5 Smartest Ways to Reclaim Your Bedroom Zen

The bedroom is where you sleep and enjoy leisure moments. This place is dedicated to provide you rest and privacy to much extent. The decoration of a bedroom is a totally different phenomenon than the decoration of other parts of your home sweet home.

Smartest Ways to Reclaim Your Bedroom Zen

Here are 5 smartest ways to reclaim your bedroom zen.

1. Mood Lighting

It is up to you of how much light you want in your bedroom. As compared to the study rooms where the light has to be bright enough, the bedrooms are okay to have minimal light. You can place a bedside lamp which not only will look beautiful but also will give you extra light whenever needed. Hand modern sconces and say goodbye to those ordinary and low quality tube-lights that have long ruined the beauty of your home.

Smartest Ways to Reclaim Your Bedroom Zen

2. Say No to “Shelfies”

It is better to make use of the top drawer of your dresser for storing lotion bottles, deodorants, and makeup items. You can even place your undergarments and some sleeping clothes in this drawer. It is all purposed to get some extra space in your bedroom which is often occupied by heavy cupboards. Use inexpensive and recyclable plastic bags or bins to keep dirty clothes. Keeping the things organized is of much importance.

Smartest Ways to Reclaim Your Bedroom Zen

3. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If you want to access everything close to your bed, it is better to get a closed nightstand with drawers and cabinet doors. This should be painted as per the color of your room’s furniture. Don’t bulk up your room with so many unnecessary things because this will make you confused of how to adjust them in a way that is most appropriate.

Smartest Ways to Reclaim Your Bedroom Zen

4. Dust Bunnies Only Sound Cute

Storing things under the bed should be your last and only option. This doesn’t leave good impression when it comes to hygiene or cleanliness of the bedrooms. It is better to get a large drawer or bin that is easy to pull out. This should be cleaned off twice a week or 3-4 times per month.

Smartest Ways to Reclaim Your Bedroom Zen

5. Hook It Up

Installation of hooks on the back of the doors and windows of your bedroom is a good idea. This will give you chance to hang out the clothes and fancy dresses, when not in use. But don’t place so many things on those hooks because the overall charm of the room will be disturbed. You need not to air out your dirty clothes in the backyard, because hooking the bedroom up is going to help a lot.

Smartest Ways to Reclaim Your Bedroom Zen

With all these things in mind, the people with small and large size bedrooms can easily manage and organize the things. It is important to remember that just like your kitchen and living area, the bedroom needs your attention. Its decoration is much more important because this is where your friends or close relatives can arrive and sit with you for several hours. Imagine that the bedroom is non-organized and suddenly a bunch of friends arrives. What would happen? You can easily think yourself, so be conscious and don’t let anyone raise finger on your creativity.

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