate agents carry you away by making you decide right on the spot. It’s your wallet and your option to say no if you don’t fancy anything.


Improve The Aesthetics Of Your Property With Timber Floors

When you are faced with the choice of selecting the type of flooring during a renovation or construction project, you should give a number of materials a significant amount of consideration to determine which one is most appropriate for your unique needs!

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Indeed, a variety of materials can be found in a number of different DIY stores, while the various flooring materials on offer have a number of advantages and disadvantages. However, by choosing to select timber as the material for the floors in your residential or commercial property, you can enjoy considerably more benefits, especially when compared with a number of other materials.

Great Durability

It should be noted that one of the main advantages of using timber flooring is that this particular material is more durable and long-lasting than a variety of other products. Furthermore, using wood for the floors in your property is environmentally friendly because wood is a sustainable natural resource that is both easy to clean and healthy to have in the interior of your home or office. Indeed, compared with carpets, timber does not trap allergens or other forms of dirt while it can also last for several decades, while carpet can become worn out and might need to be replaced on a regular basis. If you’ve ever been out in the mountains and noticed buildings that are destroyed, but the foundation is still there, that was probably post and beam construction. It just goes to show how durable the buildings can be with hardwood.

Easy to Maintain

Another significant advantage of using timber as a flooring material for your commercial or residential property is that wood is a practical choice when it comes to carrying out maintenance or cleaning tasks. Indeed, cleaning the floor made from timber is a very easy task that you can complete using a simple mop and water. Furthermore, you should always remember that in comparison with other flooring materials, timber reduces the need for steam or vacuum cleaning while the type of coating used such as varnish can also help to extend the life expectancy of the floor.

Create Greater Aesthetics

By choosing to install timber floors in your commercial or residential property, you can enjoy an environmentally friendly and attractive material throughout the building. This is especially pertinent given the sustainability of some types of timber which are used as flooring materials, meaning you can also help to reduce the problems of climate change by using a sustainable resource. It is also important to note that the choice of timber as a flooring material can transform the interior of a property into an aesthetically pleasing place that you can enjoy for several decades in the future.

Increase the Value of the Property

Lastly, it should be noted that by installing the timber flooring trend throughout a commercial or residential property, you could significantly increase its value in the future and redecorate your place to make it look more modern. Choosing to install timber floors throughout a building can significantly enhance its value because it provides a durable and easily maintained flooring solution while creating greater aesthetics in the interior of the building. Choosing to install timber floors throughout a commercial or residential property significantly increases the value while giving it life and character which will last for decades.

Therefore, in conclusion you should remember that you can enjoy these various benefits by installing timber floors in your property, while you should contact a local supplier for more information or advice.