10 Stylish Ideas For Introducing Antiques In Your Living Room

10 Stylish Ideas For Introducing Antiques In Your Living Room

Creating an immersive living room is all about being bold and unique. In this article we show you how to bring character with ideas you may have not thought possible!

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We take a look at the world of antiques and how the smallest of ideas can create the biggest of changes; how traditional elements such as colour schemes and paint ideas can bring changes that are easy to achieve.


The colour scheme of a room is the foundation of any design and the play on contrast is what makes everything so effective. Darker colours are always more traditional and work well when paired with more traditional materials. If you’re feeling like you want something less intimidating, it’s always an idea to paint one wall and contrast it with lighter tones or alternatively using whites and grey tones all round provide the perfect clean backdrop for your more traditional furniture.


People always make the assumption that different patterns and textures don’t coincide. The joy of using antiques is that every room can be completely individual. You can of course opt for a more put-together design, but having everything clash isn’t necessarily a bad idea. Follow what your love and embrace whatever your heart desires. However, there is one rule – keep it 50/50. One should never overpower the other.


If your home is already privileged enough to have a period feature, like in many cases an antique fireplace, let it be the centre of attention. By keeping everything around it neutral, there’s no doubt it’s bound to create a sense of awe when guests walk in. A fireplace is great as it can be restored almost effortlessly too.


Plants are a great way to introduce a diverse air within a home (no pun intended). By adding different-sized plants and pots, within theme, you are not only making the room look fresher, but you are also providing a natural air filter for your home.


When you’re playing around with a small room, big isn’t always best. However, not when it comes to antiques! By introducing items like saucer-shaped sofas or stripped down dining tables, you are creating a sense of grandeur into a small contemporary room. These focal items paired with the right modern accents can change the aesthetic of a room very quickly.


Playing with light fixtures may be one of the easiest ways to combine the old with the new. Adding a small chandelier can create all different types of possibilities in what can seem like a simple contemporary space.

Floor and table lamps come in all different shapes and sizes too and when picked correctly can provide the right ambience for the right time!


Mirrors have a great way of being able to open up a room. What’s also amazing is that you can play with the placing, big or small, there is always a place for them. Items like a French gilt mirror add instant character to a room and can be a great way of tying the room together.


Exposed and reclaimed floorboards boast all the characters of which new flooring can’t compete with. It instantly adds a new look to any room and can provide a refreshing contrast to what lays on top. Whilst they look beautiful, they are also environmentally friendly and after a job well done, it will look like a brand new floor. Re-purposed rugs can also add an element to a room that a carpet never will. Take a Persian rug for example, whilst they can be bought new, antique rugs really show the craft and technique and will most definitely add to the aesthetic of any room.


Whilst some people may find the task of delving into antique furniture a daunting prospect, pictures are something that everyone can relate with. In a world that’s so heavily obsessed with photographs, why not invest in some frames that will visibly alter the look of any room. With this, many is never enough, and playing with different shapes and sizes is a work of art in itself.


If you ever feel like something you own is an obstacle in your road to reinvention, recycling your old furniture with a lick of paint or even just a fresh varnish will be the best thing you can ever try. Cheap but very cheerful, re-using worn furniture is the best way to spark a new joy in your living room. Websites like Craigslist provide endless amounts of items that are ready for a new home and with a bit of work will feel like they were there all along.

4 Real-Life Ways to Decorate with Antiques

4 Real-Life Ways to Decorate with Antiques

Mixing antiques in your home decor is definitely back in the interior design game. You can easily combine old with new by following some of our real-life ways to decorate with antiques!

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1. Keep Them Close

There is no need to keep your collection of antiques out of the reach on pedestals. Keeping antiques at eye level where you can see and enjoy them is a much better look. If you have a spacious house where you want to place antiques everywhere, the best way is to choose separate pieces for each room. A house over-crowded with antiques can look junky, and take away from the “mixing old with new” look.

Designers are always trying to find creative and unique ways to decorate homes. The best and most effective way to do this is with hard-to-find antiques. This way you will have a home that looks original, and not cookie-cutter decorated. Another plus? Your antique finds are great conversation starters for any guests that come over!

2. Mix Old and New

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Bringing home new collections of antiques and decorative products doesn’t mean you cannot keep the old products. Mix old and new to create variety. Collections don’t need to be all antique; allow yourself to see the design evolution within a specific world and this is only possible when you update certain pieces and organize them with a few older ones.

3. Group Objects by Color

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If your room is of pink or red color, it is important to keep antiques of either same or contrast family that give unique and beautiful look. It is a must remember trick that grouping the objects on the basis of their color is what you have to remembers. Antiques instantly become unified and, unlike a museum, you need not to organize them in particular time period. Just be assured that everything you place makes sense. There is absolutely no need to follow any particular rules. Either the antiques can be adjusted in similar colors or with a total color contrast. My personal preference is to organize them with respect to the similarity of their shades.

4. Stay Focused

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Focus plays key role in the success of any interior designing. Stay focused when you are decorating your home. Unlike museum collections which remain scattered here and there in the entire space, you have to concentrate on the collections that give nicer look. Arranging the antiques around a special focal point is a good idea. If some of your rooms is lacking a focal point, don’t worry, you can keep the products close to the windows. For this, I recommend to first bring a medium-sized table which can be dedicated to antiques only.

The above tricks are very easy to follow. Trust me, none of them is going to take much of your time, money and energy. Creativity is very important when it comes to decorating, so try your best to make a unique and original space. You also want to be careful that some shops certainly sell artificial or non-original antiques, which can ruin the beauty of your room. Do you research and make sure to buy an original piece that can last you a lifetime.  

Make sure that when you purchase antiques, you do it wisely to regret spending a lot of money on something cheap that is about to fall apart. Have an antique-obsessed friend? Bring them along the next time you go shopping and you’ll surely walk away with something beautiful for your home!