5 Ways You Are Ruining Your Wood Floors

It is really difficult to keep the wood floors’ shine maintained years after years. For the parents with so many naughty kids, the wood floors can be a hectic thing regardless of the fact that they give timeless beauty and charm to your home.

Ways You Are Ruining Your Wood Floors

Here are the 5 ways you are ruining your wood floors and need to take measure immediately before your wood floors completely destroy.

1. Walk around in stilettos

Walking around in stilettos can destroy your wood floor. Those who are habitual of wearing heavyweight shoes and walk on the floor without any worry should be informed that your shoes can be the reason the wood floor is broken. The females and males should wear comfortable casual footwear in the house. Neither high heels are good nor the jogging shoes on softwoods.

2. Not guarding floors from your chairs

Do you guard floors from your chairs? Usually it happens that we keep on bringing the chairs from one area to another for sitting purposes. On rolling the heavy chairs, the wood of the floor can be broken. Make sure for such parts of the house, you have brought plastic chair and lightweight furniture. It is good to spread foam or plastic sheets everywhere on the floor so that you don’t need to keep chairs or tables.

3. Not careful when applying stain and finishes

We often don’t care about the beauty and charm of our wood floor while applying stains and finishes. Careless use of aniline dyes or pigmented stains can result in broken or destroyed wood floors. These are usually the cheap, tacky, glossy items that are purposed to give shine to our wood. We tend to use boar varnish or super-strong sealants for cleaning purposes—all of which can damage the wood floors if not used carefully.

4. Skip weekly maintenance

Do you really do so? Skipping weekly maintenance can result drastically. It is true that mineral oil hides some scratches and a rag dipped in alcohol draws our moisture if you are having patches of cloudiness on your wood floor. The best and must remember thing is NEVER skip weekly maintenance. Whether you do floor polishing yourself or hire an expert for this, in either of the ways weekly or monthly maintenance can save your wood floors from getting damaged.

5. Not properly protecting the floors from houseplants

Indoor plants are a way to decorate the house and make the internal environment peaceful and calm. At the same time, these can be a reason to damage your wood floor. Are you not properly protecting the wood floor from houseplants? It is good to not keep heavyweight or very tall plants on the wood floor. You can place a trivet under the saucer, so cool and fresh air is provided.

Some other must remember things are don’t overreact to leak damage, and don’t use sand imperfections to cover up the holes. The beauty of your house can only be maintained if you take very special care of the wood floor. And if you feel this is something impossible for you, have tiled-floors or marble-floors which need lesser attention and care.

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