The creative Spherical-shape drink cabinet by Splinter works

Spherical shape drink cabinet

The Spherical-shape drink cabinet was inspired by a spinning coin , and the wall-mounted Dime cabinet has an hemi-spherical shape that creates the perfect furniture for a home drinking bar. It also has a standing desk and a small kitchen space with some curved segmented panels that surround the inner panels for more space and convenient. The furniture comes with some side units with smooth collapsible design.

Dime has remained a dynamic furniture piece , it comes with some individual curved segments that simply glide and shuffle to expose its numerous functions. Its repetition of forms is exposed when the furniture is closed while the soft texture of rosewood even adds to its elegant and stylish appeal. The curved openings of the furniture provide some resistance when opened.

Miles Hartwell, and Matt Wittington are the brains behind the making of the “Dime”, a typical luxury furniture . Other masterpiece furniture designed by these professionals include; The Vessel – This is a furniture with some hammock-like bath, and Bodice, which is a type of rocking chair , this is an unusual lounge chair with a great shape and stands upright when it is not sit upon. The chair is also a great space-saver.

The Hemi-spherical shaped bar makes the furniture unique and reminds you of the golden era where the best liquor were served from hollowed globes. This piece of furniture is space-efficient, however it will take some considerable chunk of some spaces if not mounted on the wall. The wall-mounted spherical bar will turn your interior into a fascinating environment especially when needed for some fun time.  The Dime cabinet seem like a cabinet that can take an awkward position especially when fitted into a limited space, however you can be creative with its positioning by clearing out other items beside and beneath.

The Dime is a compact furniture that can create a masterpiece bar in your house,  it is crafted from solid rosewood that provides a softer appearance on the outside, and it can also be transformed into a bar-set that works perfect with bar tables, or  mini kitchen cabinet , if you want the bar to be located right in the kitchen. The Dime also works perfectly with the bedroom and living room, and matches any colour theme of your interior décor.

The Dime bar cabinet is creative in design and usage. It has several compartments and it is artistically hand-painted with luxurious finishing. The cabinet measures more than 20 pounds in weight , and it is competitively priced, even though it has a premium finishing. Dime bar cabinet does not come with hardwood legs, since it is a wall-mounted piece of accessory, it can store any form of ample glassware and liquor bottles regardless of the shapes.  Assembly is required when installing this bar cabinet and you need a professional for such installation. The Dime bar cabinet comes with limited warranty and it is a limited edition product that can be purchased only at specialized stores.

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