The Most Stylish Houses of This Year

Top 10 houses in 2015

The old and conventional ways of building houses are fast disappearing and revamped green farm houses are springing up in every parts of the world. Here are some of the best top 10 houses  for this year::

The Hilltop traditional courtyard

This is a secluded building that has an elevated position like that of a lookout tower. The building comes with clean volumes with curved recess and partial arch that leads into a living room. This house is one of the best innovative designs in modern times and will definitely remain relevant for a very long time.


The dyed façade wooden house

If you prefer façade houses with glazed doors, then the dyed façade building can be the most suitable house in your rural location. This building comes with identically proportioned apartments with each room door opening into a wonderful landscape. Each room in this building is also connected to another adjacent to it.


The picturesque Alpine building

One of the most fascinating buildings in the snowy environment is the Picturesque Alpine building. The concrete footing  on the hillside building is built from the local Pine and Spruce materials. The wooden structure is simple and rough.


The 3-meters wide Imai house in Asia

This house is quite comfortable even though it is 3-meter wide. There are no spaces for corridors, but the interior has some quietly arranged rooms that creates some ample spaces.


The cat-hill barn house

The 18th century barn house has been rejuvenated and re-styled to meet the modern contemporary setting. With re-adjustments to the internal structure, the  cat-hill barn house is made up of oak trusses, and exposed bricks with a concrete floor and stone fire place.


The tribe studio renovated house

The tribe studio renovated house is one of the best top 10 houses in 2015. It features an atrium that allows residents to pull their bicycles out of view. The house provides a sneaky view of of several suspended cycles.


The Bunker pavilion residence

The bunker pavilion house reminds one of a war-time bunker, however this stylish house has a stark interior with some 9-square meter room. It is perfect for an holiday time.


The infinite house

This is an amazing house with great view. It features some “acropolis stone” architecture, with some expansive roof terrace, and an integrated swimming pool. This house is designed from Travertine stones , making it more stylish in design.


The Jellyfish house

The jelly fish is a fascinating fish and having a concrete residence in a jellyfish structure will definitely be stunning and incredible. The jellyfish house is made up of a concrete structure and at the roof is a wonderful swimming pool, that can be seen from the underneath through a glass floor.


The tree-roof house

The tree-roof house is one of the best top 10 houses in 2015 and this house would not have come at a better time than the present moment when everyone is going green. The house is made up of concrete boxes, with trees growing on its roof. This house offers a tropical feel within a city. Contemporary House Designs travertine-house-8 Swimming- solar-tree-home The-Imai-House-2 The-Maiden-Tower-Marte-Marte-Architekten-1-537x402 solar-tree-home modern-underground-house-home-villa-pavilion-design-4-510x340 images images (1) images (1) images (1)

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