How colourful hand-braided mirror frames can transform different artistic modern settings

Colour wheels are a collection of some of the most fascinating and artistic hand-braided mirrors introduced by The New Craftsmen. The fascinating frames can transform modern home interiors, and the project was completed through collaboration with some textile designers such as John Jones and Aimee Betts. The design was partly completed at the John James Conservation studio, and it involves the combination of several brass metal frames surrounding new mirrors The cords of the frames were developed by Aimee Betts and it involves some circular Knitting methods. The mirrors were completed with various metal finishes.

There process of transforming several metallic raw materials through a process known as “Oxidation” can be a breath-taking one. According to the designer of this new stylish mirror, the patination effect has provided the best colour palette that can be drawn into some textile design practices. The design of the exterior frames of the mirror was further developed into a continuous colour flow that transforms an ordinary mirror into a stunning fading ombre that complements the fascinating relationship between different colours.

The new hand-braided mirror frame was designed at John Jones workshop and it involves the use of rolled brass strips while the frame was developed into a loop and the ends were braised . The finishing was performed with the use of John Jone’s unique Jax finishing and it includes some deep brown hue. The brown hue has emphasizes the unique texture of the frame and it makes it ideal for most interior decors. The fascinating mirror can be placed in the bedroom or living room , likewise it can be a fascinating accessory in your bathroom or even the kitchen. It comes with a paint coating that makes it resistant to moisture.

The colourful hand-braided mirror comes in two sizes; the 1600mm and the 800mm diameters, the 1600mm diameter mirror can be the most ideal accessory for your living room , considering the size of such areas while the 800mm diameter mirrors can be suitable for the bedrooms, or bathroom. The mirrors can be commissioned into other sizes and colour palettes depending on your preferences. The mirrors come with back loops that make them easily hung on the wall or any other flat surfaces and they do not occupy much space within your  Home’s interior confinements.

The colourful hand-braided mirror is an inspiring piece of mirror and it is one of the best mirrors made in the year 2014 considering the lots of energy, time and resources used. The mirror is a product of 3 designers and the fact that it was designed in a studio makes it quite a luxury. The mirror does not cost but it is available in selected stores only. With its fascinating colour flow, it is quite easy for the mirror to blend into any interior design , it is quite elegant and stylish but remains so simple. This is not a mirror you can find every day, it is uniquely designed for those who have premium taste.


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