Boost A/C Efficiency With 5 Easy Steps

Get the most out of your AC system with these 5 easy steps that can make a huge difference and save you money in the long run!

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As the mercury rises, many homeowners look for ways to keep their homes cool and comfortable. If you’re like these homeowners, you probably have a pretty good AC system. However, there are some things you can do to boost your energy efficiency and performance. After all, the right combination of design and techniques can help you keep costs down while enhancing the look and comfort of your beautiful home.

One: Install a Whole House Fan

You don’t need to worry about replacing your carefully chosen lighting fixtures or the unwanted look of a floor fan. Modern whole house fans are installed in your attic where they run quietly while the air is cool, drawing in fresh, cool air and pulling that air smoothly through your home. These fans are more powerful than ceiling fans but typically use only a small amount of energy. These fans can reduce your home cooling costs and improve your efforts at conserving energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Two: Use Fans Where You Want

If you’re not opposed to placing some fans around the home, you’ll be pleased to know there are many attractive options on the market. Boost the efficiency of your AC unit with well-placed ceiling fans and floor fans to create cool spaces for your family and guests to relax at the end of the day.

Three: Maintain Your A/C Unit

During use, your A/C filter becomes clogged with pollutants and dirt. This lowers the output of your air conditioner and decreases its ability to keep your home cool. Regular cleaning solves this problem. The filter inside the unit is thin and lightweight, so it’s probably best to hire a professional to handle this chore. After working on the fan, the technician will probably give some focus to cleaning the coil. Regular professional maintenance is a great way to boost your energy efficiency and performance.

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Four: Upgrade Your A/C System

If you have an older system, you may be surprised by how much better newer units can be. Choose a reliable brand and replace your older air conditioner with a new unit. Review SEER ratings to be sure you’re getting the right energy efficient machine. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is a measurement of how much cooling is achieved for each unit of energy used.

Five: Plan Landscaping to Cool Your Home

Careful placement of trees, vines, and shrubs can reduce the amount of sunlight hitting the windows and walls of your home. As trees get taller, they’ll also provide shade for the roof. Work closely with your landscape architect to determine the best trees and plants for your property. Proper placement of landscaping fixtures can also provide shade for your air conditioning unit, so it doesn’t have to work quite so hard to keep the home cool. Just be sure there’s plenty of ventilation and that branches and other debris don’t get into the air intakes and filters.

The right fans, regular maintenance, modern A/C units, and planned landscaping can go a long way toward keeping your home cool when it’s hot outside. Take these steps to increase the efficiency of your A/C system and boost its performance.

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