How to Paint Wood Floors Nicely

How to paint wood floors nicely? Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to find the answer of this question. Painting wood floors can breathe new life into a space. Some people will think that the idea to paint the hardwood floors is sinful, but it is actually not so. For those who are tired of seeing the same boring brownish colors with brightness, painting the wood floors is quite interesting.

How to Paint Wood Floors Nicely

How to Paint Wood Floors Nicely

Choose the Right Colors

It is important to choose the right colors. What you select is dependent upon your taste. Obviously some of us would like to have classic colors with little brightness, while others want blue, red, and purple like dark shades. For the wood floor of your playroom, go with pastel or even brighter shade. For porches or sun-rooms, the combination of classic and modern colors look superb like you can have a light blue with a slight turquoise tint to create variety. All of such ideas are purposed to give fresh and seaside look to your indoor environment.

Stenciling Painted Floors

Stenciling painted floors is a wonderful idea to create freshness. Make patterns with stenciling, stripes or any design you want. This is the beauty of the house and will make you more and more creative. These days, lots of condos come with parquet floors. For many individuals it is boring, but I personally like it a lot. The specialty of it is that once you stencil the floor, you need not to create any further patterns and need not to make it look too shiny with excessive polishing.

Keep the Wood Floors Dust-Free

To get wonderful results, it is mandatory to keep the wood floors dust-free. For the housewives, this may be a tough task because their children will be obviously very busy spreading dirt everywhere. Here you have to show some patience to get desired look of the wood floor. Once it is kept clean and dust-free, then you need not to spend extra money in its renovating whenever you decide to go for wood floor painting.

The Secret to Painting Floors

The secret to a great floor-painting job, like any paint job, lies in careful preparation. As we have already told that regular cleaning can keep your floor safe and can maintain its beauty to much extent. Remove the lingering grease or dirt, followed by sanding it so that much of the urethane or varnish is taken off. End the procedure with good vacuuming, or dusting with the help of tack cloth and mineral spirit. This is all purposed to get rid of the dust and specks that cause most of the damage of the wood floors.

What You Need

A roller can make the work easier, but this is likely to leave an unattractive nubby nap. Thus, it is better to go for four-inch-wide natural-bristle brushes which are meant to paint the floors to “set-up” to a gleaming, super-smooth finish. You should not coat heavily. Apply thing and even coats of colors for wonderful results. We recommend to have three coats in a particular area. Allow the floors to get dried under the air. During this time, minimize your walking like activities inside the room.

You can walk on your floors once they are dried. The job takes around 72 hours, but avoid heavy traffic or dragging furniture on the newly painted floors for the few months.

Best Ways to Get Shabby Chic Style of Rooms

Don’t get confused with the word “shabby” when you adapt the principles of shabby chic style into the rooms. The look may give an impression of something unstructured with lack of formal rules, but it is a timeless decoration idea that gives effortless elegance to your homes. So many handicrafts, salvaged furniture items, and vintage textiles are present in the markets. It is better to visit a retail shop to avail discounted offers, and start searching for the products that can give shabby chic style to your indoor environment. Remember these best ways to get shabby chic style of rooms.

Shabby Chic Style of Rooms

Beanbag Chairs – Comfortable Seating You can Rely

Trust me, the beanbag chairs are part of that laid-back, shabby chic vibe. Such chairs are not only a comfortable way to enjoy time, but also feature updated sumptuous, white, shaggy fabrics, the comfortable foaming area, and great sizes with styles. These will remind you of the elegant rooms of 1980s, but would definitely not look odd.

Shabby Chic Style of Rooms

Well-Worn Tables

When the chairs have been purchased, how can we forget about well-worn tables! Straight lines and man-made materials fail to give supreme look to your dining room. Bring home well-worn table along with chairs and place it somewhere in the dining area. It is good to place it on a faded rug and if you have mismatched chairs, unify them with simple slipcovers.

Shabby Chic Style of Rooms

Create Airy Ambiance in the Bedrooms

White, sumptuous bedding will add light, brightness, and restful environment to your bedroom décor. It is perfect if you look for white-on-white patterns bedding. The curtains of the rooms need to match the quality and authenticity of the bedding. Display a couple of cushions in light as these will add dash of colors to your sleeping area. Make the children’s room look brightly lightened and graceful with a lot of colors. If you personally don’t like so many colors to add in the bedroom, it is alright; but in case of the children’s room, there should be no compromise.

Shabby Chic Style of Rooms

Make the Rooms Look Bright with Fancy Lights

The use of fancy lights ensures to give modern and sophisticated look to your home. Bring home table lamps, hanging lights, and other varieties, depending on the elegance and décor requirements of each room. For example, if you are to bring the lights for study room, it is obvious that these have to be hanging lights with more power as this is the part of the house where you will sit and enjoy reading. In the same way, the lights of the bedroom have to be little dim, but not too boring. Fancy side-table lamps go well for the bedrooms. Hang one over a dining table or in the corner of the living room for extra brightness and light.

Shabby Chic Style of Rooms

From the fabrics of bedding and curtains to the utensils used in kitchen, everything should give an impression of shabby chic makeover. But this doesn’t mean you should bulk your home with so many items. Just spend the money wisely in buying what looks perfect inside. At the same time, decorate your garden area and backyard with pleasant paints, and beautiful plants!

Choose Different Paint Finishes to Create Vibration in Home Decoration

It is always like a dream comes true when we get the desired charm and beauty of our homes. The decoration of the rooms and kitchen is one of the major concerns of today’s females. They are not at all ready to compromise the quality of their home’s overall positive impression.

Paint Finishes to Create Vibration

Boost your confidence by giving a try to multiple colors and paint finishes to create vibration. Don’t be afraid to go beyond your comfort zone, because this is where you will get the best ideas. Try to be creative. Choose the soft colors combined with deep neutrals like chocolate brown or olive green. All this is going to give an edge to your homes. Here is how you can choose different paint finishes to create vibration in home decoration.

Blue and Orange Living Room Area

The combination of blue and orange for the living room is going to be wonderful. This gives a feel of having mixed colors that bring personal touch to your space. Don’t go with those boring and common colors that have long been used in the living areas of most of the house. Come up with something extraordinary.

Paint Finishes to Create Vibration

Play Up Monochromatic Schemes

Playing up with monochromatic schemes means you are ready to do some kinds of experiments to give appealing look to your home. Create bold or subtle variations with the help of contrasting paint finishes. Let me make it clear with the help of an example. If you choose a single color for all the walls of a particular room, then make sure the furniture, curtains, and rest of the things are adjusted in some other colors. Let us say the color of walls is pink so your furniture and curtain like items should be of dark blue colors combined with orange and yellow.

Paint Finishes to Create Vibration

Choose Different Paint Finishes

A single paint finish seems to be boring. Isn’t it? So, why not choose different paint finishes! For the children’s room, take advantage of bright colors. Use an eggshell finish on one wall, and satin or semigloss on trims, while the rest of the walls should appear slightly different. You can, in other case, go for a wallpaper of fancy and appealing design. Whatsoever you choose, always make sure a cohesive look is created in all the rooms. The walls should look adorable with windows and doors of an area even when everything has different paint finishes.

Paint Finishes to Create Vibration

Add Depth with Decorative Finishes

It is time to transform the dull and boring look of your home by adding some interesting decorative finishes. The personal spaces, small flats, commercial apartments, and living areas—all can have subtle or dramatic visual texture and broken colors. The use of burnished mineral or metal finishes along with layered colored glazes will be adding value and depth to your home. Choose soft reflective metals such as mica, copper, pewter, bronze antiqued silver, and gold.

Paint Finishes to Create Vibration

Follow the Color Wheel

If you follow the color wheel, you will never be short of ideas of how to modify the overall look of the room. You will be surprised to know that the color wheel is where you can choose interesting palettes from. This is also illustrative for the visual temperature of colors, giving you clearer and more comprehensive ideas.

Paint Finishes to Create Vibration

In any of the cases, your room should look appealing. From one corner of the house to another, red, green like intense colors can be adjusted with light shades like yellow, pink, and off-white. Choose the paint finishes as per your desires!

5 Smartest Ways to Reclaim Your Bedroom Zen

The bedroom is where you sleep and enjoy leisure moments. This place is dedicated to provide you rest and privacy to much extent. The decoration of a bedroom is a totally different phenomenon than the decoration of other parts of your home sweet home.

Smartest Ways to Reclaim Your Bedroom Zen

Here are 5 smartest ways to reclaim your bedroom zen.

1. Mood Lighting

It is up to you of how much light you want in your bedroom. As compared to the study rooms where the light has to be bright enough, the bedrooms are okay to have minimal light. You can place a bedside lamp which not only will look beautiful but also will give you extra light whenever needed. Hand modern sconces and say goodbye to those ordinary and low quality tube-lights that have long ruined the beauty of your home.

Smartest Ways to Reclaim Your Bedroom Zen

2. Say No to “Shelfies”

It is better to make use of the top drawer of your dresser for storing lotion bottles, deodorants, and makeup items. You can even place your undergarments and some sleeping clothes in this drawer. It is all purposed to get some extra space in your bedroom which is often occupied by heavy cupboards. Use inexpensive and recyclable plastic bags or bins to keep dirty clothes. Keeping the things organized is of much importance.

Smartest Ways to Reclaim Your Bedroom Zen

3. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If you want to access everything close to your bed, it is better to get a closed nightstand with drawers and cabinet doors. This should be painted as per the color of your room’s furniture. Don’t bulk up your room with so many unnecessary things because this will make you confused of how to adjust them in a way that is most appropriate.

Smartest Ways to Reclaim Your Bedroom Zen

4. Dust Bunnies Only Sound Cute

Storing things under the bed should be your last and only option. This doesn’t leave good impression when it comes to hygiene or cleanliness of the bedrooms. It is better to get a large drawer or bin that is easy to pull out. This should be cleaned off twice a week or 3-4 times per month.

Smartest Ways to Reclaim Your Bedroom Zen

5. Hook It Up

Installation of hooks on the back of the doors and windows of your bedroom is a good idea. This will give you chance to hang out the clothes and fancy dresses, when not in use. But don’t place so many things on those hooks because the overall charm of the room will be disturbed. You need not to air out your dirty clothes in the backyard, because hooking the bedroom up is going to help a lot.

Smartest Ways to Reclaim Your Bedroom Zen

With all these things in mind, the people with small and large size bedrooms can easily manage and organize the things. It is important to remember that just like your kitchen and living area, the bedroom needs your attention. Its decoration is much more important because this is where your friends or close relatives can arrive and sit with you for several hours. Imagine that the bedroom is non-organized and suddenly a bunch of friends arrives. What would happen? You can easily think yourself, so be conscious and don’t let anyone raise finger on your creativity.

Majestic Teenage Bedroom Ideas

There are a lot of ideas to decorate the bedrooms of our teenagers. They want something special; they look for the vibrating colors, top furniture, and everything to be perfect. As a parent it is your duty to provide them with what they are actually looking for.

Majestic Teenage Bedroom Ideas

This is like a dream comes true for any teenager to have a bedroom with all modern and basic facilities. Their privacy has to be respect, and at the same time the interiors of their rooms have to be as per their taste and mood.

Where to Find the Majestic Teenage Bedroom Ideas

The best answer is the World Wide Web, an ultimate and biggest source of information about each and everything. We should be thankful to God to have gifted us with the powerful internet that has made this world a ‘global village’.

Nowadays, finding the majestic teenage bedroom ideas on the internet is not too tough. You just have to type the right keywords in the search box and a lot of options will come across.

Majestic Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Latest Teenage Bedroom Design Galleries

If you need some extraordinary inspiration, then the latest bedroom design galleries is the right place. Decoration of teenage bedroom is somewhat tricky because unlike little children, they will certainly get involved in your color selection, furniture purchase, and in the choosing of curtains and other things for the room. Respect their suggestions and try to come up with the ideas that are good enough, having blend of modern and classic styles of bedrooms.

Majestic Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Choosing the Right Curtains

What should be the fabric of the curtains for the teenage rooms? Well, this is usually dependent on the area you live in. The people belonging to warm climate should go for silk or cotton curtains. On the other hand, those who are living in cold or frozen areas must go with none other than wool curtains. The colors and styles can be as per your taste and the overall color scheme of the room.

Majestic Teenage Bedroom Ideas

The Selection of Furniture

Just like the curtains, the selection of furniture has to majestic, as per the style requirements of your teenage boy or girl. It is usually observed that the beds and cupboards of teenage girls vary in designs, colors, and styles as compared to the furniture chosen for the teenage boys.

Majestic Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Organizing the Bathroom Essentials Properly

While decorating and keeping ready the bedroom of your teenager, don’t forget to organize the bathroom essentials in a proper way. This should have shower, bath-basin, and bathtub of modern styles. The size of each and every thing can be as per the size of the total bathroom and the space it is providing. Try to place a small mirror anywhere in a corner and a tiny yet charming cupboard, if possible so that your teen can place some private things in it conveniently.

Majestic Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Catchy Color Schemes

It is must to remember that the bedroom of your teen has to be catchy, with attractive colors. The fashion-oriented and high demanding colors nowadays are purple with white, red with black, and green with sea-blue. Whatever is the color scheme of your choice, it should be delicious enough to make your teen feel Wow.

Majestic Teenage Bedroom Ideas

While preparing the rooms for teens, there are a lot of things one should keep in mind. The above are some major ones so that you are actually clear with the things that will fit your pocket. Don’t go out of budget at any cost in a single room’s decoration.