How to Preserve the Colors of Your Carpet or Carpeted Flooring?

How to Preserve the Colors of Your Carpet or Carpeted Flooring?

Everyone wants to know what secret lies behind the carpet that always has fresh bright colors. Sometimes regular vacuuming is not enough for having brand-new looking carpet. Actually, if you vacuum your carpet too often you can damage its fibers and it will soon appear to be quite withered.

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Anyone who wants to keep their carpets, area rugs and coverings new, clean or revive their colors, use the services of ProLux Carpet Cleaning company. ProLux cleans everything, even the most delicate and expensive carpets. We reliably and efficiently clean carpets and area rugs from dirt, any stains and dust. We will restore the color, eliminate the pungent odor and felted hair of cats and dogs. Imagine your children playing on the carpet and you breathing in dust, when you just walk along the carpet.

Invisible to the eye, dust enters and settles in the lungs. All the dirt from the street, brought on the feet and legs, is transferred to the pile and successfully lives in it for many years. Not just a single vacuum cleaner will give the desired result of cleanliness and guarantee health. Only an integrated approach to cleaning and professional carpet cleaning will ensure a high-quality result. Professional and regular dry cleaning of carpets and area rugs is the key to their long and reliable life and your coziness, warmth and comfort, which make carpets in our everyday life.

Carpet creates a warm, harmonious atmosphere in the room, decorates the interior and mutes extraneous noise. However, rugs and carpets, which are not properly maintained, negate all efforts for home improvement. A dirty carpet is a collection of dust, ticks and various harmful microorganisms. So, besides regular vacuuming and using expert cleaning services, what else can you do to improve the look of your favorite carpet? What cleaning products can you use for refreshing carpet’s colors?

Baking Soda for Reviving Carpet’s Colors

Cleaning the carpet with baking soda and vinegar is one of the most effective and time-tested natural methods of cleaning this element of everyday life at home. Before proceeding with the description of the method of carpet cleaning, we will share with you the advantages and possible disadvantages of this method.

The positive points include the following:

Efficiency: baking soda really helps to cope with many types of pollution, and this applies not only to carpets, with the help of such a tool housewives clean and wash a lot of different household items, clothes, kitchen utensils and more;

Harmless: soda is not an allergen, and is also completely safe and certainly does not harm the health of the inhabitants of the house, whether people or animals;

The plus is also that after carpet cleaning with soda, there is no pungent odor of chemicals, as is the case with factory-made carpet cleaners; buying a package of soda is much cheaper than a modern effective detergent, and this pack will last much longer, so cost-effectiveness also applies to positive qualities; accessibility – baking soda can be bought at any store.

As for the shortcomings, there are few of them, and the following can be attributed to them:

* Soda is not suitable for cleaning handmade carpets, especially if they are made of silk thread, for such cases special means must be used;

* Lack of effectiveness is also considered as a minus, since in order to achieve the result it may be necessary not just one, but several cleanings with soda;

* Soda alone is unable to remove old and persistent stains from the carpet.

From what we read, we can conclude that baking soda can help cope with not too serious carpet pollution at home. Also, the product can be used for preventive cleaning of the carpet. Vinegar is an auxiliary element, so we do not consider its quality.

Baking soda has proven to be the most effective product for refreshing carpet’s colors. It absorbs the dirt from the carpet and leaves it fresh and bright. It does not leave any odors and is completely safe product, so it can be considered to be pet and child-friendly.

Purchasing a New Home

Purchasing a New Home

If you are on the market for purchasing a new home, you may want to read our important tips!


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When you are on the market for a new household there are so many, countless things to consider. First, you start thinking about the location. Should it be close to your job or maybe close to the child’s school or just downtown to go shopping within a walking distance of two minutes or so? Secondly, the kind and the price of the lodging must be taken into account. Would an apartment be the finest fit or should you venture for a house in the suburbs? Also, will you need a loan to make ends meet or may you just go straight ahead and buy one less expensive without having to finance it? All of these thoughts would be spinning around your head and they will for sure cause you headache and insomnia may become a “good” friend of yours for a while.

Fully, Partially Furnished or Unfurnished

Another factor that can’t be overlooked is whether the apartment, house, villa etc. will be fully equipped with appliances and most importantly furniture. That is to say, are you going to choose on purpose an empty building so as to decorate it according to your personal taste or by hiring an interior designer or will you go for a fully furnished and cozy home so as not to fuss around too much wasting valuable time looking for this and that? Well, whatever you opt for, I’ll give you some advice that hopefully will make your life easier.


Pay Attention to the Details

Well, OK, we all know that a beautiful, large and practical kitchen table is a must and has to be chosen after exhaustive thinking. Besides, that’s where we eat, discuss our problems with family or even read or study at times. Apart from that, nice and effective appliances have to be selected all around the place so as not to spend a fortune on electricity and of course these devices should make our life easier and unpretentious. Beds, most of the times, are chosen after weeks of window shopping, Internet search and even trying actual mattresses and dimensions! But what about the curtains, the color of the walls or even bedside tables? “What about them?” you may ask. In effect, you shouldn’t just ignore or underestimate their aesthetics and practicality because at the end of the day that will be your house for the years to follow and an ideal atmosphere and feeling is more than vital. High quality fabric drapes will make a difference as well as different shades in each room. And how about bedside tables made of mirrored glass or in a vintage style made of oak wood? Yeah, I know that you had been unaware of their existence up until now, but you can actually take a close look at them just by a simple online search.

Ending Contemplations

I know that moving out of your house or buying a new home is not the easiest or most hassle-free procedure in the world. I’ve been in such a condition more than once and I realize your feelings of helplessness since it’s your turn now. However, there is no need to worry and get lose your nerve. Accurate and beforehand planning is the key to success during the selection process. Thus, don’t forget to reflect meticulously about everything, even bedside tables!! At the end of the day, you would be feeling grateful that you came across that advice given by that –I don’t remember his name- Internet guy!

P.S. Do not let estate agents carry you away by making you decide right on the spot. It’s your wallet and your option to say no if you don’t fancy anything.

Tips for Revamping Your Guest Space

Tips for Revamping Your Guest Space

Guests are coming to visit for a night or longer, and you find yourself in a panic. You have taken a look at your guest space, and you are not thrilled with what you see. It is lackluster and unappealing. A den of snakes seems more welcoming at the moment. It is time to make some changes, but how do you begin to make your guests feel welcome in your home?


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Look at Your Whole House

When guests come to stay, they probably will not confine themselves to one bedroom. They are coming to visit you, after all. Unless you plan to stay in the guest area, you can expect them to be in other areas as well. Try to make your living spaces as comfortable and cozy as possible. A welcoming atmosphere in the living areas and kitchen will give your guests the indication that you are happy to have them with you.

Decorate Your Guest Space

Often the guest space is overlooked when decorating the home. Focus is shifted to personal areas and main rooms, and the guest room is forgotten until a guest is due to arrive. The prospect of decorating can be quite daunting especially if you have budgetary concerns. Decorating can be done in a simple and affordable manner with some thought and creativity.

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Dress the Bed

The first step to a warm, welcoming guest space is to make the bed an appealing focal point. Make it look comfortable. Fresh, clean linens are a must. Linens smell and feel better when they have been freshly laundered. A pretty comforter, bedspread or duvet will add visual appeal as well as a feeling of warmth.

Pillows give an impression of comfort, so consider adding some decorative pillows to the space. As a final touch, a throw or light blanket draped at the foot of the bed indicates to your guests that their warmth and comfort is important to you. It is also an easy way to add a splash of color to the space.

Provide Clothing Storage

When guests are staying long term, it is a nice gesture to give them somewhere to unpack. Perhaps there is space in the closet, or an attractive dresser they could use for their clothing or personal items. Even providing one or two drawers for them will make them feel more welcome in your home.

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Little Gestures Make Big Impressions

Before your guests arrive, make a concerted effort to personalize the space they will call home while visiting with you. Consider placing a book or two on the dresser or night table for your friend who is an avid reader. A basket with shampoos and soaps are a nice touch and can prevent embarrassment if your guests forgot to bring their own. A small basket containing snacks and bottled water is a nice touch and keeps guests from rummaging through the pantry or refrigerator in the middle of the night. For the avid television enthusiast, you could consider providing a television in the room, so they feel free to choose their own programs at night. Learn a little about your guests’ habits and favorite activities and customize the little touches in the room to suit their tastes and needs.

A warm, inviting home epitomizes a guest-friendly atmosphere. Creating a welcoming guest space inside the home can be easy and budget friendly. Simply making the room comfortable is a good start. Adding thoughtful accessories will have your guests longing to return.

Top 10 SketchUp Tips for Experts and Beginners

Top 10 SketchUp Tips for Experts and Beginners

SketchUp is a powerful modelling application that offers far more than the mix of features that are found in the conventional software that has been widely used for over two decades.

The application is designed to be highly flexible so that you can design anything from a small battery to a full city block without having to swap between different programs. When you can design everything in one place, you can afford to invest more into automating and optimizing your workflow to get more work done.

Given the broad range of tools that SketchUp includes, putting together a comprehensive list of all the application’s features would be impossible. Nevertheless, in this SketchUp guide, we managed to pick the top 10 techniques for using the functions and add-ons that make SketchUp one of the best modeling tools available. We have touched on a broad range of issues that are suitable for both basic users and advanced professionals. Let us know on social media how we did on this SketchUp tutorial so that we can continue to give you the best content possible!

1. Use Groups and Components to Organize Your Work

Many beginners struggle to use SketchUp because they fail to make effective use of groups and components when they first start. Groups and components are tools that let you edit subsections of your model without having to worry about messing up its overall structure. You can, then, use the SketchUp app to make modifications like you would if you were duplicating objects to avoid impacting the original model with potentially erroneous changes. The best part about SketchUp is that once you are satisfied with your work, you can also use groups and components to modify all copies of an element at the same time.

2. Make Use of SketchUp’s Object Library

Modeling software typically offers powerful tools, but it generally fails to include a library of base content to help you get started. Thankfully, SketchUp has added a robust warehouse of content that you can download from the internet. The library continues to grow as both SketchUp’s developers and members of the developer community add more objects. Some of the objects that exist include characters, shrubs, couches, and other everyday items. The objects are, of course, available for unrestricted use, and you can modify them completely.

3. Include Imagery from Google

One of the little-known facts about SketchUp is that Google purchased it over a decade ago in 2006. At the time, Google was investing heavily in satellite imagery since it knew that mapping software would have a massive impact on the future. When you use SketchUp, you can take advantage of all the functionality that Google built to import satellite maps and three-dimensional objects from Google Earth. Since content from Google Earth can be used with no copyright restrictions, this library can function as a logical starting point for advanced projects.

4. Make Use of the Follow-Me Tool

Creating advanced spheres is ordinarily difficult, but SketchUp makes creating these objects as easy as possible. All you must do is create two circles that intersect before turning one of the rings on its central axis to create a perfectly spherical object. To confirm your work, you can even use the SketchUp protractor tool to ensure that everything lines up with exact precision. Learning how to use the follow-me tool effectively can cut hours of modeling work down to just a few minutes.

5. Use Soap Skin and Bubble

One of the best add-ons for SketchUp is Soap Skin and Bubble. The plugin lets you turn flat surfaces into a mesh, but it also comes with a particular function that enables you to expand one side as if you are inflating a balloon. You can, then, inflate or deflate the object to create complex structures that can make your model look outstanding.

6. Take Advantage of Textures and Material Properties

SketchUp comes with a robust texture editor that lets you easily modify and create new textures without switching to different applications. Additionally, you can also edit material properties using SketchUp to make sure the planning of your textures look right from different angles and in high-contrast settings. The application even includes access to a free material library that offers metals, plastics, stone, and other common materials.

7. Explore Presentation Features

Professionals often use SketchUp for its unique animation features that are easy to use. However, the animation features are so usable that many architects and other designers use SketchUp to create interactive presentations that let clients quickly flip through sections of a model to make sense of it. You can, for instance, create an animation that pans the camera from one floor to the next inside a building that you are designing.

8. Take Advantage of Rendering Software

Although SketchUp lets you use expensive rendering tools from leading vendors, there are also several high-quality rendering tools that you do not have to pay for. You can, for instance, use Indigo Renderer as an alternative to 3DS Max or V-Ray. If the cost of rendering software is holding you back from starting to use SketchUp, make sure that you give SketchUp’s free rendering tools a try to see if they will work in your situation.

9. Organize Your Toolbar Effectively

You will get the most out of SketchUp’s available functionality when you stay highly organized. To use the hundreds of add-ons that it takes to speed up your workflow, take the time to learn how to use SketchUp’s “hide” and “selection” tools. Thereby, you can download every plugin you want without having to worry about turning your toolbar into a cluttered mess.

10. Learn More on the SketchUcation Forums

In this SketchUp guide, we were only able to cover 10 of the many essential tips. If you want to learn more, you can visit the SketchUcation forms to read high-quality posts and SketchUp tutorials from both experts and beginners. By learning from the community, you can quickly get up to speed on all SketchUp’s functionality so that you can start building the models of your dreams.

How to Mix Modern & Traditional Design Trends

How to Mix Modern & Traditional Design Trends

Create your own unique decorating look by mixing old architecture and furniture with new, modern pieces. Here’s how to do this the right way!

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You may have heard from some period feature purist that mixing modern and old is sacrilege when it comes to making the most of historical features. However, mixing the new with the old can create a stamp to your home that is uniquely you. Renovating period features and laying down modern flooring and painting styles can really highlight design aspects of a historic home that keeping it in its former condition simply wouldn’t.

Get an Extension

If you’re currently residing in a Victorian terrace, for example, one of its historic features might be its unfortunate lack of space. Sometimes beautiful old terrace houses don’t quite have the square footage we’d hoped for, as they were initially designed for mining and factory communities who could only afford a two-up two-down property. If this is the case for your property, it could be well worth your while getting an extension to open it up and transform the look of the interior. This is particularly great if you’re looking to install patio doors or extra room for a dining room.

However, if the idea of going wide doesn’t appeal to you – then think upwards. You can also add an extension in the form of a loft conversion. Adding an extra level to your house frees up plenty of space, but without having to add an extra block of building that wasn’t previously there. Not only is it discreet, but you can play around with how the staircase is situated, and any wooden beams that could be brought into the design.

Contrast curtains with window frames

If you have beautiful double glazed sash windows, it’s a good idea to make the most of them – after all modern builds don’t come with these charming features. If you’re incorporating modern features into your house, but don’t want to lose focus of your windows, then putting modern curtains up can draw attention to where the light is coming in. Using single block colours, contemporary patters or slate greys will immediately give your home a modern twist in a way that compliments its older features.

Don’t be afraid to go industrial

Industrial styling is perhaps one of the most modern aesthetics you can go for. Steel and metal beams and structures will instantly add a contemporary touch. You will be surprised by just how elegant industrial structures can look: what makes them look part of the house is how they fit into the whole picture. Putting potted plants and ornaments on a metal shelf or putting steel structures amongst wooden ones will create a pleasant and eye-catching contrast, not an obtrusive one.

Mixing modern and old is almost as old as time itself. What constitutes as modern now, might change a few years down the line. This is why you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment – mixing up the two is more about the contrast than making a statement about today’s trends. Keep the features that stand out as being beautiful, and be brave with parts of your property that can be changed.