Most Popular Summer Garden Ideas: Choosing The Best Plants

When it comes for us to decide how to decorate our gardens, we take no risk to choose the beautiful decorative plants. During the summer season, you are better to assemble flowers and shrubs in a way that they give attractive and charming look to your gardens. For example, if you don’t like species that require a lot of shade and moisture, give preference to the ones which can grow well in intense climate and under the sunlight.

Summer Garden Ideas

If you have just started thinking how to decorate your garden summers, speak to a gardener or a nursery owner about the most suitable plants.

Plants of Tomatoes

Tomatoes certainly give a wonderful and remarkable look to your gardens. Bring home plants of tomatoes as these can grow nicely even when the temperature is 50 degrees C. Tomatoes thrive with six to eight hours of full sunlight, so it is better to not plant them in heavy rainfall climate. The tomato plants will add beauty to your garden. Of course, when the tomatoes ripe you can use them as a meal. Allow to grow to a maximum length and keep on cutting the harsh and dead bushes to create freshness.

Witch Hazel

The American species of witch hazel are good to use during the months of November and December. On the other hand, the Asian species of this plant bloom during January and February. Witch hazel is drought tolerant, so this will be ideal to have in your garden when the climate is too hot and there is no rainfall. This plant not only looks beautiful but also gives you cool and calm shade in the hot sunny days. It is hardy against disease and insects. Once plants bloom, you can see vibrating colors and fragrance added to your lovely garden.

Okra Plants

The okra plants thrive in hot weather with great ease. As a tradition, these plants are a part of many Asian and Australian gardens. It is a delicious southern vegetable plant that gives cooling effects in the warm areas. Just like tomatoes, start okra plants indoor and then transplant them outside during the summer season. The best time for these plants to grow is the end of June till August. Treat the roots gently and carefully when you decide to replant them. Pick off the okra pods the time when their length is over four inches, otherwise they are likely to become too mature and weak.

Autumn and Winter Squash

If you want squash varieties to give your garden color and appealing look, then there are multiple varieties to consider such as acorn, bananas, butternuts, buttercup, carnival, gold nuggets, pumpkins, and turban etc. All of these squash types need fun sun and dry environment as well as well-drained soil for proper growth. Their vines require lots of room because they can grow up to a length of 5-10 square feet.


Ninebark is an easy to grow shrub that needs to be handles with keen attention and great care. Due to its vast array of colors, this will add nice look to your garden. It requires little maintenance, but be aware powdery mildew that comes from peeling bark during the winter season.

Summer Garden Ideas

All of these plants are suitable for summer season, with some nice to grow in winters. You need not to spend a fortune to give your gardens exceptional look. What your plants need is regular maintenance and proper watering.

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