6 Easy Woodworking DIY Projects to Decorate Your Home

Transform your home with these easy woodworking projects you can do yourself!

Decorating your home forces you to consider your budget, aesthetics and the taste of others in the home. Unique and antique furniture add an eclectic feel to a home, but your home isn’t a display. Your space should represent who you are. Make something special to add to your decor. Natural wood adds warmth to your home. Before you get started, take appropriate safety precautions. Take off dangling jewelry, wear loose clothing and always remove screws and nails from repurposed wood.



Truly build-it-yourself with these six easy woodworking DIY projects.

Reclaimed Serving Tray

Do you have a sentimental piece of furniture or another piece of wood? Is it flat and long enough to reclaim as a serving tray? For example, you could use old barn wood from a door to construct a reclaimed serving tray. Cut one or two pieces of wood down to lap size. Add two vertical strips on either end and screw on decorative handles. Wood glue assists in a pinch.

Shoe Organizer

Build a simple shoe storage rack for under $20 — it moves shoes off the floor and shortens your cleaning list. This storage rack is simple, but it can handle the most heavy-duty winter and industrial work boots to pointy pumps. Gather the essential wood materials and tools beforehand, such as a cordless drill, 4-in-1 screwdriver, screws, dowels, level and wood glue. As you cut and drill, imagine each pair of shoes as ten inches wide, which will give your shoes just enough space to breathe.

Wooden Sofa Sleeve and Cup Holder

You spend time crafting the perfect cup of tea or coffee, and you want to sit down and enjoy a book. The problem is bending over to reach your cup. Solve the problem by making a wooden sofa sleeve with a cup holder. The project calls for a Kreg Jig to make pocket holes, but wood glue proves is savvy. Soon, you’ll enjoy your cup of coffee right alongside a good read with no need to shift out of your comfortable position.

Cookbook Stand

Don’t fret over turning cookbook pages any longer with this simple cookbook stand. The stand can also accommodate a tablet if you prefer that as your modern cookbook library.

You can use reclaimed wood for this project to make it eco-friendly and budget-friendly, but you will need to get acquainted with a miter saw and orbital sander — aside from that, the tools are easy to use and include screws, clamps and drills.

Technology Charging Station

Tired of staring at a cluttered drawer? Empty it out into a box. Convert your clutter drawer into a technology charging station, which will also help you organize your cords and devices. Don’t go searching for lost tech again. Install a multi-outlet electric strip at or near the back of your drawer, and insert variously cut pieces of wood into the drawer. The wooden pieces should have small holes drilled into them for the cords, and your local hardware store can even cut the wood down for you. Make sure you know your measurements in advance.

Desktop Media Box

Keep your media technology out in the open and organized by building a desktop media box. It’s an elegantly simple home for your remotes and cords. All it takes is three pieces of wood, a sanding block, clamps, wood glue and a beautiful finish. Don’t forget to measure your stand and television as well as your remotes. The width of your box must be sufficient enough to hide these objects. Try these six easy woodworking DIY projects to add simplicity, warmth and personality to your home. You don’t have rely on impersonal items from big box stores — your own two hands offer the perfect personal touch.