Science-Backed Ways to Create a Productive Office Space

Science-Backed Ways to Create a Productive Office Space

When creating the ideal office space, every company strives for a suitable office environment that offers comfort, while also being a productive space where employees enjoy spending time and work well within. There are various elements involved in creating the perfect office space. Below offers a rundown of just some of the science-backed ways to change your office space instantly for more productive results.

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Good Lighting

We are all familiar with the importance of lighting in an office, particularly for workers who are constantly looking at screens all day. When first working out the layout of an office, or even before you have hired an office space, do consider how much natural light the office provides. Research has found that workplaces with good daylight had a 30%-40% gain in productivity and sales. This shouldn’t be the only contributing factor to your final decision, but natural light can do wonders for the general aesthetic and atmosphere of an office. Natural light sets our body clock, so aiding this process as much as possible through simply considering windows in the design or layout is a great place to start. The environment for workers will be more open and bright because nobody likes to work in dark environments with minimal natural light. It can also potentially save on energy bills too!

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Aesthetics of an office are essential to get right, as being comfortable and relaxed will have a significant effect on your employees’ work ethic, focus, and output. After all, your employees will be spending a lot of time in the office, so ensuring your company provides a comfortable, welcoming setting where they enjoy spending time is vital. In the same way that having a clean and tidy house can benefit a person’s mental focus while at home, providing a pleasant work environment will naturally help create a highly productive office, full of happy workers. Functionality, layout, and design all play their part in curating an ideal office space, and you can easily make sure you’re on the right track by checking out to get you inspired.

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Airflow in an office is another factor that can easily be overlooked in the day-to-day office environment. Having airflow is essential to avoid a stuffy office, which can send employees into a sleepy stupor. Airflow can help to brighten an office and freshen the air supply throughout the day, creating an ideal working environment where workers feel comfortable and at ease. After all, you are always least productive when you have unavoidable distractions, as would be created from an unpleasant working space with stagnant air. A fun and easy additional fix could be to add air-purifying plants to your office space, which will add to your overall aesthetic, too.

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Multi-function spaces

Another idea that can help a company create a productive office space is by considering multi-functioning spaces. Allow for private offices, meeting rooms and separate booths, so regardless of the type of work carried out or space needed, you can ensure your office can offer it. It also involves having the latest tech for your employees so that they can effectively do their job. Presentation spaces and areas for workers to separate themselves from work and take a break should also be considered and will help add to your general aesthetic, which will appeal to potential workers, clients, and customers. A company’s success is only as good as their employees’ output, so ensure your staff has everything in place to carry out their job properly, and you will soon see the benefits.

5 Office Design Trends That Help Boost Productivity

5 Office Design Trends That Help Boost Productivity

Are you redecorating your office space at home or at your workplace? Here are some ingenious office decorating trends that could help you work and feel better!

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Modern office spaces are nothing like the cold, alienating workspaces we see in vintage movies. In many ways, we have young entrepreneurs and designers to thank for the office design switching from discouraging fun to using it as one of the main sparks of creativity and productivity. Modern offices are all about open, inviting layouts and mobility. Long gone are the cubicles, with more and more companies opting in for an open floor plan.

If you think workers having fun can be counterproductive, you are sorely mistaken. New designs have proven to boost productivity and make work less of a chore and more of a place to be. In this article, we’ll share some of the most inspiring modern office design trends that are sure to increase productivity and motivate your employees to come to work with a smile every day.

Freeform Lounge Zones

You should create lounge zones to help employees relax better while on their break. Your employees should be able to use the space to chat, read the latest news or just rest their eyes. Your lounge area should invite workers to rest when they need to, not create the opposite effect and chase them away.

The message here is that taking breaks during work is not a bad thing. Sometimes, employees need breaks to recharge their batteries after hours of staring at a screen. While it might seem counterproductive, encouraging breaks has proven to increase productivity. A good employer knows that working longer doesn’t necessarily mean working better.

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Flexible Furniture

Workers are generally more productive in flexible working conditions like flexible working hours and the ability to work from home. But flexibility does not need to stop there. Flexible furniture like modular pieces or adjustable sit-stand desks are bound to increase productivity. The number of combinations are only limited by your imagination. You could also add mobile walls, so workers can have privacy when they feel like it quickly and easily.

Use the Right Colors

It is a well-known fact that colors can boost productivity at the workplace. But you have to know which colors to use and where. For example, blue is generally considered as a productivity booster that helps employees concentrate. It is therefore a great color to paint your office walls and use to accentuate desks. On the other hand, green does not tire the eyes and is therefore a great way to create your dream office space. Yellow can help boost creativity and is great for a designer’s office while red stimulates blood flow and invokes emotion and is therefore a great color to draw the eye to something important in the office.

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Create Shared Workstations

Some people prefer to work alone, while others thrive in groups. That’s why you should give everyone the opportunity to work in an environment that fits them. To that end, consider adding shared workstations for teams that work better together. This should be an area where teams can brainstorm or work together away from their own workstations. Creating shared workstations is also a great way to free up space in your home, and create one office space for everyone.

Add More Plant Life

Plants are also one decorating detail more and more modern offices are adding to their décor. And for a good reason. Plants have been proven to increase productivity by a staggering 12 percent according to a study conducted by the Washington State University. But even without this handy boost, plants are a mandatory addition to every office as they breathe in a breath of fresh air and liven up a room.

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