Mobile Spray Foam Rigs Available to Meet Your Instant Needs

These days, many spray foam companies have been offering their mobile services to cover maximum clients. There are trailers, trucks, and even used spray foam rig that could be used for plural component applications in homes and commercial buildings.

The spray foam insulation, spray foam roofing, and polyurea coatings are really common in homes. The used spray foam rig is slightly smaller than the commercial spray foam rig because commercial buildings need more roofing work, and they are bigger in size than the homes. Spray foam insulation has become pretty common because it offers energy-efficiency along with comfort. It can fix retrofitted extra spaces in your home. It allows limited air to go through your house, so ultimately it makes your home energy-efficient. If you are somebody who really needs a quick spray foam insulation, then hire a reputable used spray foam rig from your neighborhood. It usually takes a few hours to get done a home, but it is worth it, especially in cold weather. Here are some of the pros of using spray foam insulation that could be enough to make up your mind.

1. Spray Foam Insulation Provides Support to Home Structure

A lot of new home structures and even the old one can have a few gaps in the attic, some spaces around here and there. This could be the reason you get so much cold air inside the house. If you opt for the narrow cell version of spray foam insulation products, then you can close all these spaces for good. These closed cells work better to close the space and empower the home structure so that nothing goes in or out. This can be used in the seal coating of different houses too because it clogs the small pores that can moisten the roof. If you try used spray foam rigs, you can save money and time.

2. Spray foam insulation enhances energy efficiency

There is a long-term benefit of using spray foam insulation because it allows you to save energy. Let’s say you have a heater on in the winter season, but the heat goes out because of the intensive gap between the walls, ceiling, and windows. This way your gas bill will increase, and you will get no proper heat. But if you do the right spray foam sealing, you can save a significant amount of money on your heating and cooling needs. Choosing spray foam insulation for your structure could be cheaper than the actual working that required to close off the gaps in the attic or other areas. Installing this product in a home can save you 30% from your utility bills whereas the benefits are unlimited for sure.

3. Spray foam makes the surface airtight

Spray foam insulation is the best air-tight seal you can ask for. It protects the whole structure of the house. The closed-cell totally blocks water drops to let through and this way, your ceiling can last longer.

Feng Shui Your Home Office with Furniture At Work®

In the current climate, with most of the world still reeling from coronavirus and many people working from home rather than the office, it is more important than ever before to know how to create a workspace in the home that inspires productivity!

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Functional advice includes investing in an ergonomic chair, setting your desk at the correct height, and ensuring the lighting quality is good. However, to create a space that is inspiring, harmonious, and promotes positive energy, feng shui can help in designing the perfect home office. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice designed to generate balance. The name translates literally as ‘wind water’, these being the two elements associated with good health and good fortune. The philosophy can be used to create an organised, well set out workspace that promotes efficiency, innovation and motivation, as well as being enjoyable to spend time in.

The position of furniture plays a key part in good feng shui decorating. The ‘commanding’ position, which is the one we want to cultivate while working, requires placing the desk in such a way that it is not close to the door and so you do not have your back to the door when seated. Ideally, you should also not be facing a wall, but if this is not possible, then the wall you are facing should be covered with inspiring artwork, so it ‘disappears’. Furniture At Work sells a wide range of home office desks to help its customers fit into the perfect space.

Feng shui decorating is partially about getting rid of clutter. Having a cluttered home traps negative energy and causes distractions, which in turn leads to a lack of productivity. Taking the time to organise the home office space so that everything has a place and everything is in its place can make a huge difference to the ambience. Getting rid of all unnecessary items and ensuring all essential items are stored properly can help create the right atmosphere. Location also plays a role in the harmony of a home office. Good feng shui practice is to locate the home office as far away from the bedrooms as possible. If there can be a separate entrance, so much the better, but even where this is impossible, having some distance between places of work and places of sleep helps create balance.

Function should be the primary focus of a home office and the furniture within should reflect this. Part of getting rid of clutter involves only selecting pieces of furniture that are necessary, practical and functional. A good, ergonomic office chair is vital to maintain good posture. Furniture At Work stocks one of the UK’s largest ranges of home office chairs to help its customers find the chair that best suits their posture and home office space. Besides a desk and chair, a home office really only requires storage, not lots of unnecessary items of furniture.

The quality of the light and the air in a room can have a strong influence on mood and productivity. Choosing a space that lets in the maximum amount of natural light during the hours you will most often be working can help you feel more relaxed and positive throughout the working day. Plants can also help improve air quality while helping to get rid of any remaining negative energy in the room.

Is Grey Composite Decking a Good Choice for Contemporary Gardens?

Contemporary gardens are great spaces for entertaining guests and relaxing with friends. Nowadays, people are moving away from traditional gardens and are instead opting to turn their outdoor spaces into extensions of their modern homes.

One of the key features of contemporary gardens that we see time and time again, is a monochrome colour pallete. White, blacks and greys are often favoured over bright colours and loud patterns because they make a space look simple and clean. You can see in the photo above that grey decking can be contrasted with white accents and chrome accessories to give an ultra-modern finish.

Arguably, grey composite decking is one of the best choices if you want to make your garden look more contemporary. But why choose composite decking over other materials, you ask? Well, composite decking has some special features that make it perfect for low maintenance modern garden designs.

Low Maintenance

Once you’ve gone to the effort of bringing your contemporary garden to life, the last thing you want is to be faced with hours and hours of maintenance every year. First of all, you’re going to struggle to find timber decking that’s naturally grey in colour. If you do decide to go down the natural route, it’s almost certain that you’ll be faced with the task of painting the entire deck annually, just to keep it looking grey. Sounds tedious right? Unlike other types of traditional wood decking, high-quality composite decking will never need staining or sealing. In fact, it has a polymer sleeve that keeps it pristine for years after installation. Choosing a low maintenance material is important because patchy, worn or faded decking can instantly ruin the allure of your modern space. All that composite decking requires is a quick wash down with soapy water, so you can spend less time maintaining your deck and more time enjoying your delightfully, modern garden.

Slip Resistant

Nobody wants a garden that they can only use for a small fraction of the year. Choosing grey composite decking will help you make the most of your contemporary garden all year round. That polymer cap that we mentioned before, is designed to prevent water ingress. This drastically limits the chance of mould or ice forming across the surface. slip resistant material! So, whether a drink is spilt during a garden party, you’re caught out by the rain, or you want to make the most of your garden on a chilly autumn/winter night, there’ll be very little chance of a slip or fall.

Hopefully this blog will give you an insight into why grey composite decking is an excellent choice for contemporary gardens.

Why Living in a Rainy City Can Change Your Dream House

Every person dreams of their own house and the style it will have once they are able to have it. However, there are a few things you have to take into consideration when you move into a rainy city because your style may change dramatically in order to adapt to the weather!

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Some of these things may seem obvious, but it is important to understand the different aspects of the design of your house in order to avoid problems with extreme weather. The distribution of rooms as well as systems in order to funnel the water from the roof are some of the essentials for your new house.

Exterior Paint

You should be able to choose a high-quality paint in the market, since it will have to stand up to climate variations during the day. In order to choose between the different options in the market, you may have to search for reviews and get in touch with specialists in the field in order to receive a detailed explanation of which type of paint is best for you depending on the city in which you will live.There are different websites with recommendations which are useful for anybody who is looking for advice and they are not an expensive type of paint.


You may also want to have enough space for your car or even the different things you have in your backyard. Having a spacious garage is important for those who live in a city with heavy rainfall or even hail. It will be important to consider building a garage with enough space for two cars and some extra room for other things, because everything has to be protected from the damage that can be caused by extreme weather conditions.


The installation of gutters will assure you that all the water coming from the roof will funnel through the system and this will lead it away from your house. It is important to take into consideration the importance of a gutter system since it will avoid having problems with the roof of the house and it will also drain the water. In order to know a bit more about this system, you can check the Amigo Gutters  that were highly recommended and there are different reviews online.

Laundry Room

You will need to have a laundry room well equipped with everything you need in order to wash and dry your clothes inside. It is common nowadays to hear that people are trying to adopt more eco-friendly practices such as drying their clothes in the sun, but that is not an option in a city with rainy weather. Having a laundry room will make it possible for you to take care of your clothes without having to worry about the weather and it does not need to occupy so much space in your house.

Finding the Ideal Commercial Foundation Contractor

Are you running a small construction company? Finding the right foundation contractor is an important part of it. Here’ how!


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Running your own small commercial construction company can be very rewarding, but you also have to be very organized. There are many things you have to organize with this type of business such as project management and budgets, deadlines and schedules, and finding the right contractors to work with you on your projects. This includes finding the right commercial foundation contracting service, which forms a vital part of the construction project.

It is, of course, vital that you find the right provider for this crucial aspect of the construction project. This means taking a range of key factors into consideration to help you make the right choice. By doing this, you can benefit from being able to make a more informed decision, and this can have a huge impact on the success of the project, your ability to stick to deadlines and budgets, and your business reputation. In this article, we will look at what you should consider when it comes to finding the ideal commercial foundation contractor.

What You Should Consider

You need to take a few major factors into consideration if you want to ensure you find the ideal commercial foundation contractor for your project and your business. Some of these are:

Consider the Costs

One of the things you must do is consider the costs involved, as it is vital to stay within budget with your commercial construction projects. So, you need to ensure the provider offers competitive rates but will also work to high standards. Make sure you do not base your decision on cost alone, as this could end up working out more expensive in the long run if they do not do a good job.

Look at Availability

You must try to stay on schedule with commercial construction projects, and this means that you need to check the availability of the provider. It is vital that they can work on the days and at the time you need them in order to stay on track with the project, so make sure they are available and will definitely be available on all the dates required.

Determine Reputation and Reliability

Reputation and reliability are vital when it comes to this type of contractor, as the commercial foundation contractor plays a pivotal role in the project. You should take some time to look at reviews from other construction businesses that have used the same contractor, as this will give you a better idea about reputation and reliability. You can then enjoy greater peace of mind and make your choice with greater confidence.

Consider Experience and Credentials

You also need to look at the experience levels and the credentials of the provider to ensure you have someone who knows exactly what they are doing. You cannot afford to take chances with those who do not have the necessary experience and qualifications with something as important as commercial foundation work.

Looking at these factors can help you to find the ideal professional for your project.