Amp up Your Home with Our Designer Approved Trends

Amp up Your Home with Our Designer Approved Trends

To be honest, interior designing is not a cup of tea. It always looks simple but is a little complicated yet interesting procedure that involves a lot of tricks and techniques. Many of us often have no idea where to start decoration from If you are one of them, here are some useful decor tips approved by interior designers:


Tip#1: Artworks for Your Rooms

Photo: Amanda Nisbet

It is easy to bring home some great artworks from the schools. If you are a child or teenager, participate in drawing classes warmly and have some marvelous artworks for your bedrooms. You must remember that putting them up on your cabinet is not going to work. Give a glittering and beautiful look to your rooms because artworks are a good addition to interior designing. It is a way of transforming a room, and can make you feel nice and amazing. Once you have considered the mood of the rooms, then next step is to find the right kind of artworks. All of the pieces should be hanged at the eye level for greater impression.

Tip#2: Use Different Colors to Create Variety

Photo: Amanda Nisbet

The use of different colors to create variety is a wonderful idea. If you are investing handsome amount for home decoration, just remember that you don’t need to spend all of the money on the same paint colors. A lot of ways are there to use colors that create special effects in your rooms. For the best ideas, it is good to consult an interior designer. A white ceiling can make rooms look precious when adjusted with red or other dark colors. Curtains, cupboards, furniture, and walls etc. everything has to be beautiful and attractive for maximum exposure.

Tip#3: Place Medium-Sized Furniture

For those who have a taste of big sized furniture, my recommendation is to go with medium sized furniture items. If your rooms are small, then obviously bigger sized beds, sofas, tables etc. aren’t of any use. It is up to you of how you want to decorate your rooms and what’s your budget. Investing in medium sized furniture is not only money saving but also this saves a lot of your room’s space, giving an edge to the overall beauty of the rooms. Be careful to hang newly acquired art too low or too high on your artwork at the correct height.

Tip#4: Rugs Should Fit Your Rooms

Photo: Alykhan Velji Design

Many of us have been crazy for rugs when it comes to decorate the bedrooms. If you own so many things, minimize the appearance by keeping your walls simple. Always remember that you should not put anything on your walls because you should see whether this looks good or not. Too many items can clutter up your home, making it look odd and boring. Rugs should always fit your rooms and the overall beauty of the home. For this, you can involve your children in cleaning up time and they could organize toys in a way that is most suitable for them.

Tip#5: Proper Lighting is Must

This is nothing I can make you realize because everyone knows the significance of proper lighting. It is crucial in spaces such as bathrooms and kitchen, as well as storerooms. Make sure you have either fancy or simple lights to for each and every portion of your house, with nothing giving a look of being darkened.

An easy way to make your space look twice the size is by having great lighting or simply changing your light bulbs. A room with dim lights or not enough lighting can look dark, gloomy, and a lot smaller. If you focus on brightening up dark corners you will be surprised at what a difference it makes. You can instantly make your room look a lot more spacious without having to increase your home’s size!

Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen PLUS Some Inspiration for Your Kitchen Decor

Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen PLUS Some Inspiration for Your Kitchen Decor

It’s not easy cleaning the kitchen, especially being a full-time house wife with a home full of children.  Spending a typical afternoon for kitchen cleaning will involve grease splatters, crumbs on the floor, and a pile of dishes. Here are some easy kitchen cleaning tips (plus some kitchen decor inspiration) that will make your life a little easier! 

Photo: Home & Design Magazine Naples

Use A Garbage Bowl

Use a garbage bowl to throw the unnecessary things. It is a key to neat and clean kitchen. Instead of walking over to the trash can or compost bin with handful of peelings or scraps, you can place a bowl on the counter so that your work is made easier and convenient. It is an effective idea to have a dustbin in one of the corners of the kitchen so that during cooking, you don’t have to run here and there to throw the garbage.

Keeping a convenient garbage bowl right next to the sink is an ingenious way to save time and actually make a lesser mess! Think about peelings falling to the floor every time you make your way to the garbage bin. Sounds like fun? We don’t think so!

Line the Cutting Board with Cutting Mat

Consider lining your cutting board with a flexible cutting mat. Chopping and cutting the vegetables on the odd surface of the board is not going to be easy. It is a wonderful idea to bring home a number of shelf-mats. Use a thin, flexible cutting mat on top of the cutting board.

Photo: Marvin Windows and Doors

Keep the Shelves Clean

As kitchen shelves are where you have to keep the things round the clock, their proper and regular cleaning is mandatory. Use mats to keep on the shelves and wash them every now and then. If you have little naughty kids who don’t let the mats at their place, keep a soft clean cloth for kitchen’s cleaning. Once the cooking is done, clean the shelves. It is better to clean them with wet cloth dipped in detergent once in a week, but don’t spread bleaching powder of a cleaning-acid onto the shelves.

Photo: Cheryl Scrymgeour Designs

Pick Up Things from Floor Instantly

We often don’t care much of picking up the things instantly from the floor, considering that this can be done later on. I must say that picking up anything useless or slippery that falls onto the floor is ideal. I personally do this a lot of times throughout the day. Pick up that strawberry, mangoes, or the cheese that fell to the ground. This will save a lot of your time at the end when you start cleaning the kitchen.

Little things make a huge difference when cleaning your kitchen. Try to make pet-peeves a habit like picking up garbage or washing the dishes right after cooking. In the long run, you will be surprised at how much less work you have at the end of a meal!

Dust Everyday

Kitchen is one of the busiest and most important parts of our home. One should not ignore its dusting on a daily basis. Usually the females focus much on dusting bedrooms, and living area. At the same time, your kitchen requires your attention. Minor dusting on a daily basis, and thorough dusting once a week is what you can do to save your time, ensuring that the kitchen looks absolutely clean.

Photo: Even Steven Agenturer

These are certainly some of the basic things you can keep in mind so that the kitchen looks stunning and neat. Is there any other tip in your mind? Don’t forget to share with us!

7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Clean for Good!

7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Clean for Good!

Learn how to keep your bedroom clean and maintain it’s cleanliness with our 7 easy ways that save time, energy, and make your space look neat all week long!

Photo: Martha O’Hara Interiors

Spare Some Time for Cleanliness Everyday

It is a good idea to spare some time for bedroom cleanliness on a daily basis. You should not take it for granted. Those who live in cold and snowy climates have to suffer from least dust as compared to the individuals who live in warm and highly populated areas.

Don’t ignore proper and regular dusting, make it a part of your daily life and routine. Set aside at least ten minutes aside in the morning or before you go to sleep to do a regular bedroom clean up. Making your bed, vacuuming, dusting, and putting away clothes and belongings in their proper spots makes a huge difference in you overall cleanliness at the end of the day. Do not leave all of your cleaning till the weekend, instead make it a part of your daily activities.

Photo: Steven Ford Interiors

Organize Your Bedroom Closet

One of the most challenging places to keep clean and organized is the bedroom closet. Don’t think of the toughness you may have to go through. Organize the things properly, and don’t make your bedroom closet look like a big mess.

Wash Bed-Sheets and Curtains Once A Week

Yes, it is a great idea to wash the bed-sheets and curtains at least once a week. Make sure the bedding and overall things in your bedroom are not only well organized but also look neat and clean. This will surely leave positive impression on the minds of viewers, and will make your moments special.

Photo: Krystina Hollenbeck

Deep Clean the Bedroom Every Month

As you are doing daily cleaning and dusting, deep cleaning is not needed sooner than a month. Make sure to adapt this habit that at the start of the month, you clean each and everything. This will take a little extra time. On this particular day, you need to make sure that not only bedding and curtains are washed and changed, but also you have washed the floor with water and a quality detergent. If needed, polish the floor to retain its shine and attraction years after years.

An easy, affordable, and eco-friendly way to make your floors shine is to mix a solution of three parts water and one part white vinegar. Use a mop or clean cloth to wipe your hardwood or tiles floors with this solution. This will help restore your floors to their former glory and make them shine like no other!

Use the Linen Spray

Linen sprays are a great way to freshen up your sheets, curtains and even rugs whenever needed. One of the downfalls is that they seem ridiculously pricey when you’re at the store. But don’t worry you are not going to use those things on daily basis, so it is better to bring home the quality linen spray for thorough cleaning of the bedroom.

Photo: Weaver Design Group

Take Care of Your Mattress

We use mattress daily as these are the best option to provide our bodies complete comfort and rest during the sleeping hours. You are supposed to take good care of the mattress. Keep them under the sun once a month so that any possible germs are killed due to UV rays. Don’t try to wash the mattress with detergent because its soapy materials will never get out of the foam.

At the end, don’t forget to wash or dust the dirty windows, and clean the doors with a dry and soft cloth. With the above in mind, you can surely have well lightened and bright room to live in.

Tips to Design a Bedroom that Grows with Your Child

Tips to Design a Bedroom that Grows with Your Child

On this page, we will share the tips to design a bedroom that glows with your child. Yes, the kids are notorious to change their rooms every now and then, because their taste keeps on changing minute after minute. If you can afford, it should not be a big problem or you. Allow your children to organize their bedroom’s items in accordance with their requirements. This will not only make them creative but also will give them a chance to learn basic manners of the home.

Design a Bedroom

Design a Bedroom

Design a Bedroom

Invest in Timeless Furniture

Invest in timeless furniture, the one that doesn’t easily go out of date. For your little ones, it is ideal to get taken in by picturesque nursery items. The children can give you ideas and provide useful suggestions if they have reached adolescent. In case, they are little and cannot help you choose the furniture, it is your duty to invest the money in something timeless. For example, instead of buying a child-sized bureau, choose one that their clothes will grow into. The furniture that is spacious and accommodates so many things easily is the most suitable for the children’s bedrooms.

Choose Multifunctional Products

Multifunctional products have no alternative. Double-duty furniture is ideal to add great transition to the children’s room. Think of the ideas of how the multi-purpose things can be selected so that the children’s room looks prettier than ever. Make sure your child has enough space to keep toys, stationary, books, and other essentials. Don’t bulk their room with so many useless things. Use changing table, foldable chairs, and flexible bed to decorate the bedroom of your little one.

Keep Pricy Design Elements Neutral

In any of the design projects, you need to pay attention to floor covering, furniture pieces, and paint colors. Of course, the children would never love to have odd and light wall paints. Make their rooms look glittering with multiple colors. Combine pink with blue, yellow with red, or any other two or more shades to decorate the baby’s room. Pick paint colors that are warm and inviting. In the same way, the curtains have to be cute, containing classic and vibrant prints. Where neutrality is concerned, price is a good rule to follow. If you feel that the product you are buying is not worth your cost, don’t make such investments.

Add Personality with Accessories

Always remember that child’s room should not be devoid of personality. It is where they will spend most of their times while studying, watching television, playing games, and doing other things. Add personality to their bedroom with multiple accessories. While choosing the accessories, make sure you don’t bring home something that is never going to be needed by the little ones. Allow your kid to choose a few knickknacks for display in his area, and involve them in designing process.

At the end I would like to recommend that involve your children in the day to day activities. Especially when the decoration of their rooms is concerned, make sure they are present around to give you suggestions about the wall paint colors, curtain designs, and the style of furniture etc. Their involvement and your creativity will result remarkably. What do you feel?

Fastest Ways to Clean Your Bathroom

Fastest Ways to Clean Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the busiest and dirtiest spots in your house. It requires utmost attention and proper cleaning. So, start sweating and spend hours so that the bathroom remains hygienic and germs-free. There are numerous products available in the markets that promise to clean your bathroom, keeping it dirt-free; unfortunately most of them are good for nothing.

Fastest Ways to Clean Your Bathroom

Below we have shared the fastest ways to clean your bathroom:

Collect Dirt Many Times a Day

It is wrong if you say that I’ve just collected the dirt and how would not do the same. As you, your family members, or friends/relatives will be using this part of the house every now and then, thus, collecting the dirt many times a day is mandatory. See if something dirty and ugly is present across the back of your dusty toilet tank, under and around the seat. Flush the bleach and move out when even a small toothpick or a piece of tissue paper isn’t present there.

Grab a Bag

It is good to hang a plastic grocery bag on the doorknob as a quick way to gather trash. This is one of the finest tricks for instant and through cleaning of the bathroom. Make everyone aware that the dirt has to throw in that particular bag—not here and there.

Shine Up Properly

Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and white vinegar. Spray the solution everywhere in the bathroom especially onto the paper towels, microfiber cloth. Don’t forget wiping away the soap drip, toothpaste spatters on faucets, mirror, countertop, and in the sink. If you are serious about the hygiene of the house, bear in mind that the bathroom’s inside and outside has to look clean and shiny.

Try Towel Trick

Don’t get confused. We are not going to tell you anything difficult to follow here. Keep a separate towel to clean the floor of the bathroom. This has not to be hanged in the area where the children approach it easily. Whenever you have washed the floor of bathroom, use this soft towel to clean and dry it out. Repeating the process two times a day is good enough.

Avoid Carpeting Your Bathroom

Most of the people, living in high profile societies, carpet their bathrooms—which I feel is not nice. Inside the carpet rugs, there may be so much dust or even tiny insects who are hiding from your eyes and can cause any harms. I simply prefer to avoid carpeting the bathrooms. Have tiled floors, the ones which are light in color and easy to clean. It is okay if the floor is little slippery, just be careful while stepping into the bathroom, and things would go normal.

Cleaning of the bathroom is as essential as you clean you bedrooms and living area. In fact, this part of your home needs much more care as it is a dirty and non-hygienic place which can cause severe diseases due to the production of germs and so much dirt. Always keep the things of the bathroom clean so that impression on guests or friends goes absolutely positive.