For design solutions for small house

People living in a small house in the reflection on the sense of ability to provide decoration, providing the agenda of different ideas; become different solution of different options may be provided at this stage. Along with taking part in a miniature size of a prominent accessory on this subject; along with a broader stage to show itself; guests also take part in the show itself with the pleasant way to look at the future comes up. These details conspicuous as an important detail in this context, as long as she remains at the forefront of the results as required by the show itself positively.

Puffs or variants in place to design the manifested result of such accessories are inserted into a small but functional items of work on the show itself. This stage will provide even possible to meet expectations in taking part in a stage in literally the next short period of time required to take part in a further line of those aspects. Located personal results can also be considered among the options at this point accepted as an important step at the desired level is an important detail in this context. Can show itself in a position at this stage will also be an important place.




Small House Design

A small area of ​​the house usually will have limited storage space. This is the biggest problem of the small house. Inability of the goods placed on a regular basis need not be having enough space and causes it to be found in the sought-after goods on time and place. Although naturally small houses with less space if they are able to have enough storage space to ensure the effective use of the area by making choices. How?

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Furniture that provides extra storage space in a small area called the basal absolute preference when choosing furniture for the home. For example: Basal beds, cabinets and even basal seat area providing the name of the basement is ideal for a small area of ​​homes.
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Bunk Applications
Use the options in a small area in the children’s room with bunk beds in the home is important. One child in the bunk house options provide extra space. How? Options are positioned under the bed of the work by increasing the bed and play area ideal for children’s rooms. Furthermore, accessible by stairs extremely enjoyable option for a bed children. Back in the area if you can choose a wardrobe closet from floor to ceiling so that your child’s summer and winter clothes; of room duvet, blanket, you can remove the hardware in the system, such as textile quilt; You can have a huge storage area where you can put objects that look like toys and redundancy.

Parents used to be that high bed cupboard under the bed in the bedroom may be preferred. Of course, where the preferred choice as a bunk bed will be raised. The other side where a side cover is designed with an average of 1.00 meters in height 80 cm shelves or drawers design may be preferred. Lid cabinets quilts, blankets, storing bulky items such as extra pillows. The drawer space all linens, towels, you can remove your pike and similar items.

Evaluate dead Areas
With the introduction of our homes cornice curtain rails applications began to be stored under this application. Do not worry if you do not have your home cornice. Wooden shelves to hide curtain rail, a small area is an ideal area for homes. Your books, CDs or DVDs, figurines, photo frames, and just about everything you desire in your imagination limits you can evaluate in this area. Tasarlat this functional can be private or draperies can buy ready the construction market; jar in the kitchen; children’s room in the toy; youth room in the book; hall and living room in functionality to handle the many items up to DVD trinket.