Practical ─░deas for the Home 2

Dramatic SPACE
Play with the dimensions and refrain from using exaggerated patterns in large areas. If you apply the paper on one wall in a space, make sure that the walls of the venue the most visible part of the multiplier. This will make the focal point for the study of living space should be on the wall opposite the doorway of the room and daylight in a section.


To customize the operation of the corner of your room with a large sign in the area, cover with a live wall paper patterns compatible with the wall color. Follow the white to the other wall to provide a modern look.

You can give new life to your existing furniture with modern design by covering fabric. Chair changing the fabric and in places by covering the surface of the console with a wallpaper with stylized feminine designs get a new look.

By choosing wood furniture in shades of white spaces extending to the cream you can get fresh and bright look. Possible to take action within the average color from light red and pink accessories pioneered Follow huge flower patterns; because they always have a place in the house.