Outstanding architecture of closse residence by Naturehumaine

interior architecture by Naturehumaine

Outstanding architecture of closse residence by Naturehumaine Naturehumaine has added some extra staircase into this 1960s model home to transform it into a more stylish modern piece of architecture. The home is a minimalist piece of architecture located in Montreal , Canada, while the new staircase has formed part of the refurbishment to get the house back to reckoning. The old angular shapes have been have been cut off the planks and the partition walls have also been replaced with new staircase that will emphasize some focal point for the…

A Cross Between Cream-Colored Interior Design With A Dark Base Color Furniture

Interior design dark furniture

The house in the pics is the combination of beige and dark. You can see the traditional style. cream coloured ornaments and carvings with traditional wood furniture. This structure used everywhere in the house. Home furnishings, decorative ceilings and furniture in the house. The windows in the house is huge. By the way natural light easily illuminates all those beauty. As seen in the pics, the most interesting part is the library. Sky dome shaped and round along beams, there is illumination. That’ s the european well known model.