Shower while Beware!

While the shower cubicle shower cubicle was a long time out of its launch. During this time, shower stalls, the break was growing and flourish … Shower in the bathroom is something else to enjoy. But beware, buying cheap and poor quality shower head in the bathroom saying I do worry about your buying pleasure.

Manufacturers keep pace with evolving technology companies drove ingenious shower enclosures from each other on the market. Now on the market, playing music, which automatically adjust the water temperature, pressure water spray from 20 different points, ventilation, telephone very ingenious, sold compact showers. Beautiful than the other, so ingenious shower bases from each other, unfortunately, ‘dud’ there are shower stalls.

The number of firms in the industry for producing the shower cubicle is over 250 exhibits a chopper and hammer competition. Many companies price breaks to get ahead of the competition. Price diffracted by the need to compromise on quality to save costs. Prices fell by up to 100 YTL for both quality shower cubicle but it was not too fell after sales services. Stairs off the record we also multiplied the number of consumers that six employees and hurt the poor quality of the manufacturing companies.

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More than 250 companies in the market of 400 thousand units per year is estimated to produce the shower. 100 YTL Starting prices goes up to 5 thousand YTL. Using the latest technology, high-quality goods made using impact resistant panel can not compete with cheap shower cabins made of thin and flimsy panels and aluminum. Cheap and shoddy goods on the market, passing in front of the good ones.

Construction Market Marketing Manager Lark Gunpowder, warns the consumer. “Shower cabin / shower must be very careful when buying.” Lark said Barut speaks as follows: “Poor quality glass made with cheap plastic shower cabins in the breaking, cracking, you may experience problems such as explosions.”

Poor quality shower because you have a serious home accidents. You do not find your partner against to get help when faced with a malfunction. Because of a failure throw tiny hand to your area, you may have to buy a new shower.

The brand of shower cubicle, while selling dealer and make sure that you purchase a serious and reliable. Find out in the price, as well as whether the manufacturer’s after-sales service.