Unique Big Basket Chair Design by Ola Gillgren

Unique Big Basket Chair Design by Ola Gillgren, available in a variety of shapes and sizes, colors and patterns for a beautiful display, they hold our precious treasures or help things be carried around. Why not enjoy the feeling of the inside of the basket gave? A large basket with Gillgren Ola gives you the chance to feel at ease and maintained while sitting in a basket-like.

Made of felt and is supported by a steel frame that is complicated, the Big Basket inspired by old basket-wicking technique. Designers want to “make the aesthetic development, and makes every part of a Chair look.” Finished off with foam seating, upholstered Big Basket invites you to experience the closure, an unusual form of soft all around you.

Creative-Concept-Big-Basket-Design-by-Ola-Gillgren Creative-Webbing-Big-Basket-Design-by-Ola-Gillgren Fitted-Foam-Round-Big-Basket-Design-by-Ola-Gillgren Metal-Frame-Material-Big-Basket-Design-by-Ola-Gillgren