Bedroom Decor

Vintage Decor Studies choosing to relieve the fatigue of the day and your bedroom you spend peaceful than the midnight, you can become more livable with a much more elegant decoration work and can serve you with an amazing view. What you can do for those areas that you share your private Let’s look together and do a detailed review.

Bedroom Decor


One of the most special color for your bedroom: Pink. More choice and more romantic color which is the pioneer of this restructuring lady, you may choose for your bedroom, and you can also move with the help of the examples in pink decoration. Pink is too much choice but to say that along with the red one step ahead of the pink color. Furniture and wall paints, help you in this regard and you especially if you browse to the major brands of furniture, in general, to the bedrooms you can see the pink color they prefer.


Bedroom Decor1


These colors with matching accessories also of great importance and is specifically designed for giant-sized bedrooms and ornamental mirrors mirrors can enter your field of interest. In particular, headboard and mirror located in the ceiling, is one of the most important details of the decoration work and if you wish you can also make your bedroom more stylish with this kind of detail.


Bedroom Decor3


A Room With a Home

Recently, both the shrinkage of both areas due to insufficient demand for the 1 + 0 apartment house money only small increases. More young people are choosing 1 + 0 homes.

But when we visited the house now on the decoration of a nuclear family can live in a house, even a room with efficient use of small spaces and even the guests will notice that you can not even get your yacht.

You too much like you and I think you will be inspired to capture amazing details that 1 + 0 If you want to let a ride home immediately.
Kitchen and living room together. The items that make them realize that the two are separate sections stained with the back seat and returned to the kitchen chalkboard paint on the wall.

The chalkboard walls in the kitchen creates a pleasant and practical areas into which the notes. In this black area is remarkable pipes painted white. These pipes were painted black on the ground and made to disappear unnoticed. However, it would be a nice detail and have made the right choice to benefit from the integration of the opposite.

indir (3) Salon-dekorasyon_2 oturma-odanizda-fransiz-stili-2


2015 Young Room Models

As well as evaluation of each part of the house, your attempt to have a room of children is also gained momentum. To move in this direction; You can find the choices depending on the sex of your children and home decoration. Equip children as they want, to create a different world in the room they entered into a different creation efforts; can become the leader of this environment.

2015 children’s room designs, which are generally designed according to the vibrant colors; gender differences arising from the design can be seen in abundance. At the same time as judge of the living vibrant colors, young room models that operate in a different air about to be created, with the first days of the new year, showcased to serve its users. Thus, in this sense, including the optimal design of the research and the possibility of finding models will emerge.

Young room sets with your children will be an environment of their own; hosting interests in this environment; will also find the opportunity to wonder at all expense. This will be ensured in the development of mental abilities and by exhibiting different behavior every day; will have a mature attitude.

In light of these useful facts can be provided with a young room sets, declaration of autonomy of a portion of your home situation also occurs. Through this furniture line showing improvement in their living area, you consent achieve your goals in the approach more. In the meantime, your last thought is also needed to prevail on this issue.

genc-kiz-odasi-dekorasyonu-300x174 genc-kız-odası-modelleri-5-300x185 girls-bedroom-decor-17-300x197



Practical İdeas for the Home 2

Dramatic SPACE
Play with the dimensions and refrain from using exaggerated patterns in large areas. If you apply the paper on one wall in a space, make sure that the walls of the venue the most visible part of the multiplier. This will make the focal point for the study of living space should be on the wall opposite the doorway of the room and daylight in a section.


To customize the operation of the corner of your room with a large sign in the area, cover with a live wall paper patterns compatible with the wall color. Follow the white to the other wall to provide a modern look.

You can give new life to your existing furniture with modern design by covering fabric. Chair changing the fabric and in places by covering the surface of the console with a wallpaper with stylized feminine designs get a new look.

By choosing wood furniture in shades of white spaces extending to the cream you can get fresh and bright look. Possible to take action within the average color from light red and pink accessories pioneered Follow huge flower patterns; because they always have a place in the house.


2015 decoration models

Every person wants to have their own home. However, not only have to buy a home: it suit your personal tastes, it is not designed according to your taste. So what we need to pay attention to while decorating our house? What models of home decoration this year?

Coloring your wall!

Use wallpapers. Wallpapers can be cleaned easily as it gives you a live view and spacious home and changed. Make sure that your furniture is compatible with your wallpaper.

Of course the scattering of your socks. Standard type 2 + 2 seating in front of the TV do you prefer to get my LCD? Came time for something different for your experiment goes well.

Many of our american style kitchen can be a fireplace. This is not an obstacle to our beautification of our home.

Entree, even if you put a simple but elegant armchair beside the shoe cupboard will be a great add color to your home.

The living room end table in your years will not lose its meaning rather than look to a giant television screen …

On your coffee table with candles colors …

Wooden wall clock …

Old are you’ll yadda, your photo will remind your happiness …

The opening your curtains!

Be compatible with the furniture of your curtain is vital. However, as the curtains should be compatible with the furniture and walls must be compatible. Write your wall you not bound to a single color at the beginning, we said it was processed using wallpapers of different motifs. However, this does not apply to your curtains. One, the most in two color curtains if you will be a magnificent weather floor is compatible with your home furniture and walls

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Brown and red colors this year. If you have a home for many years, the decoration, these colors are right for you

Please note that your carpet!

Your furniture, your curtains, you have changed your wall; what about your carpet? Home decoration toughest, most forgotten and the most important things are your carpet.

When your carpet is useful to remember that; “So where the square-dirtdörtg carpet!” Round, oval, triangle carpet patterns to find even a short shopping tour is very easy. We are sure will give your home a whole new carpets in different areas.