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Instead you can create a small window curtain fabric for curtain glass can be used for decorative purposes. Brought together in different forms and sizes can be suspended vase, fill water to drink. Some even add paint to add color into yellow and pink pastel shades. Place the freshly cut flowers according to the size of the vase. Sunlight reflecting the strain in a glass vase to create a special corner itself.

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Create your own WALL CLOCK
Set your own hours! In the kitchen the day writing large numbers on a corner wall light field, mount the hands of. This application will make your job easier as a wall panel you can hang on when you want to remember your notes, both while an important appointment as a decorative appearance.

Kitchen and making small changes often used in places such as dining room, cheerful and a different proposal to create a lively atmosphere: First, paint the color you want your portable panel. Place the dish in the middle of a long glass table. Place the seasonal flowers and aromatic plants in glass vases of different sizes and forms.

Then place the vase into the glass bowl. If you wish, you can decorate the space between plants with white stones and shells.

A simple table in every home can sometimes be the main material of bright ideas. Handcrafted of linen, lace this season, you also form on the back of a vintage oil with green eyes the color of fashion and decorating your table with one of the world’s renewed oriental embroidered cover.