How to Preserve the Colors of Your Carpet or Carpeted Flooring?

Everyone wants to know what secret lies behind the carpet that always has fresh bright colors. Sometimes regular vacuuming is not enough for having brand-new looking carpet. Actually, if you vacuum your carpet too often you can damage its fibers and it will soon appear to be quite withered.

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Anyone who wants to keep their carpets, area rugs and coverings new, clean or revive their colors, use the services of ProLux Carpet Cleaning company. ProLux cleans everything, even the most delicate and expensive carpets. We reliably and efficiently clean carpets and area rugs from dirt, any stains and dust. We will restore the color, eliminate the pungent odor and felted hair of cats and dogs. Imagine your children playing on the carpet and you breathing in dust, when you just walk along the carpet.

Invisible to the eye, dust enters and settles in the lungs. All the dirt from the street, brought on the feet and legs, is transferred to the pile and successfully lives in it for many years. Not just a single vacuum cleaner will give the desired result of cleanliness and guarantee health. Only an integrated approach to cleaning and professional carpet cleaning will ensure a high-quality result. Professional and regular dry cleaning of carpets and area rugs is the key to their long and reliable life and your coziness, warmth and comfort, which make carpets in our everyday life.

Carpet creates a warm, harmonious atmosphere in the room, decorates the interior and mutes extraneous noise. However, rugs and carpets, which are not properly maintained, negate all efforts for home improvement. A dirty carpet is a collection of dust, ticks and various harmful microorganisms. So, besides regular vacuuming and using expert cleaning services, what else can you do to improve the look of your favorite carpet? What cleaning products can you use for refreshing carpet’s colors?

Baking Soda for Reviving Carpet’s Colors

Cleaning the carpet with baking soda and vinegar is one of the most effective and time-tested natural methods of cleaning this element of everyday life at home. Before proceeding with the description of the method of carpet cleaning, we will share with you the advantages and possible disadvantages of this method.

The positive points include the following:

Efficiency: baking soda really helps to cope with many types of pollution, and this applies not only to carpets, with the help of such a tool housewives clean and wash a lot of different household items, clothes, kitchen utensils and more;

Harmless: soda is not an allergen, and is also completely safe and certainly does not harm the health of the inhabitants of the house, whether people or animals;

The plus is also that after carpet cleaning with soda, there is no pungent odor of chemicals, as is the case with factory-made carpet cleaners; buying a package of soda is much cheaper than a modern effective detergent, and this pack will last much longer, so cost-effectiveness also applies to positive qualities; accessibility – baking soda can be bought at any store.

As for the shortcomings, there are few of them, and the following can be attributed to them:

* Soda is not suitable for cleaning handmade carpets, especially if they are made of silk thread, for such cases special means must be used;

* Lack of effectiveness is also considered as a minus, since in order to achieve the result it may be necessary not just one, but several cleanings with soda;

* Soda alone is unable to remove old and persistent stains from the carpet.

From what we read, we can conclude that baking soda can help cope with not too serious carpet pollution at home. Also, the product can be used for preventive cleaning of the carpet. Vinegar is an auxiliary element, so we do not consider its quality.

Baking soda has proven to be the most effective product for refreshing carpet’s colors. It absorbs the dirt from the carpet and leaves it fresh and bright. It does not leave any odors and is completely safe product, so it can be considered to be pet and child-friendly.

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