The Ultimate Home Security Solution – Aluminium Roller Shutters

If you are looking for the ultimate home security system, forget CCTV and the latest home alarm systems, as the answer lies squarely in bespoke aluminium roller shutters!

You might be thinking that roller shutters will turn your home into Fort Knox, and while this might have been the case a few years ago, todays sleek systems blend in perfectly.

Made to Measure

Forget off the shelf solutions, as the slimline aluminium roller shutters are made to millimetre accurate dimensions, which means they will fit like a glove. Bespoke solutions ensure that all the units are perfectly sized for the openings, and with a range of attractive colours, your security system will actually enhance the look of your home. Whether you’re looking for roller shutters in Melbourne or Sydney, all it takes to make contact with a supplier is an online search, and with their help, you can design the perfect security system that is always on guard, 24-7. It matters not the shape of your windows, as bespoke solutions allow for any size or shape to be fabricated, and with the doors included, your home becomes impenetrable.

Added Bonus

Installing roller shutters adds an extra layer of home insulation, as well as better home security making your home cooler in the summer, while helping to retain the heat during the colder months. Aside from this amazing thermal insulation, roller shutters also add significant sound insulation, making it ideal when you want some peace and quiet on a Sunday afternoon. Many shift workers have discovered the many benefits of installing roller shutters for this very reason, and no matter what unsocial hours you work, you are guaranteed a sound sleep at any time of day or night.


Those long hot summers cam really destroy furniture, with strong sunlight coming in through the windows, yet with roller shutters, you can eliminate unwanted sunlight, something your furniture and carpets will appreciate. Windows in rooms that are not used can have the shutters closed, which helps keep the interior cooler, while protecting the furniture.

Auto Locking Mechanism

There’s no chance of forgetting to lock the shutter units, as they incorporate an auto locking mechanism that comes into play when the units are closed, making sure that your home is always secure when you are out. As far as deterrents go, there’s no better way to discourage a thief than installing roller shutters, as any opportunist will simply walk away when they see the shutters in position. The units have been vigorously tested and it is virtually impossible to gain access through a locked shutter, and unless you are storing the Crown Jewels under your bed, no thief would ever contemplate trying to break in.

Professional Installation

As with replacement windows and doors, the installation is a critical component, and with a team that have worked together on all sorts of domestic installations, you are in good hands. The units are fabricated in the factory, and with all the equipment onboard their vehicle, it doesn’t take long to install the units. When looking at potential suppliers, make sure the company directly employ their installation teams, which pretty much guarantees a professional installation. The long product warranty is a reflection of the quality, and with a professional fitting, your roller shutters will perform for many years.

Roller shutters offer a lot more than security, as you have fine adjustment of shade and if you want to blackout the living room to watch that epic movie, just close the shutters. If you would like to explore the potential of bespoke aluminium roller shutters, all it takes is an online search.