Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Collection

Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Collection – Bali is definitely a place surrounded with a magical emanation of spiritual owers; the place under the spell of natural beauty where spirit, mind and body become one with the flux of inspirations. With all those attributes of Bali there is no wonder that such artistic minds like Donna Karan find the source of her artistic muse in the Urban Zen Collection. Fascinated with the rich Balinese culture, local craftsmanship and purity of the nature, Donna aimed to “bring Bali home” literally. This is the way she lives with her personal taste of exterior and interior constructions.

Donna-Karans-Urban-Zen-Collection1 Donna-Karans-Urban-Zen-Collection2 Donna-Karans-Urban-Zen-Collection3 Donna-Karans-Urban-Zen-Collection4 Donna-Karans-Urban-Zen-Collection5 Donna-Karans-Urban-Zen-Collection6

Donna cooperated with local artisans in order to retain the tradition of Balinese design with fresh modern features. The collection of the furniture is very simple but with a sophisticated and versatile touch. There is an intentional contrast between rough wooden structures and soft lines of pillows and the variety of colours like natural, aged, golden honey, brown or black lacquer. As the result the balance is the solution through industrial generosity and casual simplicity with creation of ZEN atmosphere. View more pictures of the collection after the jump.