Viva Terra Coffee Tables

We will see the Viva Terra product and I loved their philosophy and furniture, all very special to give it that unique touch to any corner of your home. Here the 8 most special coffee tables of the environmental signature that available from the photos below.

Some of the principles of Viva Terra environmental respect, sustainable development and fair trade with developing countries. For these reasons, I do I’m willing to pay a higher price, and what about you?

Simplicity and harmony with nature thanks to its adaptable. The nice curves, coffee tables Viva Terra are perfect for indoor and outdoor and consistency make them durable in a long time.

In addition, this is the one form of puzzle, functional, original and organic. Therefore,  you should try to use this furniture at home and feel its different sensation to seat on it.

viva viva2 viva3 viva4 viva7 viva8 viva9