How to Insulate Your Windows on a Budget

Insulate your windows this winter with some of our easy tricks that can make you save cash and stay cozy!

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Winter is already in full swing and many homeowners have already powered up their furnaces. If that’s the case in your home as well, did you notice an increase in your heating bill? There are many reasons for that and it usually amounts to a furnace in dire need of a repair.

However, there’s one more common reason people tend to forget about or not know about at all. You would be baffled to learn how much energy you waste on heating with improper insulation. Leaks that let the warm air out can result in an increased heating bill and the feeling that no matter how high you crank the thermostat, your home is never warm enough.

Windows can let a lot of hot air out, especially if they are old, thin or single-pane. However, the good news is that replacing them will significantly cut down the money you spend on heating. Even though the initial cost of upgrading your windows might seem too high, in the long run, it will more than pay off.

But if you cannot budget a full-on window replacement, there are some cheaper and almost equally effective alternatives. In this article, we’ll give you a couple of ideas on how you can prevent losing heat to your old windows on a budget.

Add Storm Windows

Installing new windows that are energy-efficient can be an expensive endeavor. Fortunately, storm windows provide a cheaper and an equally effective alternative. These windows are installed on top of your old window exteriors. They help minimize draft and create an extra layer of insulation.

These windows are available in various sizes. However, if the windows in your home are custom made, chances are you are going to need custom made storm windows as well. Installing them can also be tricky if you live in a two-level house. Due to all the safety concerns of this type of project, it’s best that you leave the installation to the professionals.

Another downside of storm windows is that you are going to have to replace them after a few years. Unlike them, new energy efficient windows can last for decades. That’s why it’s a good idea to have these windows installed temporarily to give you a chance to save up for the real deal.

Fill in the Gaps

There is a chance the issue could be resolved simply by filling in the leaks on your existing windows. The gaps could have developed spontaneously over the years or might have been a result of improper installation. To maximize your homes heating and cooling you’ll need to fill in the leaks with spray foam insulation. You can even do this on your own as it’s fairly easy.

You need to take the window frame off, seal any leaks and then return the frame once you’re done. You might have to repaint the area around the windows after you’re done.

Upgrade Your Windows

The most affordable solution to your insulation problem is to reinforce the windows from the inside. You can use a weather strip or an insulation kit. These are fairly inexpensive and can save you a lot in new windows. However, they may not be as pretty to look at.

If none of these work, then perhaps the problem is not in your windows, but in your heating system. To schedule a furnace maintenance appointment contact Action Air Conditioning & Heating of San Diego at 4455 Murphy Canyon Rd Suite 100–5, San Diego, CA 92123, USA; 800-400-4152