Ellegant Little Black Dresser

This is truly furniture for lady. Inspired by world-famous clothes designer Coco Chanel, Artist from Vancouver Judson Beaumont has created stylish furniture that designed for woman. How chic is this dresser?!!! Storing your fine unmentionables will always be in fashion inside of the functional drawers of this hanging dresser. Coco Chanel always told that to look pretty, a woman needs only a little black dress. Based on this word, Vancouver Judson Beaumont understood her words in his own way and created Little Black Dresser.


It is a piece of chic and stylish furniture for true lady that created for Straight Line Designs Inc. As Coco Chanel said, every woman also should have Little Black Dresser. Little Black dresser comes in elegant design. It has several drawers that allow you to put everything you like. Made of MDF, maple veneer and aluminum, the dresser comes in measurement of 14” W x 46”H x10” D. You can hang this elegant dresser anywhere you like, for example in your closet. This dresser may be not practical thing, but I think it is really what woman needs. Besides, by hanging this elegant piece in your closet it can also decorate your closet. I can not say it’s a very practical thing, but is elegant and a true lady is not necessary to be practical. Be smart and stylish, decorate your wardrobe with a comfortable style. So ladies, what are you waiting for?

Ellegant-Little-Black-Dresser1 Ellegant-Little-Black-Dresser2 Ellegant-Little-Black-Dresser3 Ellegant-Little-Black-Dresser4