Top-Drawer Tips to a Successful DIY Project

Top-Drawer Tips to a Successful DIY Project

Planning your next DIY or calling a professional? We weigh in on the options and give some tips on DIY-ing your home!

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There are two kinds of homeowners: those who decide they do not have the time and would prefer to call in professional renovation companies to work on their home improvement, and those who prefer to get their hands dirty decorating their home, renovating and get the job done for themselves. Reading this, I believe you fall into the latter category. And while you should be proud to be one of the few willing to pick up their tool boxes and get work done, you should also bear in mind that there is a steep learning curve to budget DIY home renovation projects.

But not to worry. Being a handy person myself and one who struggled with the art at the beginning, I have compiled a list of things you should be aware of before you embark on the DIY journey.

It might end up taking double your time and money anticipated

The number one reason why I was attracted to DIY projects, (and this is a reason we probably share) is the fact that I saw prospects of saving hundreds and at times even thousands of dollars on the project. But what I didn’t know is that the savings were in an ideal situation. Situations in which I thought I only needed one tin of paint, I ended up using more.

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Let’s take a simple painting DIY task for instance. As you start, you have it in your head that a single tin of lavender paint and some brushes of particular sizes will do the trick. What you didn’t count on is that the shade of orange you want to paint over, has existed for quite some time and to paint over it, you will need an undercoat and several more brushes to get the job done. Adding to this, you will need to paint two coats of your undercoat and that of the lavender paint itself to get great results.

DIY tasks that seemed simple like getting a carpet that matches the color of your freshly painted walls might be more challenging than you anticipated. Choosing a color that carpet companies do not manufacture in standard sizes will mean that you have to order in a unique piece costing you slightly more.

You are not a professional

You are intelligent and handy. So you decided to give DIY plumbing or DIY home repair a shot. But despite your traits, you will be soon questioning your ability to perceive depth, your sanity, and why in the world the pipes do not fit while the packaging promised that they would.

There are chances that you will get to the point of thinking tiling your bathroom floor is the answer to your DIY problem. Well, welcome to the world of minimum waterproofing and slope standards that have even the most optimistic folks going crazy and pulling their hair off.

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You have to accept that at times it is all you and other times the project is tricky.

If you have never learned the trade from a professional, you shouldn’t be shocked when you are ready to quit hours after you have started. After all, if what you are about to do was easy, then there wouldn’t be such a big market for professionals and experts in the industry.

Planning is King

Do not dare hammer even a single nail to any surface before you have a plan written down. Most DIY-ers ignore the planning stage and believe that their enthusiasm for the project will get them results. Sorry to burst your bubble but success in DIY projects without a plan mapped out needs a miracle.

Write out all the tasks you need to complete and have knowledge of how much work you will do in addition to all the costs. This will better position you for success. Regardless of how small or big the project might be, a little forethought on the improvement process will go a long way.

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More hands lighten the workload

Getting your family and friends in on your DIY project will save you a lot of labor costs. However, they will come with a whole set of complications.

Everyone, even the best DIY renovators have their limitations. If you intend to handle the project alone, without the required expertise, it will be an uphill task. You should know your strength and weaknesses in which you will need help. Make sure that you have enough individuals with complementary skills to help you finish the project in the timeframe stipulated during planning.

But while having helpers is recommended, having too many of them will lead to clashes, arguments, and conflicts which might slow down progress. That said, you will need to pick your team of volunteers keenly if you have the luxury to. But if you are relying on the goodwill of family and friends, you should be prepared to stomach not getting things done how you envisioned them. If not, you will have to be tactful in the way you make your suggestions and corrections. Bear in mind that these are volunteers and not paid workers.

As such, you at the very least owe it to them to make the project fun. So, go out of your way to make them happy and for good terms’ sake send a thank you card or even have them over for dinner when the project is complete.

Cheap is not always the best option

There are instances where cheap can be a major bargain and other times where cheap is exactly that; cheap! You need to learn to differentiate between the two instances. When working with a small budget, you will have to decide what you can compromise on, the things you would be happy waiting for and those that are big initial spends.

Being aware of the acceptable item prices. Pay attention to furniture stores and online stores for building materials and power tools alike. Speaking of power tools, when getting a cordless drill, be sure to take your time while choosing one. The Best Cordless Drill Reviews – The Nutty DIY Guide will be of great help in this.

Having this information beforehand prepares you for what is to come. This way, nothing will faze you and hinder you from completing your DIY project.

How Decorating with Floral Wallpaper will Transform Your Home for Summer

How Decorating with Floral Wallpaper will Transform Your Home for Summer

Decorate your home for the summer season with a new design trend: floral wallpaper! Here’s exactly how and why you should be jumping on the band wagon!

We all love learning about new decorating trends and since the summer season is quickly approaching, it’s time to pop something colorful into your home. Floral kitsch wallpaper may have been in style in the 60s, but trends always come and go… and come back in style! This summer, roll out some floral wallpaper and make a statement in your home. Here’s why and how you should be decorating your home with this exciting trend!

Create a Statement Wall

Putting up floral wallpaper throughout your whole space may seem a little much, but wallpapering just one wall in your home will look just as beautiful! Creating a statement wall with colorful, floral wallpaper is a fantastic way to bring color, light, and energy into your home. Think about wallpapering just one wall in your kid’s room right where natural light hits to showcase a beautiful print in all it’s glory.

Photo: Domino

Use it In Your Office

We all know that working from home can make you feel unmotivated, glum, and uninspired. That’s why I’m always looking for new ways to bring my office to life and create a space that inspires. This white washed office was pretty plain before this wallpaper installation. Matching the chairs and storage boxes to the colors swatches in the wallpaper really tied the whole look together. It’s important to make your wallpaper match your room, so a good way is to take color swatches from the wallpaper and use it for the rest of your decorating. Match up your curtains, upholstery fabric, accessories, and finishing touches to make your decorating look seamless.

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If you are lucky enough, you may even be able to find fabric in the same print as your wallpaper. Take advantage of something like this and use it to create cushions and simple curtains to make your room look customized and put together.

Liven Up Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are the perfect place to experiment with your decor and try something out of the ordinary. The greatest thing about trying a new wallpaper or wall color in the bathroom is that pretty much anything will work in this space. Why? Since there is not much furniture and fabrics in your bathroom, it’s pretty easy to make a crazy wallpaper work great with no competition. This white bathroom looks colorful and positive thanks to this drop dead gorgeous “granny floral” wallpaper instalment. If you are afraid to take the plunge elsewhere, take a risk in your bathroom – you definitely will not be disappointed.

Photo: Style Caster

Use Floral Wallpaper in Unexpected Places

To add an extra pop of color, use floral wallpaper in unexpected places like this cute reading nook. I like to wallpaper the inside of my drawers or the inside of bookshelves with colorful vintage wallpapers for a pop of color! Experiment with different prints and don’t be afraid of adding some color to your home. Floral wallpapers are the perfect thing to add some color, energy, and vibes to your home this summer.

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Try these Easy Kitchen Makeover Ideas for a Modern Decorating Look

Try these Easy Kitchen Makeover Ideas for a Modern Decorating Look

You don’t need to spend a fortune on renovating your kitchen, follow our easy makeover tips and give your kitchen a whole new look! With a small amount of money and some clever organization and decluttering tips, you can transform your kitchen into a functional, trendy, and comfortable space!

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Kitchen renovations seem like a massive undertaking that require taking out a home loan to fund. This doesn’t have to be the case. Many kitchens just need a little TLC. Functionality is key when it comes to kitchens. If you can never find the tool you need when cooking, it becomes frustrating and you spend less time cooking healthy delicious meals and more times calling out. Make your kitchen a place you want to spend time with a few simple tricks, tips and updates.

Reduce Your Kitchen Clutter

The first step is to reduce all that clutter. We tend to try to put too much stuff in too little space. You don’t need every kitchen gadget on the market. Most of these gimmicky gadgets get used once and are then condemned to a drawer where they take up space and make it a hassle to find what we actually need.

Tip: Avoid purchasing unnecessary kitchen gadgets you don’t see yourself using at least once a week. Some things may be tempting to buy especially if they are on sale, but if you really don’t need it – it’s better to pass it up.

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The kitchen table and counters should not be the home of book bags, purses, keys, mail, etc. Give every non-kitchen items a proper home. Once your kitchen is free of these items, it is time to start reducing other sources of clutter. Consider finding a new home for countertop items such as spice racks and toasters. Reclaim that counter space for chopping veggies and preparing meals. Take on one drawer or cabinet at a time. Get rid of items you don’t use. Be realistic.

Organize Your Cooking Stuff

Instead of using your countertops for storage, get creative. Cute wall storage serves to decorate and organize. Magnets, hooks and rods allow you to utilize wall space, keeping spices and utensils at hand. Give everything a specific home. Use drawer organizers to help to keep everything organized. Spices can be put in jars that hang by their lids from the bottom of cabinets. Kitchen organization extends to the pantry. Put things in specific locations. Transfer sugar and flour to labeled containers. This keeps ingredients fresh and easy to access.

Unless you have a big family or are saving big bucks, refrain from buying in bulk. Plan out meals in advance and purchase just what you need. This way your cabinets contain what you need, and you don’t have to find places to store items that aren’t necessary.

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Consider a Small Renovation

Once you have gotten rid of the clutter and organized, you know what your kitchen is lacking. This is when renovations can give your space a facelift. Maybe you just need some extra storage. Or maybe you want a beautiful place to create your culinary masterpieces. Start your project right with a visit to Superior. Wholesale prices make updates much more affordable. A fresh coat of paint and updated cabinet hardware can go a long way to making your kitchen look new and improved. Bigger projects may include replacing your countertops. Now that everything is organized and decluttered, you will be able to better appreciate any additions.

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Kitchen renovation sometimes just comes down to organization and decluttering. It is hard to enjoy a space that lacks functionality because it serves as a storage spot for mail, keys and other items. Clean up your kitchen before starting a renovation project, so you can appreciate what is necessary.

Basic Maintenance Tips to Get Your Home in Great Shape

Basic Maintenance Tips to Get Your Home in Great Shape

When homeowners are not pleased with the way that their homes look, they usually take action and make some changes in the exterior and interior of their home. Most people will opt to add some fresh decor to their spaces or a spruce up their landscaping. While this can be a smart idea, it is far from the only way to get your home in great shape. Doing regular maintenance is one of the most important ways to keep your home in top shape. Here’s how: 

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 To have a truly captivating home, you may want to think about getting in the habit of providing the right maintenance. You can keep your home protected with regular HVAC maintenance and there are plenty of other ways to get started.

The Right Temperature

Keeping your home at the right temperature is very important. When you are sitting in your house, you want to feel comfortable. It will do you no good to constantly feel a bit too cold or warmer than you would like to feel. Having a functional HVAC system will help you to keep the desired temperature in your space at all times. This will require you to pay attention to the maintenance needs of your system. If you have not used your AC throughout the winter, then it might not be ready for what the summer has in store.

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Contact the professionals a few times throughout the year to get your system tuned-up. The experts will be able to inform you of any problems that might be on the horizon and how to best move forward with repairs. You want to resolve most of these issues before they have a chance to do any damage. Making maintenance a habit will help you to stay on top of your HVAC system and keep your home a comfortable space for all to enjoy.

Check the Pipes

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Another important aspect of your home’s functionality is the plumbing. Your home will not look great if you have water backing up through the drains. There are many different problems that your plumbing can experience. Paying attention to small warning signs will help you to know when it is time to contact professionals for assistance. Water that won’t drain, toilets that are backing up, and faucets that won’t stop leaking, are all strong indicators that you need assistance with your pipes.

Tip: Plumbing issues should be responded to in a quick manner. You do not want to wait too long, as this can easily lead to your pipes bursting and causing serious flooding issues. The moment that you notice something is amiss with your pipes it is a wise idea to speak with experts who can provide you with solutions. When water can flow freely through the pipes in your home, it makes for a much happier environment.

Finding the Routine

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Keeping your home in great shape is all about getting into the right routine. When you make it a habit to have your HVAC inspected regularly and pay attention to issues with your plumbing, you are being a responsible homeowner. Use the tips listed here as a starting point and begin to consider additional methods of staying on top of your maintenance tasks. Paying attention to these duties will help your home look the way that it should.

A Guide to The Many Styles of a Persian Rug

A Guide to The Many Styles of a Persian Rug

“Oriental rug” is a moniker often attributed to any carpet originating from the Middle East. Their label is Persian rather than Oriental for a reason. Every rug under the Persian rug title comes from an area that has previously been part of Persia. Like the Oriental rug, a Persian carpet can add luxury to any home in a myriad of ways.

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When decorating your home, choosing your furniture, wall colors, window dressings and accessories is an important part of the process, but so is choosing the right rug. Laying out a rug in your room can make or break your overall decorating and it can also change the whole mood and feel of your space. Persian rugs are a designer approved trend that come in so many different beautiful colors and styles, making it easy to choose one that best suites your space. Take a look at our guide to some of the most popular Persian rugs on the market:


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The Kashan rug is a traditional Persian rug with distinct bold designs and customary colors. It is primarily floral and features colors like shades of red, blue, ivory and indigo. It’s dense details cover the whole surface area with a large medallion in the center. The material is durable thickly knotted cotton, wool, or silk weave although older pieces are normally made of only silk.


Photo: Treasure Rug Gallery

The Fabriz rug is a unique piece that uses a variety of colors and floral branch designs. It is usually made of deeper tones with some lighter hues to the mix and also has a large medallion in the middle. This rug functions as a centerpiece rug and makes a great statement piece to roll out at the entrance of your home or in the middle of a formal dining room.

Persian rugs are very luxurious and beautiful decor items, but decorating with oriental rugs in your home can be a little tricky especially if you have a modern sense of style. Try to keep your curtains, walls, and furniture solid colors to avoid a busy look and too much clashing. Don’t be so afraid to mix and match colors with your rug, sometimes pink throw cushions matched with a traditional oriental rug will set off a unique, and fun style in your home.


Photo: Claremont Rug Company

This rug is one of my favorite and most beautiful Persian rug designs since it is extremely detailed and features rich dark hues such as deep red, purple, and blue. Like most of these rugs, the Heriz centers around a Medallion yet it has four designed corners and it’s motifs draw out from the center towards each corner. Its striking colors featured throughout it’s composition are mesmerizing and it’s best to buy the bigger the better. These rugs come is large sizes that can cover a whole room, making it look beautiful and unique.


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The Hamadan rug is a floral rug with intense shades although red is one of the most common colors for Hamadan. The fine weave it tightly knotted and meant to evoke “life” into any space. Bright tones, extravagant designs, and curvilinear lines provide a one of a kind presentation and showpiece. The rug utilizes open space to highlight its brighter tones and provide a balance between design and dye. It comes in smaller to medium sizes, making it perfect for a small space or an apartment dwelling.

Tip: One decorating tip that goes a long way, is to make your oriental rug the star of the show in your home. An easy no-fail method to make an oriental rug work in your home is to paint your walls white and decorate with neutral colored and solid (not patterned) furniture. Then, roll out your oriental rug to bring your muted space to life! 


Photo: Jozan Magazine

If you like something a little more tribal, the Kazak rug makes the perfect choice with its geometric patterns and tribal motifs. It has a heavy usage of medallions and a versatile blend of dyes in shades of green, blue, and red.

These are only a few of the magnificent Persian carpets on the market. The carpets above stand as some of the most well-known and venerated styles in circulation, but there are so many others out there for you to explore. For instance, you haven’t even seen the stunning Baluch, remarkable Sarouk, or even the Mahi Tabriz. Before you make your purchase, do your research and try to decide on a certain style that you truly love. Then, find an official Persian rug dealer such as Fine Rug Collection to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Remember, that oriental rugs are an investment and if you purchase one that is built to last, you will enjoy it for many, many years to come.