The most beautiful modern staircases in the new era


There are quite a number of “Jaw-dropping” staircases that will trend for a very long time to come, these staircases were designed with precision and some fun;

Stairs-rainbow-house-10 Stairs-Rudolph-14 Stairs-Sarphatipark Stairs-Uonuon-2 Stairs-BPArch-4 Stairs-Chae-Pereira-Godzilla-12 Stairs-Charlie-Diaz-Duplex-13 Stairs-Kathryn-Tyler-7 Stairs-Keiji-Ashizawa-9 Stairs-Maxwan-3 Stairs-Nc2Arch-Loft-5

The Ribbon stairs

The Ribbon stairs were designed by the HRH Architects and the intention here was to make the stairs mimic a delicate rippling ribbon. The ribbon stairs were made from wood-grain porcelain tiles, with 14 different colours to add some fun.

The Urbanist stairs

The Urbanist stairs are quite fascinating, . The stairs were designed by the Maxwan Architects, and involves a complete makeover of a regular barn, where the planes were made to become part of the stair wall shelves to provide some storage for books.

The Grove Park stairs

The Grove Park stairs were designed by Bell Phillips Architects, and feature some designs with complex folding triangular geometry, with some floating facets that within some spaces.

The Shelving stairs

The stairs with shelves are the best functional stairs you can think off. These stairs incorporate some extra shelves with some alternating threads that make them become more spatially efficient.

The expanded steel stairs

If you want some durable and sturdy stairs, then the expanded steel stairs from Rowin Petersma will surely be the most suitable for you. The stairs was designed to allow enough light to shine through the top of the apartment.

The Staircase/bookshelf combo

The Staircase/bookshelf combo was designed by Linear studio and it is one of the most functional and trending staircases in the world today. The shelf has done away with the upper kitchen cabinets, while replacing them with some open shelves. Alongside some staircase shelves  to help keep your kitchen items.

The Eco-friendly blue-house stairs

Designed by the famous Faro Architecten, the Eco-friendly blue house stairs provides some nautical touches to any house. The famous Netherland’s piece of design makes it a floating stair supported by some steel cables at the side for some safety.

The warm-wood and metal stairs

This is a two-storey winding staircase designed by Keiji Ashizawa. These stairs will stimulate some visual interests in you because they allow some light to flow through the stairs and the house to create the most stunning stairs you have ever seen.

The floating steel stairs 

The floating steel stairs from Ecole designers can be described as “Minimalist” in every day. The steel stairs has painted white steel suspending some polished wooden stairs.

The Godzilla house stairs

The Godzilla house stairs, was created and designed in South Korea, the stairs feature some suspended stairs that float around a curved wall that is lightened up by some hidden windows above the stairs.

The Loft duplex stairs

The Loft duplex stairs was designed in downtown Madrid by Charlie Diaz, and can be described as one of the best space-saving stairs in the world right now.

The stairs highlighted above are quite premium in nature and some of them come with high price tags , therefore you must be ready to cough out a significant amount to get your dream stairs.