Feng Shui Your Home Office with Furniture At Work®

In the current climate, with most of the world still reeling from coronavirus and many people working from home rather than the office, it is more important than ever before to know how to create a workspace in the home that inspires productivity!

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Functional advice includes investing in an ergonomic chair, setting your desk at the correct height, and ensuring the lighting quality is good. However, to create a space that is inspiring, harmonious, and promotes positive energy, feng shui can help in designing the perfect home office. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice designed to generate balance. The name translates literally as ‘wind water’, these being the two elements associated with good health and good fortune. The philosophy can be used to create an organised, well set out workspace that promotes efficiency, innovation and motivation, as well as being enjoyable to spend time in.

The position of furniture plays a key part in good feng shui decorating. The ‘commanding’ position, which is the one we want to cultivate while working, requires placing the desk in such a way that it is not close to the door and so you do not have your back to the door when seated. Ideally, you should also not be facing a wall, but if this is not possible, then the wall you are facing should be covered with inspiring artwork, so it ‘disappears’. Furniture At Work sells a wide range of home office desks to help its customers fit into the perfect space.

Feng shui decorating is partially about getting rid of clutter. Having a cluttered home traps negative energy and causes distractions, which in turn leads to a lack of productivity. Taking the time to organise the home office space so that everything has a place and everything is in its place can make a huge difference to the ambience. Getting rid of all unnecessary items and ensuring all essential items are stored properly can help create the right atmosphere. Location also plays a role in the harmony of a home office. Good feng shui practice is to locate the home office as far away from the bedrooms as possible. If there can be a separate entrance, so much the better, but even where this is impossible, having some distance between places of work and places of sleep helps create balance.

Function should be the primary focus of a home office and the furniture within should reflect this. Part of getting rid of clutter involves only selecting pieces of furniture that are necessary, practical and functional. A good, ergonomic office chair is vital to maintain good posture. Furniture At Work stocks one of the UK’s largest ranges of home office chairs to help its customers find the chair that best suits their posture and home office space. Besides a desk and chair, a home office really only requires storage, not lots of unnecessary items of furniture.

The quality of the light and the air in a room can have a strong influence on mood and productivity. Choosing a space that lets in the maximum amount of natural light during the hours you will most often be working can help you feel more relaxed and positive throughout the working day. Plants can also help improve air quality while helping to get rid of any remaining negative energy in the room.