5 Reasons Why CCTV is the Home Security System of Choice

If you are looking to provide some security for your home, look no further than video surveillance. Simply put, installing a few well-placed CCTV cameras around the perimeter is all it takes to keep intruders at bay!

You could invest in a very complex (and costly) home alarm system, but with the ability to monitor and record any unauthorised access, no burglar would ever attempt to gain access to a property with CCTV installed. If you are yet to be convinced, here are just a few of the reasons why CCTV is the most popular home security solution in Australia today.

The Ultimate Deterrent

Every thief knows full well that CCTV can be used as evidence in a court of law, and while the intruder might be successful in obtaining some valuable goods, he surely knows that the police will soon come calling with a warrant for his arrest. For affordable CCTV installation in Melbourne, a Google search will put you in touch with a local security company, who can assess your home and make suitable recommendations.

Cost Effective Security

You can rely on video surveillance to always be on the job, no matter what the weather is like, and with high resolution night vision cameras, you can rest assured that any attempt at intrusion will be spotted. The cost of the system would largely depend on the area to be covered, and for a typical two storey home, this would be covered by 3 or maybe 4 cameras. Thanks to technological advances, costs have dropped considerably, and by searching online for a nearby supplier, you can receive a provisional quote through their website, although the supplier would wish to inspect your home prior to quoting for the project.

Remote Viewing

We all experience that nagging worry when we are away from home for long periods, and with CCTV installed, you can remotely view the perimeters of your home from your smartphone. This gives you complete peace of mind, as you can see that all is well at home, and all it takes is an Internet connection, along with your username and password to access the system.

Fully Automated

The system records and stores the data on a hard drive that is located within your home, which would run automatically by deleting the earliest footage to allow for further video storage. If you have a basic understanding of computing, you can quickly master how to configure the system, and with round the clock support from the supplier, you can rest assured that your home is secure.

Fit and Forget

Once a video surveillance system is installed, there is nothing more to do, and the system will always be operational, no matter what. Installing quality cameras and equipment will ensure that your home security is always on guard, and there’s really nothing to do in terms of maintenance.

If you would like to have a free quote, simply type in home security CCTV systems into a Google search window and you will have a list of local suppliers.


6 Home Security Measures To Take To Prevent Intruders

Security is often a concern of many homeowners, and there are many things that you can do to improve this. Below are some ideas to help improve the security in your home that you should maybe consider following.

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Secure Lock & Window Locks

A straightforward way to improve your home security is to upgrade the locks to all your exterior doors and ensure that each window has a lock added to it as well. When you go to sleep at night, ensure that all windows and doors are locked, and make sure you do not leave the keys in the door. A burglar can use a blow torch to make a hole in your door and use the keys to open it, making very little noise.

Install A House Alarm

Another item which can often deter people from trying to burgle your home is the installation of a burglar alarm, like the ones from Verisure’s home alarms UK range. There are many different types available on the market, and you can even have a security firm monitoring your alarm so that if it does go off, they will send a security team to your home to ensure that everything is okay. If this is going to be out of your budget, then you can install a simpler alarm which goes off if a window or door is breached, or movement is detected inside in the monitored areas. If you already own a home or just when you are buying your first home, an alarm system should be your number one priority.

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Exterior Lighting

You can also look to add exterior lighting to your home that is activated with motion using passive infrared sensors. You will want to place these in strategic positions around your house, ensuring that your property is covered with these lights entirely. These lights can be found at most DIY stores and are simple to install. Lights coming on can often deter would-be burglars so are an excellent addition to your home’s defence.

Install Fences And A Gate

You can also surround your property with a fence or a wall and include electric gates. You can activate the gates via remote control when you get to your drive, which means you will not have to get out of the car to open them. These types of gates are also handy if it is raining or cold outside! Obstructions to getting access to a home can often deter burglars and encourage them to move on to an easier target. 

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Use Automatic Lights When Travelling

When you are going on holiday, you can also have automatic lights come on and go off to give the impression that someone is at home. You should also refrain from advertising on social media when you are away, as some people may target you because of this. If possible when going away for some time, have a friend or family member come to the house to check on things.

Get A Dog

Another excellent deterrent to prevent burglaries is to have a dog in your home. Many burglars will avoid a house that has pets as these can make a lot of noise and draw attention. You do not even have to get a large dog as small dogs can also make a lot of noise and alert people when something is going on. You also get the added benefit of having an additional loving member of the family who also looks cute!

You can get plenty of more excellent advice on keeping your home secure by checking out various guides available online.