Spring we all miss so much. The sun, the sound of birds and butterflies. So we are looking forward to the coming of spring, you can invite him to your home by making small changes in decorating these days.


Pillows, decorative objects, paintings, curtains and covers and area began to come to the fore in its place among the season’s trends in patterns of birds and butterflies, feel free to use in decorating. The lounge, kitchen or bedroom move in the spring of joy to your home using these motifs.

The spring will add color to your home green birds representatives for the development of children according to the teachings of Feng Shui (light green) must be used as an accessory in the children’s room.

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Watercolor effect your Wall

Wall painting called the flat color applications or painting every wall in different colors come to mind some of the rooms also features applicable to various applications. Can be applied in a simple way and we want to talk about a technique that you can do yourself amused. Paint the wall ideas will be a fun application that will take you to your childhood.


You can use a brush and sponge for your application to your wall of watercolor techniques. The color you want your paint and must be diluted so that they can move freely on the wall. You can drive through the sponge to sponge you get where you want to paint. Think of it as a simple potato printing applications.


Get sponge paint and make prints in the intensity you want. Actions taken by the children’s nursery will serve your business here. Painting techniques such as pipettes.


Another application splatter paint brush, taking it to the wall. You can also create an image that is very intense and juicy filtered by applying downward. In another embodiment, applying paint in a line down with a sponge or brush to brush it should be up or to transfer a direction you specify. You can work as nautical theme in the image on the second row.




You can decorate the entire wall instead of a portion of the paint with watercolors with small motifs. You can use very modern and artistic decorations rather than having to stand like a wall paper in the bathroom for the purpose of this wall should be tried first.


Perhaps you want to have a quieter interior decoration calmer take decisions. He can use a wallpaper pattern with watercolor state. In the bedroom or guest room suitable for watercolor motif you choose if you use bedding or pillow covers can also get.


If none of the above does not seem attractive to you but still you love the watercolor, you can put it in a corner of a large watercolor image you want for your home. If an image will look very nice in matching color to your decor.

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