The Best Way To Clean Your Antique Mirror

Antique mirrors are one decor accessory that add glam, sophistication and style to any home. Maintenance and keeping them looking as good as when you first purchased them can be a little tricky. Here are some tips on how to clean your antique mirrors!

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Having an antique mirror in your home is an excellent addition, and mirrors can be used to give a room the illusion that it is larger than it is. The one thing with mirrors though is that they do show smudges and dirt if they are not kept clean. If you have an antique mirror in your home and you are looking for advice on how to clean it, below are some cleaning tips that you may find useful. With a bit of know-how and elbow grease, you can get your mirror sparkling again.

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First Consult An Expert

When you hang a mirror on the wall, the back of the mirror can get exposed to moisture, and over time this moisture can hurt your mirror. When the mirror has been exposed to moisture for too long, the silver layer which gives the reflective properties of the mirror can start to peel off. If you find that this is the case with your antique mirror, then you are best off contacting an expert to get them to add a new silver layer to the mirror to keep it shining like new.

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Cleaning The Glass

If you have something like an antique overmantle mirror which is in fair condition, but the glass needs a good clean, then you will want to make sure that you do not use any strong chemicals on it. Using strong chemicals can affect the silver layer at the back of the mirror and force you to seek the help of an expert and get it recoated. All you need to clean the glass of the mirror is a soft cloth, rubbing alcohol, and water. Mix the alcohol and water and dip the soft cloth in the solution, use the cloth to wipe away all the dirt and grime on the glass.

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Removing The Film On Mirrors

If a film has built-up on the surface of your mirror, there are several ways that you can get rid of this. You can try using newspaper and white vinegar. You will want to use a spray bottle with vinegar inside and apply this to the area with the build-up, and then use the newspaper to rub the area without applying too much pressure. You can also use shaving cream and a microfibre cloth to get rid of the film that has built up using the same technique. If the build-up is not too bad, then you can even use water and a microfibre cloth which should be good enough to get rid of the film. Just remember not to apply too much pressure when cleaning your antique mirror.

Cleaning The Frame Of The Mirror

You must be very careful when cleaning the mirror frame as many shop-bought, and home remedies can end up damaging it. The best solution to get your mirror frame clean again is to take it to a local expert and have them clean it for you, especially if the frame is ornate.