Wallpapers for today is among the most preferred product for decoration. Cafe, restaurant, office, offices, houses and hotels are widely used in many places such as wallpapers, based paint is much more economical and convenient in terms of duration of use. Paint is too often is supposed to make, wallpaper applied on the surface at least 10-15 years is used easily. Companies are usually between 5-10 years of warranty apply to wallpaper. A point of wallpaper wear very comfortable repair process is applied.


Applying the wallpaper is very simple and practical. By expert teams are not recommended to do so. This is because, wall paper glue used in everything is very important to design again. Applied to the surface of wallpaper should be smooth. If used satin paint on the wall should be pasted wallpaper liner recycling after use. Using wallpaper ├Ânerilmez.ancak use in damp and humid so after the necessary measures and practices will give you better results.


Your home is important in the selection of classic or modern design wallpaper. Home in the spatial characteristics of the goods color harmony and texture plays an important role in the selection of wallpaper and must be considered to have no regrets. When purchasing the wall is nylon paper, should be considered to be textured or fiber.


When choosing wallpaper, especially children and infants need more room for caution. Also be sure that breathes in the wallpaper feature is important. Wall papers do not need to be cleaned very often. Cleaning can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth or sponge to do the necessary. It is possible to make a brush cleaning cloth models.

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