Review: Illumi Arts LED Artwork is the Hottest new thing in Luminous Smart Art Panels

Light up your home’s décor with light-up artwork that can change colors via Bluetooth! Meet Illumi Arts, a company that specializes in modern luxurious artwork that doubles as ambience lighting…

This season is all about great lighting, statement décor, and something we all love: uniqueness. It’s no surprise we stumbled across Illumi Arts, a company that creates LED art panels that light up and actually change colors via Bluetooth. It’s something a regular artist would have never though of, unless they had a strong background and knowledge in lighting and design.

Meet the Creative Director

Farah Barnes, the creative director behind Illumi Arts is a lighting design professional and knew exactly how to make a creative design and concept that would wow her clients. Farah is also a former architect and lighting expert that has previously worked on high-profile projects such as commercial buildings, bridges, museums and other interiors. After seeing how important and difficult it is to incorporate natural and artificial lighting into a space, she decided to specialize in lighting and create Illumi Arts.

Pop Inspired Artwork

Illumi Arts creates pop inspired modern artwork that features a backlit LED panel that lights up the design and also your room! It comes with important UL and CE certifications, which make it great for industrial and commercial use. Illumination is a huge part of interior design and can make or break your space if you don’t know how to do it right. We’ve seen tons of spaces instantly transformed just by switching up the lighting. It’s proven that lighting creates ambience in a space, sets the mood, and can also make your space look twice the size. Light up your home’s dark corners with Illumi Arts LED artwork and you’re bound to see a huge difference!

What is so great about Illumi Arts color changing artwork is that you can set the mood to whichever color you want! Feeling romantic? Use your mobile phone to connect via Bluetooth to your artwork and change the color to red! 

Color Changing Art

What I love about Illumi Arts is their products are very dual purpose. They serve as beautiful pop art inspired works of art but also double as fabulous lighting sources. They can be placed just about anywhere in your home to create a luxurious interior: living room, hallway, bedroom or even a fun game room where I think they would fit in perfectly. The artwork can change colors via Bluetooth right from you phone, which makes a great conversation starter and a fun way to impress your guests!

Here is some of my favorite color changing art pieces from Illumi Arts:

Paris, Wall Art Light – Illumi Arts

New York, Wall Art Light – Illumi Arts

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