Five Biggest Mistakes You Make When You Dust

Keeping the homes and offices clean is one of the major concerns nowadays. So much pollution and dust particles make us feel bad when it comes to through dusting and cleaning of an area.

Five Biggest Mistakes You Make When You Dust

It may feel like a losing battle but there are certainly some tricks to remember. Dusting, being one of my favorite activities, is a way I can keep my home look beautiful and hygienic. I usually dust during the weekends, and don’t feel tired to spend some extra hours for it. While it is impossible to get permanent rid of the dust, here are mentioned five biggest mistakes you make when you dust to that avoidance can be made possible.

1. Dry dusting

Let’s be honest with ourselves! We often practice this. Dry dusting is of no use. When the dust is dried, it easily becomes airborne. Other than this, it is impossible or too tough to gather and remove dry dust. Whenever you start dusting, make sure to have a wet cloth in hand. For easier cleaning, you can give preference to the microfibers dusters and cloths with a dusting spray or polish. Have no mood to spend money in such things? If so then use water-shower to sprinkle some water and to avoid the dry dust.

2. Spraying polish directly on furniture

This is not a good habit, in fact, it is one of the major mistakes many of us do. Spraying polish directly on furniture can ruin the natural attraction and shine of it. You should, instead, have a sprayed cloth and pass it gently over the surface of the furniture items. If you feel that this isn’t working efficiently, I recommend to spray polish gently and in little amount. Remove the dust and residues from the furniture before starting polish spray.

3. Forgot to change or clean your vacuum’s filters

Did you forget to change or clean your vacuum filter? If so, then do it right now. Vacuum cleaner filter is designed in a way that I captures the fine dust and pollutant particles, and trap them instantly. These particles keep on accumulating in the filter and thus it needs through and timely cleaning. Clogged filter cannot trap any more dust, so you would rather waste your time. it is important to wash or replace your vacuum filters every time you use vacuum cleaner.

4. Use of a feather duster

No question about it. The feather dusters have become a fashion and part of our daily routine. Isn’t it? The best way is to quit the use of this good-for-nothing item. You should instead use microfiber dusters or electrostatic dusters that are able to grab and hold onto the dust particles conveniently. Don’t waste your money on feather dusters, and replace them with something that really works.

5. Overlooking the heating and air conditioning vents

The air conditioning and heating vents remain invisible. But this doesn’t mean they are dust-free. These grilles on your walls and ceiling have dust magnets inside. This is what makes us realize that their proper and timely cleaning is mandatory. Use your vacuum’s soft brush or another attachment to clean the heating and air conditioning vents. Make sure that the dust doesn’t accumulate in their hidden holes/areas.

Five Biggest Mistakes You Make When You Dust

Keeping in mind the above, I am sure now you are clear with what to do and what to not while dusting. Am I right?

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