Best Tips for Kitchens That Are Short on Counter Space

Counter space is one of the best and most precious real estate in your lovely house. There are certainly ways to take good care of the kitchen. Sometimes in this part of the house, the counters act as extra storage for everyday tools and ingredients.

Best Tips for Kitchens

Best Tips for Kitchens

Best Tips for Kitchens

Best Tips for Kitchens

Here are the best tips for kitchens that are short on counter space.

Try a towel bar

A towel bar is one of the simplest solutions to take advantage of a portion of your kitchen counters: the sides. Install it in different parts of your house. It is nice enough to hang pots and pans on a hanging bar as the bonus is you’ll save enough space plus the outlook of the kitchen become superb. The towel bars come in wide range of finishes, so choose the one that matches your kitchen environment in a perfect way.

Keep a cake stand by the sink

It is a wonderful, in fact genius idea to keep a cake stand by the sink with soaps and dishrags in it. This stand will add pretty touch to your kitchen, making the counter double-decker, so cleaners cannot be in the way all the times.

Cute toaster for your kitchen

The selection of a cute toaster for your kitchen is a great idea. It is one of the finest storing appliances you use every day. We strongly recommend devoting counter space to blender or toaster, making sure it looks good with the kitchen and doesn’t give a feeling of being something useless. It has to be of a good brand, so that reliability can be made sure.

Pick utensils to match

Pick the versions of utensils that are both stylish and easy to use. This will definitely create great kitchen environment. Your favorite kitchen tools, plates, glasses, spoons, and rest of the things need to be well organized. It will be more than great to match your countertop appliances with the tools of your choice. Say no to those “bad looking and non-stylish” kitchen products because you don’t need them anymore.

Selection of pretty canisters

If you’re an avid baker who always loves to easily access the sugar, flours, and other things during cooking, devote some counter space to non-perishables, and don’t forget to leave them in their original packaging so that their shine and grace is maintained when not in use. You can place elegant glass jars with a few glasses of different sizes in the middle of the dining table. On the other hand, the opaque stainless canisters look fabulous and have become necessity of many of the kitchens these days.

Create cohesive, and intentional feel

It is very important to create cohesive and intentional feel by having more storage area. Adapt clever kitchen decoration designs. Layering cutting boards against backsplash, and the use of white serving tray to corral large utensils, spices, and olive oil is fair enough. Devote a portion or two of your kitchen to the tools you would like to grab every now and then. Keep the daily use utensils within the reach, and those who aren’t used prior to the arrival of guests need to be places in the store room so that decoration is not compromised at all.

It is very important to remember that you don’t need any special tricks to beautify the kitchen. The above ones can certainly give good results. So, what do you think of these tips!

Modern Kitchen Designs with Islands Look Fabulous to Try

When it comes to think of decorating the kitchen, we start planning a contemporary, classic or modern style with all common things placed within the premises of the kitchen. This is time to get out of the box and be more than enough creative. Before going through the article, don’t forget to explore these modern kitchen designs with islands which look fabulous to try.

Modern Kitchen Designs

Modern Kitchen Designs

Modern Kitchen DesignsModern Kitchen DesignsModern Kitchen Designs

Modern Kitchen Designs Modern Kitchen Designs

Modern Kitchen Designs

What You Think About Kitchen Designs with Islands

After reading the title, what you thought about kitchen designs with islands ideas? Do you feel they will look contemporary or traditional? Actually, we have shared the ideas of both modern and traditional kitchen styles. The application of island-like look inside the kitchen gives a soothing and magnificent feel.

A contemporary kitchen island can be colored with simple yet attractive color tones, having a marble or granite surface. A traditional kitchen has a wooden countertop on its body. You just need to follow your brain ideas to come up with something highly innovative and extraordinary.

Contemporary Kitchen Designing with Island

The contemporary kitchen design with island looks dominating when you have black and white colors everywhere. First of all take a look at your kitchen cabinets and cupboards. Do they need renovation? Are they colored contemporarily? If you feel it is No, then you have to plan their renovation. Make sure to install kitchen cabinets and cupboards with black and off-white color combinations. Give them a contrasting and appealing look. Now comes the turn of the walls, ceilings, and flooring. All of these things need to be painted with white with a middle area of the kitchen of black color. The black body combined with white marble surface exudes modernity in maximum way. Such an idea goes well both for large and spacious, and small or medium sized kitchens.

Farmhouse Kitchen Designing

If you live in a farmhouse, then its kitchen must be spacious with a lot of wooden touches around the area. Have a look at your ceilings, what colors they are of? Some of us decorate such parts of the kitchen with shiny colors with the roof being colored with light shades. Include whites and blacks a lot in your farmhouse kitchen. Yes, here again the same idea is applied because without these two shades, it is not possible to have an island-like look. The kitchen island should a quarter of a circle with sleek black surface. Built-in display storage for wine bottles needs to be created on the body.

Mediterranean Kitchen Style

A Mediterranean kitchen has a medium size having white combined with dark brown. The white areas are given by the ceiling and wall around. Make sure such a kitchen has spacious and beautiful glass windows. Install glass doors if possible to beauty the overall environment with natural looks. Apply lots of brown cabinets, and all should be made from quality wood.

A Mediterranean kitchen is always styled with a lot of wood, having simple yet appealing look. It surface has to be sleek, and it is better to have floor with white granite or simple brownish wood.

Most Innovative Open Kitchen Design Ideas of 2015

Choosing an open kitchen design is what you can do if you are fed-up of living in a small home or apartment. Even when any of your bedroom or living area has to be merged with your kitchen, you shouldn’t worry because an open kitchen can give you a lot of benefits. Before we go through the article, explore these most innovative open kitchen design ideas of 2015.

Most Innovative Open Kitchen Design Ideas

Most Innovative Open Kitchen Design Ideas

Most Innovative Open Kitchen Design Ideas

Most Innovative Open Kitchen Design Ideas

Most Innovative Open Kitchen Design Ideas

Most Innovative Open Kitchen Design Ideas

Choose the Suitable Design

It is not mandatory to go with a sophisticated and difficult to manage kitchen, you can choose a suitable design. Even when you have your kitchen in u-shape or rectangular shape, feel free to give it an open-looking environment by designing it awesomely. Consider to design your home interior with open floor design. For the kitchen, you can also go with the option of tile floor which looks highly innovative and fabulous.

Don’t Get Confused about Designs

It is okay if your home is small, you don’t need to get confused about open kitchen design. Use the most modern or contemporary style and don’t try to go with a classic kitchen design. You just need to use your innovative capabilities so that the look of the kitchen becomes out of the world. Have a spacious dining area adjusted in your kitchen premises rather than setting a separate living or dining room. This will not only be money saving, but also time and space saving as you would not need to separately invest in a dining room because an open kitchen is already providing the space to sit and enjoy the food with the whole family.

Getting Inspiration

Try different designs or seek the help of an interior decorator to get inspiration of an innovative open kitchen. You can have a minimalist kitchen as well using wooden kitchen cabinets, but make sure the space is enough for your whole family.

If you have gone with the tiled floor for an open kitchen, make sure it isn’t slippery. Kitchen is an area where you will spend much time in cooking. Chances are that the garbage or other particles will be unwillingly thrown on the floor by any of you. In such a situation, if the floor of the kitchen is of marble or tile, it should not make you slip. If you feel yours is not the kitchen with slip-resistant floor, then best option is to go with another floor which is totally slip-resistant as this can save you from dangers.

Classic Country Kitchen Design

Although we recommended to not go with classic open kitchens, if you still cannot live without them then go with classic country kitchen designs. With this, the kitchen countertop looks so elegant when using marble kitchen countertop. Also this gives an impression of being in an interesting and well decorated dining area. To make the environment soothing, allow natural light and air to come into the kitchen via windows. Having glass doors is good if you don’t live in a populated and crowded area.

There are certainly a lot of ways you can decorate your open kitchen. Whatsoever your style or design may be, you need to make sure that the kitchen doesn’t make you feel bad. It should, instead, double your confidence when shown to the friends or relatives on an event or get together. This is only possible when the kitchen is innovatively designed and is well furnished.

U Shaped Kitchen Designs – An Efficient Way of Kitchen Decoration

With the passage of time, new styles and trends of kitchen decoration have been launched. Thanks to the creative minded interior decorator to make all this possible.

U Shaped Kitchen Designs

There are chances that you live in an apartment or home with small kitchen. But this doesn’t mean its decoration isn’t important. The truth is each and every part of your home/apartment requires your attention. If you feel that some parts of it need a total renovation, don’t forget to plan something nice for the kitchen as well. The u-shaped kitchen designs are much in trend across America, Canada, and Europe. It is an efficient way of kitchen decoration.

Purposeful U Shaped Kitchen Styles

Obviously, your kitchen’s u-shape is a purposeful and exceptional idea. This matches well the density of the small area, and at the same time makes the kitchen look innovative. Allow your interior designer to set all the things as per the shape of the kitchen. He/she may get a stove of medium size, will throw out some utensils, giving space to newer ones. Also the interior decorator will adjust the wall paints of the color scheme that is perfect for u-shaped kitchens.

Here you just have to stop interfering, letting them work freely so that the end result is highly impressive.

U Shape is good to cope with small space

Do you have to cope up with the problem of small space of the kitchen? If it is so, there is no better option than to have u-shaped kitchen. You are needed to have efficient application of furniture and equipments in your kitchen. The best way is to apply upright design. The wall mounted cabinet will give you good and efficient application. Position the cabinets above the countertop to get best results.

Have some storage efficient ideas by combining small floor base with wall mounted applications. Your u-shaped kitchen has to not look odd and boring, and for this, the space saving ideas have always to be remembered.

Small Applications of Smart Items

It is obvious that in a u-shaped kitchen, you cannot place large and big things. If you feel that you have to collection of some heavyweight items only, it is time to change them all as none of them is going to be suitable for your kitchen. The selection of the appropriate kitchen items for a u-shaped area is the key to success.

Begin by repairing the small spacious kitchen design. The very first thing you need to do is to clean up the kitchen goods and avoid the crowd. Tiny kitchen cabinets of colorful paints will suit you the most. Have a small closet for putting cookware and kitchen spices. Small kitchen design minimalist needs to be laid out with multifunctional furniture so that the overall environment doesn’t look crowded.

Also remember that if your kitchen had another shape, you may have to spend extra money to get a u-shape. Don’t worry as this is going to be worth your money, time, and efforts. Just give freedom to yourself and of course the interior decorator so that the desired goals of u-shaped kitchen can be achieved in an efficient and effective way.

Best Ways to Create a Vintage-Style Kitchen

We all get bored of the same styles of kitchen. Are you feeling that you need renovation? If so, don’t forget to give a try to vintage-style kitchen. It is one of the most appealing and trendy ways you can give attractive look to your cooking area. Here are the best ways to create a vintage-style kitchen.

Best Ways to Create a Vintage-Style Kitchen

Experiment with Kitchen Drawers

Retrofitted with electrical outlets and reconfigured drawers, this is what we all dream of. Experiment with kitchen drawers in one way or the other. Try to keep them 9-foot-long and paint with attractive colors. Make sure that you have drawers for multiple tasks with enough space inside. Once your kitchen drawers are ready, arrange utensils in an easy-to-find way.

Go Bold with Turquoise Cabinets

Go bold with turquoise cabinets. It is a wonderful idea for having a vintage-style kitchen. Give the kitchen cabinets a slightly weathered look, first coat them with blue oil stain, then use rag and the final look is going to be very amazing.

A Handmade Toolbox for Storage

If you feel that you need extra storage, add a handmade toolbox in one of the corners of your kitchen. Store the daily utensils here. It is perfect if you are able to get a hang-able toolbox which can be adjusted right above the stove. But make sure it is kept protected from the heat.

Choose a Buttery Wall Paint

A buttery wall paint is purposed to give smooth and elegant look to your kitchen. The soft creamy hue can be combined with the natural wood stain on windows and doors. You can create a warm backdrop for the kitchen’s bold accents by having some lighter shades such as off-white, cream, light yellow, light pink, and others.

Pick Stainless Countertops

Picking stainless countertops is a good idea to have unique looking vintage-style kitchen. If you are much inspired by the industrial kitchens, pizza shops, restaurants, or other food points, add versatility and durability to your own kitchen with stainless countertops. These are neither fancy nor too boring to make the kitchen look outdated.

Embrace Open Storage

You must have open storage inside the kitchen. On the cabinets flanking the vent hood, you can leave the doors off for having casual look. Keep all the ingredients, spices, and dry goods stored in apothecary jars, adjusted inside the cabinets, and let the kitchen shelves be empty so that open storage feel is obtained.

Update Your Pantry

To give the functional space a farmhouse look, build two panels, and consider to update your pantry. As you are having whole new look of the kitchen in vintage-style, it is mandatory to use salvaged stained-glass window that brings in light from the entryway and windows conveniently.

Have a Better Looking Sink

In our kitchens, the significance of sinks cannot be ignored. These are where you keep dirty utensil and wash them on a daily basis. While decorating the kitchen, don’t forget to have a better looking sink, the one that is best suitable to a vintage-style kitchen.

Best Ways to Create a Vintage-Style Kitchen

With the above tips in mind, you can definitely give an edgy and adorable look toy our kitchen. Once the decoration and renovation is completed, make sure it not only leaves good impression on you but also on someone who arrives your house and is so frank to help you in kitchen preparing some delicious meal.