The Benefits of Active Life Communities and The Features That Make Them Enjoyable

Active life communities are becoming more popular as early retirees look for new homes in places where they can remain active!

Rather than going part-time, or down the consultant route and staying home while the neighbours are all at work, these communities tend to be populated by people who still want to be active and engage with life on a daily basis.

Is Moving to an Active Life Community Right for You?

What will shock you if you hit up some tourist spots during the week when there’s no national holiday is that national parks and other venues are virtually empty. While many people have plans to travel after they retire, most find they prefer the comfort of their own home. However, it’s a bad compromise because they still feel a sense of adventure and wish to be physically active and involved but lack an appropriate outlet.

When having more time on your hands, but not being an octogenarian yet (try in thirty years), it presents a real dilemma. Most everyone you know is still working! So, if you want to have people around with free time – not sparingly just on the weekends – an active life community could be appropriate. If a nearby 18-hole golf course, a nearby swimming pool or tennis courts to play a game of doubles appeals, then you’re on the right track.

What Sort of Properties Make Sense?

New single-family homes or condos are very suitable within these types of adult lifestyle communities. They present the fewest problems with repairs and maintenance which would otherwise sap away free time to enjoy yourself. After all, the last thing you want is to be stuck indoors fixing heating issues or repairing leaking pipes.

Another way to go is with a new build in an existing community. Look to see if they can use heat recovery units which redistribute generated heat throughout the home by capturing it before it rises to the roof and is lost forever. These types of ventilation systems like the ones with Nuaire MVHR systems (https://www.bpcventilation.com/heat-recovery/heat-recovery-units/nuaire-mvhr) are very effective in keeping heating bills down in the colder months. This leaves more of your budget available to have fun.

Free Up Your Time

When getting older, you don’t want to use up your energy with endless chores. Having access to many of the daily requirements virtually on your doorstep makes life easier. This allows you to get more involved in community activities, spend time on shared hobbies or aid local charities by donating your free time.

Organizing trips to see different art galleries, museums of interest or plays at a local theatre is simpler to do when the people living nearby aren’t burdened with working virtually 24-7. Also, people who live in the area because they want to be more involved are more than likely to say yes.

Once you learn about active life communities, it either makes sense to you or it doesn’t. When it does, a new, better life awaits that’s filled with entertaining things to do with new friends.