A Room With a Home

Recently, both the shrinkage of both areas due to insufficient demand for the 1 + 0 apartment house money only small increases. More young people are choosing 1 + 0 homes.

But when we visited the house now on the decoration of a nuclear family can live in a house, even a room with efficient use of small spaces and even the guests will notice that you can not even get your yacht.

You too much like you and I think you will be inspired to capture amazing details that 1 + 0 If you want to let a ride home immediately.
Kitchen and living room together. The items that make them realize that the two are separate sections stained with the back seat and returned to the kitchen chalkboard paint on the wall.

The chalkboard walls in the kitchen creates a pleasant and practical areas into which the notes. In this black area is remarkable pipes painted white. These pipes were painted black on the ground and made to disappear unnoticed. However, it would be a nice detail and have made the right choice to benefit from the integration of the opposite.

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