How to Paint Wood Floors Nicely

How to paint wood floors nicely? Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to find the answer of this question. Painting wood floors can breathe new life into a space. Some people will think that the idea to paint the hardwood floors is sinful, but it is actually not so. For those who are tired of seeing the same boring brownish colors with brightness, painting the wood floors is quite interesting.

How to Paint Wood Floors Nicely

How to Paint Wood Floors Nicely

Choose the Right Colors

It is important to choose the right colors. What you select is dependent upon your taste. Obviously some of us would like to have classic colors with little brightness, while others want blue, red, and purple like dark shades. For the wood floor of your playroom, go with pastel or even brighter shade. For porches or sun-rooms, the combination of classic and modern colors look superb like you can have a light blue with a slight turquoise tint to create variety. All of such ideas are purposed to give fresh and seaside look to your indoor environment.

Stenciling Painted Floors

Stenciling painted floors is a wonderful idea to create freshness. Make patterns with stenciling, stripes or any design you want. This is the beauty of the house and will make you more and more creative. These days, lots of condos come with parquet floors. For many individuals it is boring, but I personally like it a lot. The specialty of it is that once you stencil the floor, you need not to create any further patterns and need not to make it look too shiny with excessive polishing.

Keep the Wood Floors Dust-Free

To get wonderful results, it is mandatory to keep the wood floors dust-free. For the housewives, this may be a tough task because their children will be obviously very busy spreading dirt everywhere. Here you have to show some patience to get desired look of the wood floor. Once it is kept clean and dust-free, then you need not to spend extra money in its renovating whenever you decide to go for wood floor painting.

The Secret to Painting Floors

The secret to a great floor-painting job, like any paint job, lies in careful preparation. As we have already told that regular cleaning can keep your floor safe and can maintain its beauty to much extent. Remove the lingering grease or dirt, followed by sanding it so that much of the urethane or varnish is taken off. End the procedure with good vacuuming, or dusting with the help of tack cloth and mineral spirit. This is all purposed to get rid of the dust and specks that cause most of the damage of the wood floors.

What You Need

A roller can make the work easier, but this is likely to leave an unattractive nubby nap. Thus, it is better to go for four-inch-wide natural-bristle brushes which are meant to paint the floors to “set-up” to a gleaming, super-smooth finish. You should not coat heavily. Apply thing and even coats of colors for wonderful results. We recommend to have three coats in a particular area. Allow the floors to get dried under the air. During this time, minimize your walking like activities inside the room.

You can walk on your floors once they are dried. The job takes around 72 hours, but avoid heavy traffic or dragging furniture on the newly painted floors for the few months.

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