Using Wardrobe Rail

Unlike the cabinet rail is because we know the cause of cabinet doors fitted wardrobes called the rail cabinet. The sliding door is working with logic. The distance occurs when opening the hinged cover in the closet was completely eliminated with fitted wardrobes sliding logic.

Ray cabinets today as space-saving housewives severe economic conditions in the 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 apartments is the preferred product. Preferred in most bedrooms and entrance of your home is the ray cabinets, is an ideal product for home furnishings categories clutter and practicality in to save space in your home. Hangers and closet accessories in house with elevator ray products can easily realize your own interior design cabinets can easily place your clothes in the closet and just as easily shirts, jackets and pants can remove your hair intact. Cufflinks, you can find inside the square drawer compartments fitted wardrobes products for your parts such as belts clothes.


Similarly, if you have valuables in a safe and locked, you can make special rail system into your wardrobe. You can use your home is spacious and fitted wardrobes in the corner you want you can make a smooth transition. Rail cabinet has created a different model as a new technical product. For one of the largest convenience is available to create a large area. Wide area in front of your closet because it is so that the opening of the sliding cover can easily use.

Could not be put any objects in front of the cabinet is opened to cover the old system consists of cabinet, but the opportunity to put objects in front of the cabinets or accessories in fitted wardrobes. Ray buy closet while absolutely and necessarily in material and workmanship of your home next to the gösterilmelidir.b care to quality and is made to the possibility of designing for your own needs without compromising the fitted wardrobes in the interior naturalness designed as measured much more avantajlıdır.ayrı produced by their raydolapl according to the size of your venue.

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