The new Deco Penthouse comes alive at San Francisco

San Francisco Penthouse

The new Deco Penthouse comes alive , providing a striking view of downtown San Francisco

The new and impressive Penthouse in Francisco, can simply described as out of this world. The Penthouse has an extra-ordinary blend of different colours and interior design to create a luxury finishing that makes the Penthouse the best in the whole of San Francisco. The apartment secures a3,879 square feet on the 21st floor of the building which also houses an Art Deco. According to the description details of this property, the floor plan has a number of features which include ; a 3-bedroom , 3 bath and 2 fireplaces. Also included in the floor plan are; sun room , laundry room, a powder room, official dining room, a Gourmet kitchen , Solarium, and 2 terraces.

The 2 terraces on this property are quite fascinating; one of them houses the antique fountain while the other houses the in-built stainless steel barbecue area. The design of this property is a display of the best craftsmanship. There are quite a number of natural elements used , these include; the Limestone mantels that make the property so stunning and luxurious. Other materials used include; Sconces and antique chandelier. The intricate moldings , alongside the soaring arches, are some of the architectural detailing used in the making of such.

The ceilings of the Deco Penthouse measure between 14 and 20 inches, and the columns also look so fascinating. The living room and dining room look so stylish and formal in every way, they are proportioned in a dazzling manner, and the soaring arches also support the columns and ceilings very effectively. The formal dining room is completed with a 14-inch ceiling, while the flooring is completed with the Parquet de Versailles style finishing.  The European=styled antique Chandeliers are breath-taking, and they provide the whole penthouse with more elegant look.

It is quite wonderful staying in this New deco penthouse and watching everything happening in the San Francisco downtown area. The Penthouse can be the best place to spend your next honeymoon, wedding anniversary or just for sight-seeing, however it will be sold soon , and you may not have the opportunity for a visit. The new Penthouse is opened for public viewing for a limited time only and you have the chance of asking questions about the components used in the interior and exterior design .

The new deco penthouse has every  modern features you can ask for in a house, you cannot but notice the numerous colour combination used , from the roof to the chandeliers, chairs , roof and floors, everything has been carefully designed and matched to ensure a perfect elegant style. The new deco house has also been put for sale online at an incredible price of $5,800,000. Experts believe this price is ideal enough to appreciate the wonderful structure put together by the most brilliant architects and designers in San Francisco. The Penthouse provides a wonderful view of major cities and landmarks in San Francisco and it could be the best house you can ever think of having.


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