Are You Sure You Want a Home Pool: The Ups and Downs of Owning a Pool

You know all those hot summer days when you just wish you could somehow make it all go away and find a way to stay cool and fresh without too much effort, because what’s the point if you have to try too hard? The first thing that comes to your mind is a pool in your backyard, and you are right on track.

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It is a great recreational place for your entire family, and it’s literally just a few feet away from the bedroom. No need to make tons of sandwiches and basically migrate your family to a local public swimming resort like river or lake if you could just enjoy all that in the privacy of your home. If privacy does not really bother you, then your friends and neighbors could also join the party and appreciate that sweet privilege of having a pool in your backyard.

It is also a great place for kids to keep them active during summer breaks. It is known that swimming is healthy and that it improves heart and lung capacity. It also helps alleviate back pain and lowers blood pressure. Certainly a great activity for kids because it keeps them away from passive hours in front of a monitor during summer heats and you don’t really have to reinvent new activities for them every single day, and it’s right there in your home. There really are plenty of uses and it’s so convenient and easy, the entire family can benefit.

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Are You Sure You Want a Pool?

We’ve been talking about all the pros so far, and they all sound pretty awesome. But in reality, there are some things you need to consider before making the final decision. If you are a homeowner you are probably thinking that pool will increase the value of the property and that buyers will be more interested in your home in particular because of it.

Tip: Having a swimming pool does not mean your property will increase in value. Additionally, some parents with small children might even consider pool a safety hazard. It is known that in warmer parts, like Florida or Arizona, pools are somewhat considered an essential part of any property. But in other, less warm parts, they can be looked upon as a burden since there are not as many hot days as you would want.

Have you ever researched how much an installation can cost? Prices can range from 20 to 50 thousand dollars for an in-ground pool, while those above-ground are significantly cheaper. Unfortunately, your wallet will remain open just as the pool you want to build; after you pay for the initial installation and setup, you also need to pay for accessories, insurance and regular maintenance and cleaning, so this is a year-round expense and obligation. It’s not just a burden for your wallet but also for you personally as you would also have to invest your time and effort to keep the pool in shape.

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Still Want to Add a Pool?

Owning a pool is a serious decision because it brings a lot of responsibility and dedication. Cleaning your pool when you’re not using it, and also getting your pool for winter is a huge job. You need to ask yourself if you can financially see it through and will you have enough time or will to actively work on it and maintain it. Alternatively, you can hire a pool cleaning service to take care of the pool for you, but that also means additional expenses.

You also need to think ahead and understand how much time you actually want to spend there swimming and bathing. Is it something you are sure you want to turn into your oasis or will it have something like a ‘’new toy’’ effect on you which last very brief as it often happens? If you thought this all through, and put pros and cons on a paper, if you carefully counted your budget then and only then are you ready to seriously consider building a pool.


Can Your Pool Stay Open Year Round?

If you are fortunate enough to have a pool in your back yard, you know how much time and effort goes into maintaining it during the swimming season. But at the same time, you know how much it helps you relax and cool down during the hot summers.

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But now that the summer is over, most people are looking on how to get their pool ready for winter. However, is it possible to keep your pool open for the whole year and not deal with the long and tedious process of closing the pool?

As it turns out, you can have your pool all year round, provided that you live in the right part of the country. If the area where you live doesn’t freeze over, you have a good chance to realize this dream.

Have Pool Heaters Installed

Your main goal is to keep your water warm enough not to freeze over and to have it comfortable enough to be able to swim in it. So, the most obvious solution are pool heaters. If you are designing and building your own custom pool, you can instruct your designer to install them right from the start. Companies like http://www.socalcustompoolsandspas.com/ will be more than glad to make all your pool requests a reality.

If you already have a pool without these water heaters, you can still have them put in retroactively. They may not be able to be hidden and subtle as they would be in the first case, but you will achieve the goal – your pool water will be warm enough.

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Thermal Blankets Can Help Too

The problem with pool heaters is that they are quite costly to run all day every day. In the end, they may cost you so much that you will be forced to look for an alternative. Fortunately, thermal blankets are what you are looking for. These films are able to harness the heat of the sun to warm the water. They are not as effective as the water heaters and they only work for the daytime, but they are significantly cheaper.

The best option is probably to use the combination of these two methods. You can use the thermal blankets at times you don’t want to use your pool for swimming, and only turn on the pool heaters when you decide to swim.

Keep Your Pool Equally Clean

Cleaning the pool is a tedious job with no end, but if you want it to be clean and enjoyable, you have to do it or pay someone else to do it. The same goes for the winter. If you wish to have your pool open even during the cold part of the year, you have to extend your maintenance to these months as well. You need to keep your pool clean even when you’re not using it to manage bacteria growth that can be harmful in the long run.

The fall is probably the critical time, when a lot of fallen leaves can find their way into your pool, and the wind isn’t helping either. However, if you don’t clean them regularly, they will clog your pipes and cause you a lot of headaches.

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Turn On Your Pump

The water pump should be turned on from time to time in order to prevent the freezing of the water. Water is far less likely to freeze when it is moving. Just make sure that you don’t forget to do this since frozen water can cause a lot of damage to the pool.

If you are unsure that you will remember to do this in a timely manner, you can always install an automatic system which will do that for you.

Keeping a pool running throughout the winter is not impossible, but it does require a lot of attention. However, the prestige which comes with having a pool open in the winter cannot be topped.