Unique Isola Chair Design

Unique Isola Chair Design by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Tacchini, The ISOLA is a unique chair design with unconventional. With this Chair you can sit in a more relaxed, the user will feel really comfortable.

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People tend to prohibit all-around, looking for non-traditional position and is generally placed in a way that is more convenient. The designer has designed a wide and roomy Chair-soft-shell with organic forms lacking clear direction. Combined with an integrated table, oval, Isola moves away from solutions that are more rigid and encourage the use of more open and intuitive.

Description from the designers:

ISOLA is a new typology of armchair. A furniture design for today, where we are constantly connected to the internet via laptops, tablets, smartphones and other portable devices.

While using these devices in many public or semi-private situations, we noticed that seating postures change. People tend to lounge around, seeking unconventional positions and generally sitting in a more relaxed fashion.

As a response to this, we designed a wide and roomy seat-shell with a gently-organic shape lacking an obvious direction. Combined with an integrated, oval tabletop, Isola moves away from other more rigid solutions and encourages more open and intuitive use.

Of course, having the small table close at hand makes for a very practical place to rest your (analogue) book, glass of wine, or a bite to eat too.