Kiss the Clutter Goodbye in 4 Easy Steps

Do you have problems keeping your home clean? Here are some easy tips so that you can kiss clutter goodbye forever!

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From the outside, your home appears to be clean, neat, and tidy. In fact, your friends routinely oh and ah over your organization skills and your ability to keep your home clean despite holding a full time job, raising young kids, and catering to a demanding spouse. However, you can never accept those compliments without feeling a twang of guilt, because you know the truth: you are far from organized and tidy, and if your friends could see behind the closet doors, they would be appalled.

If your closets are bursting with every coat you’ve ever owned since the 90s…if your garage is lined with shelves but you and your partner still have to double stack bins and place items on the floor…if your kitchen drawers contain more papers and junk mail than they do utensils, it may be time to stop cleaning and start decluttering. If you’re cringing at the thought of getting rid of your dear earthly possessions, these four decluttering tips can get you past the pain and through to a clutter-free house.

Go Through One Room at a Time

Reader’s Digest says that the best way to a clutter-free home is to take it one room at a time. Whether you’re a hoarder or just someone who let the clutter get out of control, you may feel overwhelmed by trying to tackle your entire home at once. Start small, say, with the kitchen drawers. Once you’ve decluttered the drawers, clear out the pantry, and then the cabinets. Before you know it, your kitchen will be clutter free, and it will feel so good, you won’t hesitate moving on to the next room and to do what it takes to keep your house clean and beautiful.

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Be Ruthless

Living Well, Spending Less tells homeowners to purge ruthlessly. Chances are that everything you own has some sort of sentimental value (the dress you wore on your first date, the hair tie you wearing when you had your first child, the keys from your first family vehicle). People can find an attachment to anything, which is what makes people human, but it’s also what results in clutter. It’s okay to be sentimental, but don’t be sentimental to a fault. Yes, keep your children’s going-home outfits, but toss that hair-tie.

Another thing people hold onto is gifts. It’s hard to toss something given to you by a loved one, but if you don’t like it, use it, or it’s broken, it’s just taking up space. Give the item away to someone who will use it.

Ask Yourself the 5 Big Questions

If you’re having a hard time parting with something, ask yourself the five basic questions:

  •       Does anyone use it, wear it, or play with it?
  •       Does it still fit?
  •       Is it in good condition?
  •       Does it enrich your life?
  •       Could someone else use it more?

If an item isn’t used, donate it. If it doesn’t fit or is in bad condition, toss it. If it doesn’t make you think happy thoughts or become a better person, and if someone else can use it more, give it away.

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Sleep On It

If all else fails, sleep on it—or rather, put the item away for one month and don’t look at it again until that month is over. If you find yourself missing that item within the month, it’s probably safe to keep it. If you open the box a month later and think, “Oh! I forgot about that!” get rid of it.

Decluttering is often an overwhelming process for most people, but once they get started, it becomes a little less so. These four steps can help you get on the path to a clutter-free and beautiful home.