Country Style Decorating

Comfortable, cozy, warm and friendly, which is dominated by pastel or earth colors, with a furnished with soft furniture environments details if you are more exhilarating, your style is probably the Country.

Contrary to what many of us know, country style decorating does not occur in the dark. That much more dominated by pastel and earth colors and the colors in a style which also blew into nature. Country style your home with simple but elegant, simple but very comfortable, but quite easy to translate into a colorful pastel habitats. Enough to know tricks to it.

Country Decoration Color, Form, accessories and other details …

Color: trees you see when you look at your window, flowers, the sky, the color of the items you can get inspired choice. In light of these old days when you work you have reached the appropriate Country-style colors. They are white, you can combine with cream or earth tones. You go in pastel shades on a single color palette will give you great results.

The seats are quite spacious and comfortable. You can enhance your comfort with colorful pillows.

Fabrics: the seat and chair upholstery, more cotton in pillows, linen and woolen fabrics are preferred. Plain, striped, you can easily choose from plaid or floral patterns that appeal to your soul.
Furniture: Used mostly light-colored wood. Natural wood, walnut, mahogany most used AnlArdAndIr. In addition, wicker and bamboo furniture in your particular winter garden, terrace or in your home can be in any corner, it gives a very elegant air.
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Accessories: Ceramic and clay accessories, wrought iron interleaving will help you complete your home d├ęcor.

Country style furniture craftsmanship in is very important. Smooth lines, is applied so as not to disturb the eyes. You can paint the walls in light colors to create a spacious and airy atmosphere throughout your home.

I suggest you pay attention to when you go on the same color palette color selection. If you want to use contrasting colors, in order to not cause confusion in the media, the color you choose will be appropriate to keep the rate low.

3 It should be noted that the country style:
1. Simplicity (away from any confusion)
2- Space
3. Sincerity.